Living Well into 100

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Not by the wildest stretch of the imagination could our ancestors have ever foreseen people living to be 100 years old. Perhaps the only way they could have been able to wrap their heads around the idea of becoming a centenarian is by thinking more along the lines of mysticism. Of course, this is far from the truth.

In the article published online at “Life Expectancy,” Max Roser, Esteban Ortiz-Ospina, and Hannah Ritchie (2013) indicated that “No country in the world has a lower life expectancy than the countries with the highest life expectancy in 1800.”

This eye-opening deduction might be inconceivable to some of you. Heck, had I not thought this through, I’d be pretty skeptical as well. But in actuality, since the 19th century, the sudden spring in global life expectancy has been chiefly driven by modern enhancements in biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, sanitation, housing, and overall quality of life. Yes, we’ve come a long way!

The steady growth of the senior citizen population entails the need to provide them with adequate professional help and care. Therefore, it is the duty of fitness trainers to ensure that our elders are properly looked after to the best of their ability. But how can trainers do so?

The SCW Active Aging Summit:

Over the course of two full days, trainers will be given the opportunity to gain comprehensive practical and theoretical knowledge related to older adult-focused fitness and wellness education. In addition, trainers will also be able to meet the needs of this growing population (at-home active agers) by learning from a panel of absolute experts.

Courses address the following: cueing, communications, functional adaptations, performance assessment, client retention, acquisition, and virtual training.

What can you gain by attending The SCW Active Aging Summit?

  • 72 Sessions (carefully selected to give your career a much needed competitive edge)
    • 33 Top Industry Presenters (innovative panel of active aging experts guaranteed to elevate your training and teaching)
    • 7 Certifications (nationally recognized and accredited, providing detailed manuals and fully automated testing procedures)
    • Earn up to 20 CECs/CEUs (SCW, ACE, AFAA, ACSM, AEA & NASM) with our All-Access Pass

Oh, and before I forget…

If you happen to be a trainer and you’re worried that you have to commit to a class schedule ahead of time, then we’ve got you covered. As the workshops transpire, trainers have the complete luxury of choosing any session that suits their availability. It is worth noting that each hour and fifteen-minute time block includes six live-streaming, recorded activity, and lecture sessions.

Given that the life expectancy of senior citizens is now at an all-time high, it is vital for trainers to take this challenge on by the scruff of the neck. The first step for trainers in doing so is by bolstering their professional development. The SCW Active Aging Summit is the perfect place for them to kick start, or even advance their career. Being held on the 19th and 20th of March, this live-stream summit offers trainers the chance of a lifetime to learn from the top active aging experts that the industry has to offer and to network with other fitness professionals. Let’s all work hand-in-hand in order to guarantee that our beloved elders age gracefully. Register today ( to be inspired and to take your knowledge to the next level.