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One nominee per category will be honored as the MANIA® Presenter of the Year for that particular event location (New York, California, Florida, Atlanta, Dallas, Midwest, D.C., Boston). These MANIA® Presenter of the Year Award Winners stand prestigiously on their own.

All voters receive the one-time use of a $50 AWARD off the 2018 MANIA® of their choice! (Can not be combined with other discounts.)

2018 SCW MANIA® Award Winners

Leslee Bender
Steve Feinberg
Barre Above®

California MANIA®:
Susane Pata
Marc Coronel

Florida MANIA®:
Tricia Silverman
SGT Ken®
One Day to Wellness

Atlanta MANIA®:
Mindy Mylrea
Jeff Howard

Dallas MANIA®:
Tricia Murphy Madden
Marc Coronel
ActivMotion Bar

Philly MANIA®:
Pattie Bostick-Winn
Lawrence Biscontini
Schwinn Cycling

Midwest MANIA®:
Kari Merrill
Jeff Howard
TriggerPoint Therapy