When Trainers Go Beyond the Gym

Country Fusion is proving to be a workout for all age groups and abilities, while simultaneously creating supportive communities of clients in class!  A Country Fusion student at the Randolph YMCA in Northern NJ recently shared her experience and love for the workout.

Alexa, a 19 year old college student, has taken classes for several months and she says she has “been going almost every single week since I started” with instructor, Krysta.  In fact, she even tries to make her busy schedule work to take another Country Fusion class midweek with instructor Kara.

Alexa can’t say enough about her positive experience taking Country Fusion classes.  “Krysta is an amazing instructor,” she says.  “The Country Fusion classes at the Y are really different from the other classes offered as all of us in the class really get to know and support each other.”

Unfortunately, Alexa was in a car accident earlier this summer and was not able to attend County Fusion classes for five weeks.  She said that Krysta continued to email her throughout her recovery.  “One of the weeks she even sent me a photo of the class, hoping that it would help me feel better and it really made me smile,” she recalls.  “I really missed going to class during this time.”

Upon her return, Krysta and classmates had written her get well cards and were kind and welcoming.  “This is the first and only fitness class I have encountered in my life so far that feels like a community of people who care about not only the class, but their classmates.”

Alexa wrote to Country Fusion’s CEO and creator Elizabeth Mooney to share her enthusiasm and love for the workout.  “Country Fusion is my favorite class at the YMCA and I am so thankful for Krysta for being such an amazing instructor and to you for creating this program.”  She added that the class is “really fun and just so different from any other fitness class I’ve ever taken.”

Alexa went on to share that she suffers from low muscle tone, food allergies, asthma, and anxiety.  “This is the first class I feel like I am capable of doing and keeping up with. Every week I look forward to class as Country Fusion is my favorite part of each week.”

Elizabeth responded to Alexa, “You have touched me with your words and brought tears to my eyes.  Clients like you is what Country Fusion is about and instructors like Krysta and Kara.”

Elizabeth is thrilled to know that her workout is impacting lives in such a positive way.  “This is why I created Country Fusion.  With all the hard work, a moment like this means the world and makes it all worth it!”

Country Fusion is not just a fitness class, but a lifestyle where clients meet other positive, uplifting participants who are looking to dance, be healthy, and have a good time!

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