Friday – August 25, 2023


Session 1


Get fit while you sit! In this session, learn innovative sequences that can be performed from a seated position for a total body workout. Perfect for virtual training sessions or social distancing in a gym setting, this low impact workout provides total body sculpting for all participants. Improve strength, mobility and balance for clients of every ability.

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Coaches, are you ready to challenge your clients with advanced but effective core training dynamics? In this workshop, learn how to target the core without doing a single crunch and take your client’s core training into a higher gear!
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Yoga-Pilates Restore consists of a fusion of yoga, Pilates based core work, Active Isolated (A-I) stretching, & flexibility training. Develop an understanding of strengths and limitations to either move beyond or stay within your boundaries, all while bringing energy in, and feeling successful in a non-competitive environment.
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Calling all barre-tenders, there’s a new bar in town! Step away from the wall and onto unstable surfaces with assistance of body bars. When held vertically, the weighted bar offers support and is a smart alternative to wall mounted bars, maximizing space in your studio. Use the same bar as a strength tool to create dynamic and athletic barre sequences.

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Results = Intensity + Science + Execution. Want your riders to get results? It’s all about intensity and staying true to the science of authentic cycling executed in a masterful class design that follows this simple set of rules. When you ride right, you always get results. 

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The buoyancy of the water supports a portion of your body weight making it easier to move in the water and improving your flexibility. Join Manuel to explore and experience at least 10 of his favorite flexibility moves and leave with ideas to develop sensitive sequences ideal for your active aging clients. 
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Do we eat too much protein in the US, or too little? How much is needed? What happens if you don’t get enough, or get too much? What are the best food sources? What if you’re vegetarian? Get your questions answered about this essential macronutrient by our Registered Dietitian. (Lecture)
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Beyond an understanding of exercise science, to truly perfect your craft, dive deeper into the skills that separates true Fitness Professionals from Personal Trainers. What are the intangible talents that create results in your clients? What makes your training truly unique? What ultimately gains respect from your colleagues and clients?  

Session 2


PT Programming for active aging clients does not have to be boring! Incorporating a variety of exercise types blended with functional training offers a chance to wow your clients. Walk away with fun, challenging workout sequences that will increase the quality of life for our 50+, 60+, and 90+ clients. Leave with a perfect program for all levels of active agers.

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Strength training to the BEAT! Love music-driven formats? Love strength training and HIIT training? Need strength training ideas to spice up your classes? This session is for you. SOULstrength is rhythmic resistance training using easy-to-learn, easy-to-teach patterns set to crazy cool music. Cardio Kickboxing Intervals will bring out your inner BEAST!
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Restore. Re-energize. Reward! Discover new elevated mobility techniques, along with an easy 3-step program to integrate and make active recovery an exciting addition into your GX class, SGT program, PT session and/or virtual training!

All levels will enjoy this authentic belly dance class designed to teach belly dance basics with optional added layers! You can expect to learn seven fundamentals to belly dance & their variations! Bring home key take aways that will appeal to your students & inspire you as a professional! 
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You don’t need smoke and mirrors or unnecessary distractions when you master cycling musicality. Discover how to capture and captivate your riders by tapping into the emotion and hidden beats of a well curated playlist. Learn how to create magical, memorable rides with incredible musicality that drive performance for real results.
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What if the whole world believed that your greatest wealth is your health? And not just your physical health, but also your mental and emotional health. In LaBlast® Splash, we take simple and fun patterns from the ballroom dances seen on “Dancing with the Stars”, adapt them to the water, and get involved from the inside out. Experience the mental and emotional benefits of dancing to change the world and be the best kind of rich there is!

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Food scientists are paid high dollars to create an elusive pursuit of food as a drug. We will explore the bliss point of food, the science behind food addictions, neurotransmitters, and regulation of receptors. Most importantly, how do we avoid “chasing the dragon” with our nutritional plans. (Lecture)
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This entertaining presentation examines the fitness fads, exercise trends, wellness goals that have and will drive our health and wellness businesses to success in the coming year. Boutique studio successes, customer experience challenges, creative programming options and technological advancements are put under a microscope of best practices. To unlock our potential, we will inspect implementation of various programming including function, aging, strength, flexibility, relaxation in both group fitness and personal training. In this innovative session reviews the predictions from various sources including both private and public fitness facilities along with IHRSA, ACE, ACSM, NASM, Shape Magazine and SCW insights. Join Sara Kooperman, an Industry Icon, for this engaging and illuminating presentation guaranteed to leave you excited about our fitness future. 

