Music Motivates!

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Using music strategically can keep your clients motivated.

Walk through any fitness club and you’re probably surrounded by music. This isn’t random or accidental. In fact, most gym owners know music created an energizing atmosphere in their business.

Music plays an important role in maintaining the high-energy, motivational spirit of exercise classes, and can inspire your clients to get the most out of their workout.

Research from the Music Drives Fitness study indicates that music is far more important than we previously believed when it comes to physical health, well-being, and the customer’s overall experience.

Some noteworthy highlights from the Music Drives Fitness research include:

Don’t stop the music!
Sixty per cent of respondents prefer continuous music with no talking or commercial interruptions when they work out, suggesting that gyms should offer curated playlists to keep things up-tempo and motivating for members.

Playlists are priceless with Millennials.
Music directly impacts how customers view their gym. One-third of Millennials surveyed believe gyms with well-curated workout playlists are high quality, while one in four consider the gym ‘trendy’ or ‘cool’.

Music pushes us to the finish line.
More than three-quarters (77%) of Canadians said that when they hear music they like in an exercise class, they’re likely to enjoy the class more. Eight out of 10 women agree that music pushes them to finish a difficult exercise class at the gym.

Here are three easy ways to evaluate your gym’s music use:

1. Make sure the music you’re playing reflects your gym’s brand, as well as the needs and expectations of your members and clients.
Is the music in the space creating a highenergy, motivational setting? Does the overall vibe of the music fit the products and classes you’re offering or the ambiance you’re trying to create? Do you use good-quality sound equipment? Have you considered turning up the volume so that members can feel the beat more?

2. Spend time and effort developing unique, curated playlists to create a fresh, high-energy mood that motivates your members.
Are you switching up your playlist often enough to keep things current throughout the day, week, and month? Have you considered hiring an in-house music curator to develop and maintain the music experience in your gym?

3. Ask your staff for input and be open to their feedback.
Have you asked your staff what they’d like to hear? They’ll have valuable insight and they can gather and share feedback from your members and their clients that can help shape your gym’s ambiance and enhance their experience.

Music and exercise are a natural fit. Using music is smart business for fitness clubs and instructors, and the research proves it directly impacts their customers’ personal fitness experiences. With so many people confirming music is important to their exercise routine and essential to keeping them motivated, gym owners would be wise to use music strategically. This year consider the music you’re playing. It can make a huge difference and people who exercise want to hear more of it to stay motivated.