Step away from the wall and learn flowing sequences in multiple body positions with the BOSU® Balance Trainer and Balance Bar. When held vertically, the weighted bar offers assistance and is a smart alternative to wall mounted bars, maximizing space in any studio. Use the same bar as a strength tool to create dynamic floor barre sequences that emphasize core connection and total body integration. A variety of flow progressions, set to music, stimulates both physical and cognitive fitness.

Chair yoga is growing in popularity among mature populations! Explore movement progressions, movement sequences, and modifications to add chair yoga to your active aging programming. Since this exercise requires minimal equipment, add this option to your toolbox to incorporate chair yoga into your virtual and on-demand classes.

Weigh2Dance is an exciting new fitness program designed to give a dance experience with fun choreography, but also incorporates a strength training/weighted element for a total body workout. A variety of dance styles will help build confidence and strength. Learn how to incorporate strength training and weights combined with exhilarating dance choreography to take your classes to the next level!

HIIT may be here to stay but there are times to HIIT it and then QUIT it! Building your threshold without going breathless is a powerful way to train. Learn methods for creating more variety with your Aerobic intervals and steady aerobic work through thoughtful programming with science to back it up.


High Intensity Interval Training is all the rage in various training circles. Excessive high intensity training comes at a cost to long term health & repetitive stimulus becomes less effective. That’s where Metabolic Flexibility comes in, a training approach that promotes Variable Metabolic Conditioning to enhance our ability to switch efficiently between different energy systems to meet the demands of tasks in life and sport.

Jumpstart your cardiovascular workout, wake up your muscles with strengthening exercises, and end with stretching for maximum flexibility and range of motion all using the exciting new Liquid Gym.

Even with the best diet and fitness routine, if sleep is off, you’re wrecked. Rest and sleep are crucial to healing and maintenance of health. This session will explore the physiology of the body when deprived and how it affects testosterone, GH, IGF and other hormones involved in satiety and appetite control. We will also tune into the newest research on how to improve the hours spent in slumber.
Exercise may be a good stress (eustress), but life is filled with harmful stress (distress) that alters hormonal levels, health and inflammation. How does exercise impact these effects and balance stress? Join us for a deeper dive into understanding these concepts and applications and learn how to expand your programming for success.
Small Group Training is growing rapidly and for good reason. From a client’s standpoint it is fun, interactive, results driven and cost effective. From a personal trainer’s standpoint, it is a great way to leverage time, increase income and ultimately help more people. In this interactive session, learn how to create, market, sell and execute dynamic small group training that keeps clients coming back for more. Explore tangible tips and tools that can be easily implemented for massive impact on your small group training.



Train your booty anywhere, anytime with zero equipment! Learn tricks to fire up the glutes, drive performance and function and shape the biggest muscle of your body. Utilize multiple positions, spicy and staple moves and perfectly designed sequences….with so many different intensity variables, you’ll have endless new ideas to challenge your glutes every time.

Fusion classes are structured to blend together Tai Chi with another movement modality in a way that one cannot really distinguish where one modality begins or ends within the choreography. Iron Fusion is a combination of Tai Chi and weights.

What happens when HIIT meets ballet? You leave breathless and feel like a graceful powerhouse! This session will explore the benefits of HIIT and VIIT then showcase opportunities to creatively blend in bursts of HIIT training with ballet-inspired movement, achievable regardless of dance background. You will leave with choreography that you can easily adapt and insert into dance, fitness and Barre classes.

Fusion workouts are all the rage and this daring trifecta is designed to push your limits. Let Schwinn show you how to do it right while taking the workout to the next level. Bring your beast mode to heart pounding cardio modalities with smart muscle conditioning for strong, balanced bodies ready for any challenge. Time to dig deep and throw down like a true warrior.

More than ever clients are suffering from back pain; likely due to sedentary desk and office jobs or the constant care of small children. But, what are the actual underlying issues of frequent low back pain? Can this pain be alleviated or prevented altogether? In this session, learn unique steps and approaches to managing and handling this common, oftentimes distressing complaint.

