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Aug. 23-25, 2024 • Westin Galleria Dallas 

Aug. 23-25, 2024 • Westin Galleria Dallas

Check out the exclusive MANIA® attendee discounts and offers from our fine sponsors below.


Get 20% OFF Online Courses!  With historic roots in outdoor cycling, Schwinn’s focus has always been on authenticity and quality. We brought the feel of the road to indoor cycling with the same expertise and education that drives the industry forward. Schwinn is an informational and educational source for all things Indoor Cycling.

Symmetry For Health

Symmetry’s introductory course is free for MANIA attendees and will teach you the philosophy behind the Symmetry Advanced Corrective Exercise System. Our training and technology will enable you to measure, educate, correct and empower your clients to better posture and better performance with less pain and injuries. Stop by our booth for a special discount on our training programs.  www.symmetryalignsmart.com

Grab The Gold

20% OFF Protein Snacks & Supplements at the Grab The Gold booth!  Stay ahead of the pack with Grab The Gold. Energy snack bars and supplements made with simple, honest ingredients that help you be your best. Don’t settle for less, Grab The Gold products are designed to give you the sustained energy you need, without the sugar crash.


Gymnazo combines the best of traditional training and physical therapy to improve optimal movement and health. We offer a simple path to getting fit, staying active, and living without pain so you can get back to doing more of what you love. www.gymnazo.com

Standout Fit Pro

Check out Brandi’s new Podcast “Beyond the Sets and Reps” and learn about staying connected with your clients and delivering your programs and courses. Brandi Clark (founder of Standout Fit Pro) offers coaching, courses, and community support to help professionals build their brands and attract more clients. Her passion for fitness and business has made her a trusted leader in the industry.

Alternative Balance®

Alternative Balance works with over 750 services in the health, beauty, fitness & wellness industries, including fitness instructors, yoga instructors, nutritional consultants, life coaches, health & wellness coaches, beauty professionals, massage therapists, ayurvedic practitioners and many more. Whether you work in-person or online (live streaming and pre-recorded), our membership with insurance is the right choice for your business.

Gymfit Financial

Your partner for gym growth! Erica Day specializes in guiding Gym Owners and Fitness Professionals to master their financial understanding, streamline operations, and amplify profits. With her expertise, you’ll gain the time and financial resources necessary to make a significant impact through your programs.


Mobility training isn’t just for fitness fanatics or athletes. Each movement can be adapted to match the ability of the individual by making adjustments to body position, lever length, range of motion, or intensity level. Stick Mobility® helps decrease pain while freeing movement, improves overall posture and targets problem muscle groups.

Fit Pro Programming

Transforming passion into expertise with cutting edge fitness education. Save $20 on any Fit Pro Programming certification, including Barre Above, Barre Above Pilates Focus, Pumped Up Strength, Balletone, and Human Reformer Pilates, by using the code “SCW”. Are you looking to introduce a new program at your club, or do you need more instructors? Host a FPP Certification at your facility at no cost and enjoy a range of benefits as a host site. 


$100 OFF Becoming a  WARRIOR Instructor! WARRIOR Rhythm™ and WARRIOR Strength™ deliver classic modalities like yoga, functional training, and HIIT in thrilling, original ways. Being a WARRIOR taps into a sense of empowerment and self-confidence for both instructors and students alike. Come (“as you are”) and unleash your inner wild thing. Rebels wanted.

Tiger Tail

Stop by the Tiger Tail booth for exclusive MANIA discount of 25% off ALL Tiger Tail products! Tiger Tail’s amazing tools to massage your whole body from head to toe, help relieve sore muscles, soothe stress, and tension, and recover. Massage sticks, balls, ropes, therapy pillows, vibration guns and more are available at tigertailusa.com 


$50 OFF SOULfusion Instructor Certification. SOULfusion creatively blends yoga-inspired flows, short cardio bursts, bodyweight/weighted strength training exercises and balance sequences, set to crazy fun music. Get $50 off instructor training with code SCWMANIA.


Sportsmith, Fitness Equipment Parts & Products Superstore! We are dedicated to helping you maintain your fitness equipment as cost-effectively as possible. It’s your source for quality fitness repair parts, advice, tech support, cleaning supplies & more! 

Alignment Essentials

Alignment Essentials® (AE) is a health and wellness company spanning the fitness, self-improvement, self-empowerment, and mindful spaces. We provide essential tools for empowering, inspiring, and guiding people on their journey of living in alignment.

Mobility Recipe

If you are sick of clients cancelling, postponing or putting their memberships on hold due to injuries or pain, become a Certified Mobility Training Specialist today! Enroll in the MOBILITY TRAINING SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION Course Now Only $299 (Was $599)

LaBlast Fitness

Get Certified and Save 20%!  Becoming a LaBlast® instructor will set you apart from the crowd by joining the only dance fitness program that perfectly blends ballroom dance and fitness physically, mentally, and emotionally. Only $199 Early Bird ($249 within 2 weeks of the certification). Use code SCW20 at checkout.


We are a GAME-CHANGING indoor biking company that provides top-notch instructor certification with continuing education plus instructor coaching. BeatBoss™ is uniquely inspired by THREE biking styles: ROAD, MOUNTAIN & BMX. BeatBoss™ is a super fun blend of ROAD READY METRICS and riding the beat. We are a PROUD education provider through SCW, ACE, AFAA, and NASM. 

Indigo Aquatics

Offering aquatic fitness equipment and training for professionals, covering safe usage, positions, and water adaptations. Our online courses focus on proper techniques, exercise variations, and lesson plans for innovative lessons in posture, bodyweight training, aquatic kickboxing, band training, circuit training, and foam-resistant training, using equipment from Acquapole®, SAF Aqua Drums Vibes®, and Liquid Gym™.


BOQUA (Body Aquatics) is improving lives through aquatic exercise!  Our programs are designed for all ages and fitness levels and utilize exercises and movements incorporated in sports and sports performance.

Cohesion Services

Helping overworked business owners achieve business freedom without sacrificing their health and family, Cohesion Services offers a proven process that integrates people with systems and operations. This approach builds a self-sustaining business capable of handling everyday challenges. We help small business owners regain their time and health while fostering sustainable growth.

Mental Wellbeing

The Mental Wellbeing Association, an initiative of the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation, is offering 40% off the NEW Mental Well-Being Certification for Fitness Professionals. Redefine what it means to be a fitness professional and be one of the first in the industry to get certified in mental well-being! MWA is the world’s first mental well-being certification organization, grounded in evidence-based research, self-care practices, and a psychological perspective on exercise, nutrition, connection and mindfulness.


65% OFF your ZUMBA® Instructor Training.
Step into a brand new fitness career or start a new side hustle by turning that post-Zumba class feeling into income! Become a dance fitness instructor with Zumba! Once you complete your training, you will receive your license and can start teaching wherever and whenever you’d like!  


Discover how incorporating a chair can increase access to your fitness offerings by catering to clients of all abilities. Program including video, music, choreo notes, social media and poster downloads. Perfect for deconditioned clients or those overcoming injuries, you’ll learn how to design seat-based programming that doesn’t lack intensity or fun, guaranteed to get a “seated” ovation from all of your students!


WATERinMOTION®, the premier aquatic exercise program sweeping the nation, led by an internationally-recognized team with over 100 years of combined teaching experience. Fresh moves, music, and choreography every quarter guarantee your members a safe, structured, and creative class, EVERY class! 

Partner With SCW

Become a SCW MANIA® Partner or Sponsor! Ignite your brand and get maximum exposure when you become a partnership sponsor at any or all of our 7 MANIA® Fitness Pro Conventions!


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