Session 3


Increasing functionality is one of many benefits of offering small group options for aging clients. Discuss not only the science, but the need for socialization, camaraderie, and accountability when training the group. Study how introducing positive competition and even dance movement will enhance results, and address retention. Experience and practice specific joint actions to get you started creating your new branded option.
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There’s a thin line between love and hate with Core Training! Tune up your teaching techniques, alter intensity variables and add innovation to standard exercises that train your clients and classes to love Core Training. Discover how mixing slow, controlled movements with speed and tempo changes will heighten body awareness, build core strength, enhance spinal stabilization and add challenge for your most demanding class participants.
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Want to stand out? Spark your desire to be different! Dare to intertwine yoga flows with bursts of HIIT training and weight lifting. Feel rebel vibes coursing through your veins and renew the thrill of teaching group fitness as you experience WARRIOR Rhythm.
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Discover the secret thousands of instructors have known for over 30 years! Through guided meditation and sensory experience, The Fit Bodies, Inc. team will show you how you can find yourself teaching and vacationing at over 80 luxury all-inclusive resorts across the Caribbean, Central & South America, and Asia.

Total body workouts on the bike? Nope. But there are some proven pairings that deliver results for bodies that feel great and perform better. Cycle Flow – Cycle Circuit –Cycle Core; these killer combinations check the boxes for functional fitness and satisfy members who are in a time crunch. Give them what they want AND what they need.
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Experience a cascade of fresh aqua ideas & leave with six (6), 64-count choreography blocks guaranteed to inspire and upgrade your personal aqua programming. Join us for a short but informative lecture focusing on the knee joint in an aqua environment. Learn how to utilize the pool environment to recover, cross-train, and work effectively while being kind to this hinge joint. The BIG BANG of this session is the unique and creative choreography focusing on linear, lateral, group, pattern and toning options for a comprehensive  water program. Leave with a detailed handout of all 6 choreo blocks ready to “work in the water” Monday morning!

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If there was a medicine that contained all of the physical and psychological benefits of exercise, it would be the most effective and best-selling medicine in history. This lecture delves in-depth into the voluminous evidence-based reasons why exercise is such a powerful, yet largely not prescribed, medicine. (Lecture)

Discover the 4 elements that are the foundation of your personal brand, the 3 stages of community growth, the 3 keys to attraction marketing, and 3 people who could stop you from succeeding…if you let them. Uncover how to be more intentional about the positive impact you will make.

Session 4: Lunchtime Session 1


Lunchtime Session:


Working with clients with injuries, compensations, or new in their fitness journey? This part workout and part lecture session will cover proven strategies of Low Impact Training. Bringing intensity and results to your clients’ workouts with joint friendly strength, cardio, & LIT training methods. 
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Discover how myofascial restorative bodywork will release stress and regain vitality. Familiarize yourself with fascia and understand which toys will release restrictions in specific structures that cause misalignment, compensation patterns, aches and pains, and loss of range of motion. Leave with the ability to breathe more easily, increase circulation, balance hormones, and relieve the stress and strains of everyday life. 
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What if you could travel the world in a fitness class? Salsa in Cuba, Paso Doble in Spain, Merengue in the Dominican Republic, Samba in Brazil, Viennese Waltz in Austria, and more! Attend LaBlast® Fitness and experience how all ages, abilities, and ethnicities will feel included and successful in every class. While staying true to the rich history of each ballroom dance, LaBlast® will take you on a dance fitness journey around the world!
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Feasting and Fasting – and everything in between! What does the research show, as far as the various patterns of nutrient timing? How does the thermic effect of food raise our metabolism and for how long? What are the proven benefits of time-restricted feeding and why do they occur? Get all your questions answered! (Lecture) 
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Session 4: Lunchtime Session 2


Lunchtime Session: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 12:15-1:15PM.

Strengthen your body at any age! This workout is strategically designed for 40, 50, 60 and beyond demographics. With a focus on the fitness needs of active agers including muscular strength, endurance, coordination and balance, enjoy rhythmic and timed-based movements with high energy music. Learn a program design system that you can use on Monday morning! 
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The foundation of a great cycling program is masterful coaches. Talented instructors need to be polished to bring out their full luster. Schwinn, the leader in cycling education, has developed comprehensive evaluation tools, tried & true teach-back techniques and “user-friendly” feedback forums that will help instructors adapt to a coaching mindset to move from good to great.
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WATERinMOTION® Strength takes advantage of aqua dumbbells to build muscular endurance, power, and overall tone in a fat-blasting 45-minute workout. Combine the unique properties of water to build lean muscle through the creative use of drag, resistance, and buoyancy. Enhance your workout choreography by using just one dumbbell or both dumbbells enmeshed or as under-arm flotation devices. This creative choreographed program refreshes your dated  routines with fantastic music, inspiring moves and powerful programming.  Leave with a full choreo handout to improve your sequencing and fun-factor in your aqua strength workouts.

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The ability to sell is a key skill that all fitness professionals need, whether you have years of experience or just starting out in your career. Join our interactive panel as they delve into common misconceptions around sales in our industry, effective strategies that can be adapted to different demographics, and how you can build long term value based on world class experience.

Session 5


Functional strategies for everyday strength help your female clients age-less! Chronological aging is just a number: It’s capacity that counts! Interactively review critical principles for functionally training the female client. Learn essential body alignment, precise cueing, and movement strategies to provide effective strength training for the ageless female.
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You’ll want to HIIT it all over again after we flirt with ways to use softer surfaces for balance training. If you’ve had issues with your tissues, the use of a platform brings the floor closer to you & assists with stretching. If you think you can’t HIIT it anymore, let us introduce you to your newest fitness fling. 
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In this workshop, address the best way to protect the shoulder which is one of the most frequently injured and complex joint systems in the body. Delve into why and how to train the shoulders for maximum strength and flexibility avoiding injury and accelerating performance.