This workshop will review the basic considerations for using Aqua Dumbbells safely and effectively for a full body workout. Participants will learn the benefits and challenges for using one vs. two dumbbells along with various ways to position them, allowing for breaks on the upper body (hands, wrists, shoulders). Participants will also have the opportunity to develop some simple combinations to teach to their classes.

Keto or intermittent fasting? Bulletproof coffee or detox teas? If you’re confused by the misinformation on social media and don’t know where to turn for evidence-based nutrition concepts, this is for you!
Things are changing so rapidly these days in the world of cannabis and CBD. Review the science behind CBD, what we know about how it works, and what we can expect in the future. It promises to be a fast paced, informative session. Attend and receive a special Sacred swag pouch filled with A Full Size Sacred Balm Stick, Sacred Pain Balm Samples, instant ice pack & more – a $35 value!

The fitness industry has changed … for good. In-person experiences are still a thing, AND digital options are here to stay. Make the most of both options and get the best of both worlds by going hybrid. Learn how you can simply AND successfully launch an online business without giving up opportunities in the club environment. Increase your impact by embracing this new opportunity.




Learn unique ways to combine strength and hiit on the core gliding discs. Working on balance, core stabilization, and endurance to bring your clients a low impact high intensity workout while improving flexibility, balance and stability.. We will teach you ways to incorporate this for all your clients from beginners to extreme. Bring them something new!

SOULfusion™ combines yoga inspired FLOWS, cardio bursts, mobility & body weight training into one magical experience. In this workshop we will take you through a SOULfusion™ class and teach you how to connect music to movement to create an amazing experience for your students.

Music is a powerful tool that can set the tone for your class, increase students’ energy, and make a lasting impact on individuals. In this workshop, you will learn three ways to choreograph your workouts to music in a one song per segment format. Learn strategies to help you smoothly and efficiently move your students through the workout in a way that creates flow and leaves every student feeling successful!

You know when you’re with your tribe you will “ride” ANY stage drill with them or “die” trying. Learn techniques for getting into your riders’ heads to push them further than they thought possible. Understand the importance of creating that connection not only to the work but to each other to harness the power of a team. You can be strong alone, but you will be stronger together.

The shoulder is one of the most complex, and most injured, joint systems in the body. In this live session, dive into the function of the shoulder, common mistakes when training it, and best practices to maintain optimal shoulder function and health.

Let’s create some turbulence to spice up your water aerobics, boot camp, warm water, rehab, and personal training sessions. Explore how the Aqua-Ohm can add resistance to arms and legs and challenge the core. This piece of equipment effortlessly adjusts for size and resistance level. Come check it out!

Metabolism, a word heard in the fitness industry every single day, but what does it actually mean? Join our panel of nutrition experts as they discuss the basics of metabolic individuality and what you must know about it. Discover tips and tricks to meet your unique needs, improve cellular performance and reach your health, fitness, performance and body composition goals.

Improve your ability to identify and correct common positional faults found in the active individual. Discover how the relationship between proper alignment and posture supports healthy movement. There is a unique relationship between stability and mobility throughout the kinetic chain. Let’s revisit the foundation to improve performance.

Your clients and staff are the backbone of your fitness business. In this session, learn innovative approaches for recruiting ideal staff members and clients, and proven strategies for retention that will motivate for years to come.



Lunchtime Session: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 2:00-3:00PM.

Evolve your core training and take it up a level! Fusing elements of Pilates, experience an integrated approach to moving from your powerhouse and the relationship to total body strength and balance. Dive deep into core stability and mobility while learning complexes to build core strength, as well as improve performance and function.

Flexibility and Strength are critical for all ages and not just for the professional athlete. “The Bannister Method” is designed to increase muscular balance, strength, flexibility, core strength, and bring energy into the body. Maintain your body’s capacity to function the way you need to live. Learn how to find your Balance, Strength, Flexibility, and Flow and develop inner strength and an understanding of your limitations.

In this workshop, experience a cascade of fresh aqua ideas. Leave with six (6), 64-count choreography blocks that you can effortlessly incorporate into your next aqua workout. Take home detailed choreography notes to ensure easy preparation of sequences and successful delivery of low-impact, dynamic, total body WATERinMOTION® inspired moves. All fresh and ALL new!

