presenters_sara_kooperman2016Dear Atlanta MANIAcs,

MANIA® is excited to be back in Atlanta!

I was in my 20s when I started this business over three decades ago.

My first office was sitting cross-legged on a queen-size bed. There were no fax machines or computers, and there was certainly no World Wide Web – just snail mail and word of mouth. No one had heard of social media, let alone ZUMBA® or Step Aerobics! Strength Training meant doing low-impact aerobics with 2 lb. hand weights to the tunes of Madonna and Michael Jackson.

To create our first database, I ordered the entire state of Illinois Yellow Pages and tore out health and fitness companies page by page. Then, using my trusty Panasonic Selectric Typewriter, I typed names one by one on pages of sticky labels (3 across and 10 down). I did this alphabetically (on the advice of my dad) so they could be copied at Kinko’s.

Back in the day, there were no wireless microphones, no iPhones to hold our music and no PowerPoint projectors to view our presentations. I also did not have the amazing staff that we have today! I ran from room to room with a boom box in one hand and a bullhorn in the other. We printed outline books with hundreds of pages, killing thousands of trees.

The industry has changed infinitely over the last 34 years, and MANIA® has evolved with it. For SCW: The “C” stands for Change; it’s our middle name! Our success begins and ends with a great team of people, many who have been with us for multiple decades. You recognize them at Registration, in our booths and wearing headsets while moving equipment. It starts with our office staff, passes to our Nomad team, and rises to excellence with our SCW Faculty and Presenters.

As we celebrate another year in Atlanta, I feel truly blessed and eternally grateful. I deeply appreciate your dedication to education and thank you for being a part of the MANIA®.

In Health and Wellness,


Sara Kooperman, JD
CEO, SCW Fitness Education