Saturday, August 27: 7:30am-8:45am (Session 1)

Comprehensively examine stability/mobility relationships of the aging body to provide a foundation that enhances and respects this precise equilibrium. Learn effective methods to increase core stability while developing mobility in key areas to improve gait efficiency. Apply strategies for fall prevention through effectively training key areas for dynamic balance.

Many strength training classes use a variety of props and equipment. This total body conditioning class incorporates the bare minimum yet creates incredible results. New instructors will take home a strong coaching baseline complete with progressions for every fitness level.
Light up every muscle with this core-forward Pilates class that sets traditional moves to today’s rhythms, adding energy and excitement. Through the use of continuous choreography, electrify your burn, strength, and flexibility. Join this total-body sculpting class that blends lightweight training, Pilates, and core strengthening exercise.

Get ready to leave your comfort zone and push yourself to reach new boundaries challenging your strength and endurance. Learn to perfectly combine conditioning, strength, and power into your programming to keep your clients on their toes!

Fusion workouts are all the rage & this daring trifecta is designed to push your limits. Let Schwinn® show you how to do it right while taking your work out to the next level. Bring your beast mode to heart-pounding cardio modalities with smart muscle conditioning for strong, balanced bodies ready for any challenge. It’s time to dig deep and throw down like a true warrior.

Focus on glute-specific training in innovative ways in all three planes. Discuss progressions and regressions for all students and build the backside of the body. Discover how you can train cheeks for weeks n’ weeks!

Aquatic exercise provides many benefits, including an ideal environment to exercise throughout the year. The buoyancy of the water supports a portion of your body weight, making it easier to move in the water and improving your flexibility. Join Manuel to review and experience at least ten of his favorite flexibility moves for the water environment and get ideas to develop sensitive sequences ideal for active aging clients.

Studies suggest that nutrition is more important than exercise for achieving weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Learn the science behind why popular diets fail and specific training-based nutritional needs. Leave with the knowledge to help your clients reach their goals while staying within your scope of practice.

Sleep is a missing link in an industry where nearly half the population struggles with the availability of few practical options. This course will provide a framework to improve sleep for those you work with. From assessment to coaching systems while maintaining your scope of practice.

Own a boutique style gym? Want to add boutique style classes to your existing gym, yoga studio, or fitness facility? Learn how incorporating “alternative” fitness classes & “parties” can increase customer base & bring in new clients to your facility. Delve into trends that bring “fresh & fun” ideas to gyms. Client “experience” taught by “Exertainers” is the name of the game!


Saturday, 9:15am-10:30am (Session 2 – Keynote Address)

If there was a medicine that contained all of the physical and psychological benefits of exercise, it would be the most effective and best-selling medicine in history. This lecture delves in-depth into the voluminous evidence-based reasons why exercise is such a powerful, yet largely not prescribed, medicine.


Saturday, 11:00am-12:15pm (Session 3)

Let’s face it. Sometimes working out feels arduous, tedious, and monotonous, even for the most motivated. With exercise psychology in mind, this session will look at creative ways to generate engagement, camaraderie, and FUN with WARRIOR Strength™!
As fitness professionals, it’s generally accepted that we should incorporate trunk or “core” prescribed exercises into our training. Examine in detail what the core is, and what role it plays in daily function. Then journey through the core anatomy and training principles to structure a winning functional workout.

Tired of the same old static stretches? Learn how to liven up and improve your flexibility training with Active Isolated Stretching. By activating the targeted muscle while holding the stretch for no more than five seconds, this type of dynamic stretching provides maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time. A perfect session to end your day!

Strike! is a fierce, full-body interval workout that blends traditional kickboxing combinations with controlled weight-bearing strikes and blocks using a weighted bar & inspired by martial arts stick fighting. This class is strategically delivered in “rounds”, creating a non-stop flow of energy and sweat. This is NOT your typical kickboxing class!
In all disciplines, recovery & regeneration are key to making performance gains. Learn tried and true techniques for creating a ride that delivers solid work and efficient recoveries for maximum training effect. Discover ways to effectively work these necessary rides into your training protocols. Time to Rock Steady!
Looking to turn up your creativity in the pool but don’t know where to start? In this session, learn how to serve that extra spice with creative Warm-Ups & Cool Downs to make your Aqua Programs hot, hot, hot! You will leave this session with inspired ideas to improve, implement, and ignite every aqua class with pizzazz, passion, and purpose!