Not many people get into the health and fitness industry because they want to sell things. Sales can be a real challenge for a fitness professional but with a simple flip of your mindset sales can be easy. Leave with tangible tips and tools to make the process of sales an awesome experience for both the customer and the salesperson.



Lunchtime Session: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 12:30-1:30PM.

Dancers learned the fundamentals, built strength at the barre, THEN took their skills to the center floor… to dance. Use the skills at the barre to create a seamless functional flow of movements making it possible for all levels to enjoy the gift of dance together! This workshop will highlight the benefits, similarities and differences of both workouts and then reveal three fun fusions to showcase to your clients.

Bring a never-quit conviction and discover your true grit in this workshop where Schwinn takes it to the MAX. Numbers don’t lie and Power is a real indicator of intensity. Learn what POWER is, find your true max, and learn coaching techniques to use power to motivate in a variety of different ways. When you marry truth and intensity, you unlock your riders’ greatest potential.

Bring your beast mode! Journey into the many ways you can monkey around with HIIT. Experience multiple modalities. Discover techniques for optimizing effort. Learn how to tweak time and organize effective work intervals to lend to greater client or member success.

Intermittent fasting and carb cycling are extremely popular in weight loss research. In this session, we will address these topics as well as three other types of fasting; prolonged, dry and wet fasting. We will explore the effects on weight loss, the immune system and the life of our cells.

Great management is not asking someone to do something; it’s about making sure that the task is completed. Explore effective ways to evaluate your platform, schedule important projects, and measure your staff performance taking out the personal and injecting the profitable. Managing is about systems and satisfaction. Having a successful career and organization is making a difference through effective, honest and open-minded leadership.



Learn creative concepts that will change the look and feel of your HIIT classes forever. Grab a ball and some gliding discs and let me show you how to wow your students with a nontraditional format that will knock your socks off.

Enjoy a feel-good vinyasa flow yoga practice with a special focus on freedom and acceptance, giving you the opportunity to move, strengthen and stretch your body and mind with no judgments; then finish with deep release postures to tap into ease from within.

Latin Rhythms and Athletic Movements perfectly combine in the most extraordinary, intense, dynamic and fun group fitness class on the market. Each Movement Pattern is designed to develop mobility & endurance with emphasis on the CORE. Burn up to 39% more calories than other conventional cardio workouts. It is not dance, not choreography, it’s a LIFESTYLE!

K.I.S.S. the class design blues away! Learn how to create thoughtful, physiologically sound classes that provide RESULTS! We simplify the process to save you time while setting riders up for success. Unlock the secret of the Schwinn Coach’s Pyramid and set the stage for powerful performances! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or rookie of the year, this workshop will change your mindset on class design.


You have the burn, and the after burn, but High Intensities also promote brain health in big ways. Understand the science and the age-defying benefits of HIIT training that tend to be overlooked and misunderstood.

With one-on-one training on the rise, combined with more aquatic centers re-opening, reviewing training techniques is more important than ever. Discuss movements to increase range of motion and incorporate deep stretching techniques to utilize in aqua programs.

Overwhelmed with the many diets and weight loss options out there from Keto to Intermittent Fasting? Are your clients frustrated and confused (and you too)? Do you know the fads from the facts? Learn from a registered dietitian who works on the fitness front lines just exactly what works and why.

Current research indicates that 1 in 3 people in the United States has one or more forms of arthritis. As the numbers rise, so does the need for qualified fitness professionals who can work with this population. This session is an introduction to the tools needed to understand the who, what and how of working with the arthritic client. Gain an understanding of various types, symptoms and causes of arthritis as well as how to create safe and effective exercise programs.


With more individuals taking charge of their health and fitness, the need for personal trainers, health coaches, and nutritionists is greater than ever before. While exciting for successful business owners, this tremendous growth also means more competition for entrepreneurs. One of the best ways to stand out in this hyper-competitive industry is to niche down. Learn from industry experts on the importance of paying extra attention to select groups and how to set yourself apart from other trainers in the field.



