Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

We just want to assure you that MANIA® is happening as planned! We are taking every precaution to insure our Attendees, Presenters, Exhibitors and Staff remain healthy and safe.

In light of the recent global outbreak of the Coronavirus, SCW Fitness Education is continuing to closely monitor the situation surrounding COVID-19.

The public health risk associated with COVID-19 is low; however, it is imperative that as health and fitness leaders, we work towards protecting ourselves and our clients. Leading by example, we must maintain our exercise regimes and healthy nutrition practices to support our immune systems. Together, we must encourage people to continue to work out and to pursue personal and professional health and wellness regimes.

Our top priority at SCW MANIA Fitness Professional Conventions is the safety and security of every Participant, Presenter, Staff Member, Volunteer, Sponsor, Exhibitor, Delegate, and Associate at our Certifications and Conventions. That is why we are working with all our partners to closely monitor the unfolding situation with COVID-19 and are following all available public health guidance to insure health and safety.

Please read the FAQs below.