Friday, November 11: 7:30am-8:45am (Session 1)

Get fit while you sit! Learn low impact innovative sequences that can be performed from a seated position for total body conditioning. Perfect for virtual training sessions or social distancing in a gym setting. Improve strength, mobility and balance for clients of every ability.

Working around the struggle to add the intensity, but looking out for clients with injuries, compensations, or new in their fitness journey? This part workout, part lecture session will cover the proven strategies of Low Impact Training to bring the intensity and results to your clients’ workouts with joint friendly strength, cardio, & HIIT methods.

Take a deeper look into the fundamentals of Yoga instruction from an authentic, fitness-appropriate perspective. This condensed course serves as the next level of the Hatha Yoga postures discussed in Yoga Fundamentals I; addressing the eight limbs of yoga, detailed pranayama study, partner yoga, inversions, chanting, and chakras. 

It’s easy to focus our training on what we see in the mirror, but neglecting the back side of our bodies can lead to imbalance and injury.  Add suspension system and resistance band work to your glute training toolbox for a stronger posterior chain.

Gloves on. Hands up. Chin down. Time to work! Learn the numbers of each punch, the body position for best reach, and the combinations to make them count. It’s YOU vs. the bag!

This workshop reviews the basic considerations for using Aqua Dumbbells safely and effectively for a full-body workout, and is designed to enable participants to create their own movement patterns, working in interactive groups. Learn the benefits and challenges for using one vs. two dumbbells, along with various ways to position them into flotation devices for unique and inspiring workout alternatives allowing for breaks for the upper body (hands, wrists, shoulders). Leave with exciting new choreography ideas perfect to implement Monday morning!

Fitness Professionals walk a fine line of “staying in your lane” when helping clients understand healthy eating habits. Nutrition is a large puzzle piece of wellness to achieve client goals. Learn how to properly coach the general population, creating lasting results and doing so within the scope of your practice. (Lecture)

Have you had trouble using and growing your social media presence?  Social media is one of the most powerful tools you have to showcase your personal brand to start attracting your ideal clients. Discover the secrets to GROWING a loyal following, acquire your target audience who will PAY YOU for your services & ALWAYS know what to post and create for content.


Friday, 9:00am-10:15am (Session 2)

Learn simple mobility assessments and exercises to create instant improvements and meaningful range of motion while wowwing your clients. Discover an easy, science-based test that shows you for whom mobility work is a waste of time.

The connection among the glutes, back, and core is profound. They must all be strong enough to stabilize the spine and pelvis, support movement, and generate force. We will evaluate core training and the relationship between the posterior chain, including the fascial slings. Learn ten complex booty, back, and core moves and discover techniques to train for greater function, as well as fabulous aesthetics for your backside.


Discover the secret thousands of instructors have known for over 30 years! The Fit Bodies, Inc. team will immerse you in a guided meditation and sensory experience and show you how you can find yourself teaching and vacationing at over 80 luxury all-inclusive resorts across the Caribbean, Central & South America, and Asia.

Focusing on mental and emotional health is needed now more than ever. In this LaBlast® session, you will experience the healing power of Ballroom Dancing: physically, mentally, and emotionally from the inside out. This session includes weight training, interval training, and stretching.

The WHO states that by 2025, the total population of those over the age of 60 will reach 1.2 billion people. In an effort to provide a safe and effective training environment for this special population, discover the fundamentals of lateral movement training with a slide board for Seniors. Learn how you can maximize this trusted training tool to provide a more balanced, low-impact training routine for your Active Aging clients.

WATERinMOTION® Strength takes advantage of aqua dumbbells to build muscular endurance, power, and overall tone in a fat-blasting 45-minute workout. Combine the unique properties of water to build lean muscle through the creative use of drag, resistance, and buoyancy. Enhance your workout choreography by using just one dumbbell or both dumbbells enmeshed or as flotation devices. This creative choreographed program refreshes your worn-out routines with fantastic music, inspiring moves and powerful and fun routines. Leave with a full choreo handout to improve your sequencing and fun-factor in your aqua strength programming.

Millions of women are undiagnosed and untreated for Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, TDS. Testosterone is one of the most vital hormones in women, and one of the first they lose. Symptoms include accelerated aging, fatigue, memory loss, moodiness, low libido, etc. Let’s examine HRT and natural ways to increase testosterone. (Lecture)

Examine how to market effectively and efficiently while remaining profitable.  Explore branding your business through various media driving it to success. Discover your unique market position, develop pop-ups, postcards, social media posts, email, text messages, eNewsletters, and expand your social media presence.Learn from this entrepreneur who started from a 3rd floor walk-up and created a multi-million-dollar enterprise. Leave with plenty of FREE advice and resources.