AQUA STAND UP® YOGA is a mindful paddle board workout incorporating elements of yoga and Pilates ending with sound meditation. Be ready to refresh your mind! No experience is needed!

Is there anything you can do to impact your metabolism? Can you prevent plateaus in progress? How can you increase your energy level? Learn which factors you can control (this may require a reality check) and which ones you can’t (this may require some acceptance of a new normal).

Utilize physics as it pertains to musculoskeletal compensations and pain planes of motion to get your clients proactive and compliant with corrective exercises. Employ postural analysis pre and post-workout to reinforce healthy daily habits, and ultimately increase athletic performance.

10 Tricks to get them to open your emails at a higher rate. If they open the email, they can read your offer. If they read your offer they can say yes. If they say yes, you can help them and build a business you love. A stranger on Facebook is a less likely sale, and more and more expensive to advertise to every day. When they get on your email they’ve said yes. Create a smarter way to boost your open rate. If you win at this you’ll win at everything. Hands on workshop. Be ready to write your next 10 emails!


Saturday, 12:30pm-1:45pm (Session 4)

Lunchtime Session 1: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 1:45PM-2:45PM.

Latin rhythms and athletic movements perfectly combine in the most extraordinary, intense, dynamic, and fun group fitness class on the market. Each movement pattern is designed to develop mobility & endurance with emphasis on the CORE. Burn up to 39% more calories than other conventional cardio workouts. It is not dance, not choreography, it’s a LIFESTYLE!

This complete lower body workout targets the glutes, quads, and hamstrings to tone and tighten these muscle groups, targeting the abdominal and lower back muscles for conditioning and improved flexibility. Learn easily implementable progressions and modifications to train your mature clients in a safe, fun way that will have them cheering for more.
With so many effective movements in Barre, it’s often challenging to sequence the moves for maximum effectiveness. Understand how to put “it” together better, also how and when to progress your movements. Learn when to add in new moves and where to add those “pulses” for the best results. Discover new ways to program workouts & make planning classes simple for you and class participants.
Confused about how your insulin levels affect fat metabolism? Approaching middle age and seeing changes in reproductive hormones? Looking to lower chronic cortisol levels? Bring all your uncertainties to this all-inclusive question and answer hormone panel led by registered dieticians, an exercise physiologist and a psychologist.
Examine how to market effectively and efficiently while remaining profitable. Explore branding your business through various media driving it to success. Discover your unique market position, develop pop-ups, postcards, social media posts, email, text messages, eNewsletters, and expand your social media presence.Learn from this entrepreneur who started from a 3rd floor walk-up and created a multi-million-dollar enterprise. Leave with plenty of FREE advice and resources.


Saturday, 1:15pm-2:30pm (Session 4)

Lunchtime Session 2: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 12:15PM-1:15PM.

SOULfusion™ combines yoga-inspired FLOWS, cardio bursts, mobility & bodyweight training into one magical experience. In this workshop, we will take you through a SOULfusion™ class and teach you how to connect music to movement & create an amazing experience for your students.
Condition and train like an old fighter while achieving maximum results. Kick, jab, punch, & push yourself with heavy bag pad work, agility, and strength training. Take your fitness to the absolute extreme!
Focus on mental and emotional health is needed now more than ever. In this LaBlast® Splash session, you will experience the healing power of Ballroom Dance and fitness from the inside out, using aquatic principles.

Nourish your soul with this Ballet-inspired Aqua Yoga/Barre workout. The session will provide you with many ideas for a functional flow in the water. Attendees will learn choreography and how to apply sequences to design a seamless, fluid Yoga/Barre class.

It’s not practice that makes perfect… it’s perfect practice. Movement patterns have been identified that predispose to musculoskeletal injury. This lecture discusses the role of movement analysis in detecting and correcting movement flaws to help protect people from injury during sports and exercise activities.


Saturday, 2:45pm-4:00pm (Session 5)

LaBlast® Dance Fitness is the perfect blend of dance & fitness for every age. Experience multiple variations within each interchangeable movement pattern and learn to teach in a way that every participant can choose their level of intensity and feel successful. This session includes weight training, interval training, and stretching.



