Help Clients Make Symptoms of Aging Optional

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It’s probably safe to say that your decision to become a fitness professional was inspired at least in part by a passion for helping people live their best life—a life that’s vibrant, active, and full of energy and vitality. Addressing and preventing conditions and symptoms associated with aging is at the heart of that mission.

One thing is for sure—we are all actively aging. Whether or not we’re earnestly preventing the negative effects we associate with getting older is another story. Clients at retirement age are a growing and important segment that we, as fitness pros, need to devote efforts to helping. These folks have the time and money to invest in their health (in fact, people aged 57 and up have way more discretionary cash to invest in their well-being than Gen X and Millennials) and they also have a compelling, urgent reason to get and stay fit. The concerns often manifest as chronic pain, systemic conditions, and mobility issues that threaten health and independence. And what do we have if we aren’t healthy and independent?

Understanding those facets of an aging client’s mindset and being responsive in your offerings, brings life-changing value to your services and relationships. Not surprisingly, it ends up as a boon to your fitness business, as well. Engaging and incentivizing frequent attendance across your market of older clients can add to your bottom line—they’re highly likely to spend on non-dues related services such as training and sports-specific instruction. This is where MELT comes in as a prime offering to both retain members and create a new option more appealing to older adults.

Maintaining a level of fitness is undeniably a part of the aging equation and is linked with better physical and mental outcomes as we grow older. But there are certain aspects of overall wellness even the most well-rounded workout programs can’t touch—the key lies in the neurofascial system. The MELT Method was developed based on cutting-edge research and is the only self-treatment technique that affects both connective tissue system (also known as fascia) and the nervous system—a combination that lets you tap into the body’s own healing mechanisms to reduce chronic pain, boost stability and mobility, and help prevent injuries and restrictions. (Basically, all the things we associate with aging.) When added to your offerings as pre or post workout practice or as stand-alone sessions, the outcomes can be dramatic and transformational. And they can be achieved in as little as three, 10-minute sessions a week.

The MELT Method’s gentle techniques are suitable for any age and ability and are easy to learn and teach, making them a valuable addition to your line-up. MELT is designed to cross pollinate the two key sectors of any health club: one-on-one sessions and group training instruction. Just one training will teach you how to share the method in both demographics and grow your revenue base exponentially.

Interested in teaching MELT? Registrations are open for Level 1 Instructor training.

Join us starting June 1st and access a flexible mix of pre-recorded and interactive, live sessions offered 100% online, plus community support, workbooks, and much more. You’ll learn everything you need to be certified, teaching, and transforming your clients relationship with their body by the end of August.

If you’re interested in more sessions with the experts at MELT Method, check out the upcoming SCW Active Aging Summit, July 24-25, with over 50 sessions focused on training and guiding the largest growing age population.