Adapting to Today’s Fitness Needs and Looking to Tomorrow

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The old, familiar phrase “resting on one’s laurels”, originated in ancient Greece and referred to someone who received a laurel wreath for achieving victory while always striving for more. Over time it has come to represent one who is content with current successes and not interested in doing much to continue prospering. In other words, you’ve gotten lazy and complacent. SCW Fitness Education is over 38 years old and has NEVER “rested on one’s laurels.” For almost four decades, we have evolved into one of the most recognized continuing education fitness companies around the globe. Not only has our MANIA® Conventions progressed throughout the years, but so has our online offerings and live stream events. Among our educational contributions are 37 highly researched and recognized Certifications. They are accessible in-person, online and live streamed.

For many, this current pandemic has changed not only the way we work, but the way we workout as well. Online certifications, virtual workouts, and multipurpose home-based equipment have become the norm more than the exception. Face mask requirements and stringent safety and cleaning procedures have brought new challenges to fitness facility based workouts. Many clients and members no longer feel comfortable going to the gym and doing what they have done for years. Individuals with limitations or specific concerns that need to be addressed in one-on-one sessions are staying at home in a more sedentary environment.

With all these changes and adjustments, new and focused skills are needed for fitness leaders to connect and educate participants through a training or workout. We are excited to announce the first two newly revised SCW Certifications: Personal Training and Group Exercise.

“The focus of revising and updating our certifications reflects the changes required for living in today’s world .” Comments Sara Kooperman, CEO of SCW Fitness Education. “Instructors (both novice and experienced) need to know how to teach not only in person, but also virtually, both live stream and recorded.”

In an effort to fulfill this need while continuing this commitment of reliable education, we have begun the extensive work of updating many of our certification manuals, giving those passionate individuals all the tools needed to begin or grow their career in the professional world of fitness.

What exactly is new and improved about our certifications?

The manuals will include:

  • Even more comprehensive information, including diagrams, pictures, and tables on legal music, the latest trends, and tried and tested standards.
  • A reorganization of chapters and resource information for easier studying, comprehension, and application of skills.
  • A BRAND NEW virtual section with practical tips for livestreaming and recording sessions.
  • Input by a collaborative team of respected and recognized leaders, instructors, teachers, and fitness professional with hundreds of years of combined experience and expertise .
  • Instructional videos to companion each certification that instructors can use to practice skills, new movements, and gain ideas for their classes.

SCW Fitness Education has held onto their mission of providing high quality, affordable education and opportunities to group exercise instructors, personal trainers, coaches, managers and owners all around the world. Our reputation and products are accredited by many other fitness industry companies. Tens of thousands of fitness professionals have attended SCW MANIA® for years, returning again and again to learn and discuss the latest trends, upskill their knowledge, reacquaint with friends and peers, and in general, be reminded why we do what we love to do.

Despite knowing this is a work in progress, we feel very strongly in our goal of delivering the latest information to help make each and every one of our courses the best possible so that the future of the fitness industry will continue to thrive, creating a healthier tomorrow.

For more information on our multitude of certifications visit the SCW website.