Create a “Flow State” and connect with your members on a new level taking them on an unforgettable journey. Fitness-focused with yoga undertones, WARRIOR Rhythm™ increases strength, flexibility, and balance. It’s yoga + weights + HIIT + mindfulness rolled into one insanely rhythmic experience to unleash your inner wild thing!

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Work that works. Riders want results and Schwinn knows how to get them. When you simplify your class designs, and program like a personal trainer, you work smarter, and your riders get stronger. K.I.S.S. the class design blues away and learn how to create ride profiles in a way that allows you to track, progress and program like a pro with turnkey programming software from Intelligent Cycling. Get more mileage out of your class designs and show your riders how much stronger they have become. WIN-WIN!

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Aqua Yoga is an accessible practice that supports your body and your soul. This session will review asanas (poses), breathwork (pranayama), and creative ways to bring this practice into the water.  Whether you are adding aqua yoga to existing classes or creating a program to bring in new clients, consider rooting your Tree Pose in the pool. 
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This workshop explores how nutrition, supplements, and hormones impact the aging process. Explore what to take, how the body adapts to aging and what we can do nutritionally to age with energy and grace. Learn evidence-based approaches, strategies, and applications to combat metabolic adaptations to promote healthy aging. (Lecture)

Have an idea for a fitness format or a course? Want to open your own brick & mortar or online fitness studio? Find an identity, develop an image, create a community & know the brand personality. Leave this session with practical steps to build a successful course and a notebook to plan your next steps!

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Session 6


Drop the belief that aging is deteriorating. Aging is simply the process of getting older. With age comes wisdom and experience. Understand the statistics and learn useful tips on how to improve one’s quality of life and prevent chronic disease. Now is the time to change your perception on the aging process. 
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Using an age-old piece of equipment, improve strength, endurance, and enhance overall fitness in an exciting and dynamic training environment. This kettlebell program incorporates unique layering techniques along with safe and effective execution cues. Leave with creative patterns and a strong balance of power & endurance. 
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Ever wish you had a quantifiable system for measuring the success and outcome of corrective exercise? In this session, you will learn, practice, and implement the AlignSmart™ system to measure and create custom corrective exercise routines. Leave ready to assist, mentor, coach, and guide clients through their journey to be pain-free and performance-ready.

As our clients age or reach new levels of ability, the way they strength train becomes exponentially important. Learn how to create a smart, solid, and safe program of hypertrophy success that focuses on strengthening primary and accessory musculature through density & volume! 
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Let’s face an indoor cycle elephant in the room together! Join team BeatBoss™ for a candid open discussion on the good, bad and why or why not upper body action on an indoor cycle group ex bike is acceptable and/or beneficial. Experience a BeatBoss™ Master Class post-discussion.

Check out this innovative core format that will make you rethink your ab favorites. Take beloved tried n’ true aqua ab exercises and turn them into a treasure trove of creativity and an arsenal of hard-core drills. Great for athletic abilities of all levels, these water workouts will quickly become the first choice for effective off-season training.

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It’s not practice that makes perfect…it’s perfect practice. Movement patterns have been identified that can predispose us to musculoskeletal injury. This lecture discusses the role of movement analysis in detecting and correcting movement flaws to help protect people from injury during sports and exercise activities.  (Lecture)

Join Bob, “The Green Thumb” at making money, as he reviews 15 of the 22 DNA components that will help you establish, strengthen, and grow your fitness business. By using “Real Life” Case Studies, review cost-effective and results-driven strategies that will increase your income and reinforce the value of your business.

Session 7


Do you have what it takes to become the next SCW Fitness Idol? As the winner of this prestigious title, not only will you receive coverage in 2024 SCW newsletters, but you’ll get a chance to show off your skills as a featured presenter at the 2024 SCW MANIA® Convention of your choice!

Each 2023 SCW Fitness Idol Winner receives:

  • A slot as a presenter at a future SCW MANIA®
  • FREE SCW Online Certification of your choice
  • Coverage in all SCW press releases
  • 1-year FREE SCW OnDemand Membership
We live in the Yang – the fast-paced everyday flow that is active, ambitious, maybe even restless, with a training focus on muscles and intensity. Slow down, relax, turn inward, and learn how to find balance through Yin, a slow-paced practice, focused on the hips, pelvis, and spine. Gain a greater understanding of class format, asanas, and purpose as we target deep connective tissues, joint protection, and energy flow to compliment strength training.

Join the stars of MANIA® in this wild workout with the best in dance fitness. Have a blast with Louis van Amstel from LaBlast®, Fit Bodies, RAQISA® & Manuel Velazquez and learn tons of new moves to drive your dance programs to the next level. You even can win a free certification from one of these amazing programs. It’s going to be a party of epic proportions!