Are your core workouts just featuring crunches? Ready to elevate your clients’ core training into an integrative system and approach? This session combines lecture and activity to coach you on the fundamentals of core training and how to create stellar core programming for private and small group clients!

Two incredible practices come together for a fusion like no other. Learn how the breath and flexibility of a Yoga practice meet the muscular endurance of a ballet-inspired practice. Learn how to combine these practices in a logical application that is both physically beneficial and calorically attractive to your members. Walk away with the format, the music selection and cueing strategies that will have you teaching immediately.

Participants love the core focus of any class, but are we teaching the right movement patterns that prevent injury and produce results? Build the anatomical region of the core, learn powerhouse output, inclusive cueing & move through over 30 variations of exercises to strengthen and stabilize. Leave with a library of new moves that your participants will love and feel successfully challenged!

When your verbal and visual cues are perfectly paired it’s like poetry in motion. Level up on your language and communication skills – both verbal and non-verbal to create a powerful experience on the bike. Learn techniques about tone and timing to engage riders and motivate performance. Experience the Yin & Yang of masterful cueing.

Performing a movement screen and assessment on a client before you assign their exercise protocol can help understand potential risk factors and offer suggestions on how to improve the mechanics of how someone moves. This not only may help prevent injury, it will most likely enhance their results and overall performance. The four assessments that follow are some of the most common and helpful in identifying potential mobility and stability issues.

Most of us experience some kind of burnout after teaching multiple aqua classes every week. Building pyramid intervals is a great way to combat boredom and burnout! Incorporate muscle conditioning into timed patterns of HIIT and leave with a workout to propel you UPWARD! Just six (6) simple rules applied to your existing workout will give you more ideas, moves and choreography to push your class to the next level!

Studies suggest that nutrition is more important than exercise for achieving weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Learn the science behind why popular diets fail and specific training-based nutritional needs. Leave with the knowledge to help your clients reach their goals, all while staying within your scope of practice.

Balance is not something that just happens…it needs to be nurtured, practiced & created. In this business and personal development workshop use quadrant logic to discover & identify your dream life, recognize roadblocks that may be preventing success, then create a map for professional and personal balance. Conclude with a meditative practice to provide space for your own perception of true balance in life and legacy – on your own terms.

Join top experts as they share their thoughts and discuss the most current issues that impact the Health & Fitness Industry today. Gain insight into perceptions and sensitivities in the fitness industry, staffing shortages, club pricing, design trends and more. This is one you don’t want to miss!



Do you have what it takes to become the next SCW Fitness Idol? As the winner of this prestigious title, not only will you receive coverage in 2022 SCW press releases, but you’ll get a chance to show off your skills as a featured presenter at the 2022 SCW MANIA® Convention of your choice!

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This practice will emphasize joint health, muscle tension release, and a mindful approach to alignment through core stability offering movements that can be incorporated into your daily life.Maintain or improve mobility,stability and flexibility for functional healthy aging.

Boogie Barre is a party off of the ballet barre that will unleash your inner boogie. Inspired by ballet, dance training, interval training and muscle conditioning, this 13-track class will activate your muscles, ignite your soul & fire you up! Never before have you seen a barre class like this!

Combine the positive energy of aqua yoga with a cardiovascular workout. Wake up your muscles with strengthening exercises, and end with stretching for maximum flexibility and range of motion. Using the Liquid Starfish equipment for optimum use of drag and resistance to tone upper body muscles.

Come together to explore controversial research, ask questions, and discover cutting edge options in food and nutrition. Hear from these nutrition experts on how and why they choose to eat the way they do. Leave “feeling full” of ways to make smarter choices when it comes to fueling your body.

If your body is a car, the glutes are definitely the engine. Rev up your understanding of gluteal anatomy/function, and learn important implications for program design. Apply these key concepts to improve the strength, power, and performance of the most important muscle group in the body.

Learn how to increase your class attendance and client base by marketing your skills to special populations. We will discuss niche groups in detail and identify the resources you can explore to become educated and certified on how to train these groups.