Friday, 11:00am-12:15pm (Session 3)

Fitness is crucial for aging well, but so is recovery! This interactive session will provide a variety of techniques to encourage recovery, flexibility, and mobility in active aging clients. Go beyond just stretching to move better and recover, & get better results from your fitness program.
SOULstrength™ is a creative blend of rhythmic resistance, cardio conditioning, manageable mobility, and core strength exercises set to crazy FUN music. This workshop will take you through a SOULstrength™ class and leave you with actionable tips to create an amazing class experience.
Learn the basic principles of Vinyasa Flow Yoga and gain an understanding of how to incorporate Yoga Flow into any class format. Seamlessly flow through asanas, (light weights optional) improve strength, balance, & flexibility. Create the perfect body-mind experience by incorporating breathing techniques and mindfulness. Perfect for ALL levels

The best glute training goes beyond just doing squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, and band shuffles. From this workshop, you’ll walk away with seven glute training techniques. You can immediately get more out of your glute exercises and learn some moves that will become staples of your lower-body training program.

Boats, Bands and Battle Ropes: The Rowing and Resistance Training Trilogy™ with SGT Ken® is an extraordinary exercise program that combines the WaterRower, Strength Bands, and Battle Ropes. Come experience rowing and resistance training in a super circuit that will test your strength and charge your spirit like never before! #WaterRowerFitness.

Just another dance fitness program in the water? NO! LaBlast Splash® is Ballroom dancing in the water! This program highlights the aquatic principles put forth by the Aquatic Exercise Association & focuses on creatively applying these principles to Ballroom dancing.

Disease states such as cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune conditions flourish in an acidic inflamed body.  We will address the science behind inflammation, both acute and chronic states, and the changes that occur as the pH of the body decreases. What foods are highly acidic? What foods are the most alkaline to decrease inflammation? (Lecture)

Stretching is an integral part of any exercise program, yet there is immense inconsistency and uncertainty surrounding the practice. Join our panel of experts as they discuss both the art and the science of flexibility training and specific routines that will allow your clients to develop maximal strength gains safely and quickly.


Friday, 12:30pm-1:45pm (Session 4)

Lunchtime Session 1: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 1:45PM-2:45PM.

Take core training for your clients to a PRO level in this performance-based core training workout. As a former professional football player, Dane will help you utilize range of motion, stability, and power core training principles from the world of professional athletics!

Zumba®  is perfect for everybody and every body! We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility, boosted energy, and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.

Create bonds and communities that connect and keep students of all ages and demographics. This unique program is sweeping the Hamptons. Al Roker has even been spotted Jetti Walking! Find the freedom to teach wherever & whenever works for you – parks, trails or in your studio. Be your own boss with Jetti Walking.

The ability to sell is a key skill that all fitness professionals need, whether you have years of experience or just starting out in your career. Join our interactive panel as they delve into common misconceptions around sales in our industry, effective strategies that can be adapted to different demographics, and how you can build long term value based on world class experience.


Friday, 1:15pm-2:30pm (Session 4)

Lunchtime Session 2: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 12:15PM-1:15PM.

Learn the various forms, symptoms, and causes of arthritis that affect 1 in 4 adults in the United States. Identify and experience safe & effective exercises that improve joint mobility, flexibility, and improve range of motion while promoting greater independence. Leave this session with a better understanding of how to communicate with arthritic clients to gain trust and build life-long relationships.

Are you tired of spending time memorizing choreography? Looking for creative functional training that you can change frequently? Want to incorporate more of a coaching style into some of your sessions? If you nodded even once, this session is for you! WARRIOR Strength™ has a fresh approach to the basics.

Aquatic exercise provides many benefits, including an ideal environment to exercise throughout the year. The buoyancy of the water supports a portion of your body weight, making it easier to move in the water and improving your flexibility. Join Manuel to review and experience at least ten of his favorite flexibility moves for the water environment and get ideas to develop sensitive sequences ideal for active aging clients.

Did you know that exercising sideways can move you fitness forward? Develop a comprehensive and well-rounded fitness routine for your clients and learn about the science and practical applications of the fitness industry’s most overlooked and underutilized piece of fitness equipment: The Slide Board. (Lecture)


Friday, 2:45pm-4:00pm (Session 5)

Whether a personal quest or way to engage the fastest growing segment of the population, this incredibly creative tubing workout presents effective and manageable training techniques for the 40+ population. Led by an icon in the fitness industry, Sara takes you through this Group Strength Class using unique multi-joint, rhythmic exercises for a total body strength workout. Endurance, flexibility and balance are the lenses we use when analyzing our programming. It’s not about how long or hard you train; it’s about exercising smart for longevity and vitality.

Training our bodies in all three planes of motion is critical for function and longevity. But are you utilizing all three planes in your planks? Discover how you can make 3D plank training effective and accessible for all fitness levels and leave with a boatload of plank programming ideas.

Yoga Restore consists of a fusion of yoga, Pilate’s based core, Active Isolated (A-I) stretching, & flexibility training. Develop an understanding of limitations to either move beyond or stay within their boundaries, all while bringing energy in, & feeling like goals are accomplished in a non-competitive environment.

Latin rhythms and athletic movements perfectly combine in the most extraordinary, intense, dynamic, and fun group fitness class on the market. Each movement pattern is designed to develop mobility & endurance with emphasis on the CORE. Burn up to 39% more calories than other conventional cardio workouts. It is not dance, not choreography, it’s a LIFESTYLE!

Drawing from his time as a professional football player, Dane harnesses PROVEN methods to design this one-of-a-kind workout. In this session, gain a complete understanding of how to create and develop programming to drive the “athletic engines” of weekend warriors and youth athletes, improving mobility, speed & agility, power, and recovery. Grab some water and get in the game!

Get on board with this phenomenal cross-training option, aqua run & conditioning. Take advantage of the Power of Water! With a little imagination, you can adapt land-loving patterns of movement and resistance and use them in the water, reducing joint wear and tear and injuries. Walk away with countless ideas for empowering programming for your clients, from athletes to active agers!

Approaching menopause and dealing with hormonal imbalances is difficult but doable. Join us for a comprehensive look at everything to keep females flourishing, such as the how and why behind the hormones, physiological changes, proper nutrition, efficient training, and mental issues with neurotransmitters. (Lecture)

Get a taste of “Career Path Reality” from one of the most successful fitness consultants in the industry. Learn how to approach the ups and downs of your profession focusing on your passion while remaining profitable. Explore strategies for financial success and security, and learn how to create, market, and sell dynamic programming that keeps clients coming back.


Friday, 4:30pm-5:45pm (Session 6)

What’s the difference between FLEXIBILITY and MOBILITY? Muscles are related to flexibility . Mobility is related to joint function. Learn the latest research on training joints for better overall function & flexibility! Enhance your warm up, cool down and get a template for daily mobility programs.

Many strength training classes use a variety of props and equipment. This total body conditioning class incorporates the bare minimum yet creates incredible results. New instructors will take home a strong coaching baseline complete with progressions for every fitness level.

This Tai Chi Yoga fusion program emphasizes developing flexibility, gaining balance both externally and internally, and improving overall wellness. Yoga will bring the basis of internal support for stability and strength. Tai Chi will review and connect the fundamental and dynamic applications of functional mobility and dynamic stability using movements that connect into forms or sequences. The result is a greater sense of improved balance, self-body awareness, range of motion, and muscular strength.

Amp “it” Up. Barre Bang explodes with new ideas on how to add challenges to your barre classes. Understand the principles that drive intensity and simple strategies to push the limits of your participants.  Want to add  speed, power and greater range of motion?  Discover the most effective places in your workout to add these elements, and how to progress the moves for all of your students.

This workout combines everything and the kitchen sink to create complete chaos in a class. Using kickboxing drills, weights, and quick power moves, this is sure to get your heart pumping and your body working!

Focus on glute-specific training in the aquatic environment to build muscular endurance and strength. Using all three planes of motion in innovative and unique routines, leave this novel session with new choreography and exciting options. Discuss progressions and regressions for all students and build the backside of the body. Discover how you can train cheeks for weeks n’ weeks!

Your clients may have committed to the physical process, but have they committed in the kitchen? In this dynamic session, learn how to shift their mindset and inspire behavior changes when it comes to fueling the body.  Learn what is within your scope of practice as a CPT and how to implement memorable and interactive workshops geared around grocery shopping, social influences, sugar, nutrition labels, food prep and more! Give them the power outside the gym! (Lecture)

In today’s competitive environment, studios have to embrace selling to attract new members. In this session, you will learn (i) how to shift your mindset; (ii) the basics of a sales funnel; (iii) how to ask powerful questions; and (iv) how to create sales nurture sequences that get new clients.


Friday, 6:00pm-7:00pm (Session 7)

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Be prepared to have your soles soar to new heights with this barefoot duo! You will learn evidence-based foot fitness and apply barefoot programming through a powerful cardio dance experience. This variable intensity, functional flow connects you to your soles – and your soul – in unique and inspiring ways.