We all love HIIT!! Just as important as hard work is recovery. Slow down and allow your body to rejuvenate and regenerate. Follow L.I.S.S. (LOW INTENSITY STEADY STATE) protocol and reap greater benefits of HIIT. Easy to teach, [email protected] explores different muscle conditioning and cardio moves combined to help your participants make the whirlwind transformations they crave.

Fusion classes are structured to blend Tai Chi with another movement modality that one cannot distinguish where one modality begins or ends within the choreography. Iron Fusion is a combination of Tai Chi and weights.

Nothing surpasses the exhilaration of building and leading strength training that is creative, powerful, and inspiring. Join FitFighter Founder and CEO Sarah Apgar to learn how to use evidence-based movement, training and free weight applications that will invigorate your GX students, semi-private training, and PT clients pushing your programming to the next level.

HIIT may be here to stay but, there are times to HIIT it and then QUIT it! Building your threshold
without going breathless is a powerful way to train.Learn methods for creating more variety with your aerobic intervals and steady aerobic work through thoughtful programming with science to back it up.

SAF AQUA® Drums Vibes is a combination of drum rhythms and new equipment. Join in this fun new approach to water training! Play drums in the water, where every move you make will be even more effective!

Swim-up to the barre baby! This low impact, full-body workout has a high impact on range of motion, posture, and mind-body. Join Rosie and learn how to create aqua yoga barre classes to meet the needs of your clients, at all levels and abilities, using a fusion of yoga, barre, and joint mobility.

Osteoporosis can make seemingly mundane activities of daily life risky. Explore the science behind building and losing bone, the importance of sleep to build bone, and the specific diet recommendations to help clients maintain bone density. We will also review studies related to program designs for clients without increasing fracture risk.

Though most American seniors are active, vibrant, and live independently, many fitness professionals treat them as if they are frail. Learn from our active aging experts how to conduct fitness assessments for seniors, and design programming to increase strength, power, balance, agility, and speed.
How do you attract and retain the best talent to ensure you can offer top notch programming and experience for your members? By becoming the manager you always wanted to have…the manager your team deserves. Join Kimberly, senior director of group fitness at Life Time for over a decade & talk about what it means to be a 5 Star Manager.


Saturday, 4:15pm-5:30pm (Session 6)

Hot Crossed Buns is the perfect experience for a mature client! This complete lower body workout targets the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Tone and strengthen these muscle groups, targeting the abdominal and lower back muscles for conditioning and improved flexibility. Learn easily implemented progressions and modifications to train your mature clients in a safe, fun way that will have them cheering for more!
There’s a profound benefit to being “connected” physically to your clients. From gauging their performance capacity directly to providing resistance to areas where equipment cannot isolate, you’ll learn the key concepts of why manual resistance can and should be a key tool utilized by every Personal Trainer.

This workshop will show you how important stretching is and demonstrate how easy it is to stretch your clients on your table or the floor. Learn stretches with clear, step-by-step practical applications to increase your skills. Trainer-assisted stretching, as part of each training session, will help your clients improve their flexibility while keeping you within the scope of a personal trainer.

Using foam rollers, balls, and massage sticks explore the various ways to experience the best in myofascial release. Recovery for you and your clients is available using simple, inexpensive and portable equipment. Leave with new ideas and techniques to implement with your clients and classes.

K.I.S.S. the class design blues away & create thoughtful, physiologically sound classes that provide RESULTS! Simplify the process to save time & set riders up for success. Unlock the secret of the Schwinn® Coach’s Pyramid & set the stage for powerful performances! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or rookie of the year, this workshop will change your mindset on class design.


Get on board with this phenomenal cross-training option, aqua run & conditioning. Take advantage of the Power of Water! With a little imagination, you can adapt land-loving patterns of movement and resistance and use them in the water, reducing joint wear and tear and injuries. Walk away with countless ideas for empowering programming for your clients, from athletes to active agers!
This session focuses on three aquatic training modalities for total body conditioning, utilizing the physical properties of the water, as well as the intensity and directional variations to achieve optimal client outcomes. Learn each move, progression, and method, to safely increase intensity to strengthen the entire body.

Stress Eating can affect us all – trainers, clients, even nutritionists. We naturally turn to food in moments of stress to self-soothe without realizing we are doing it. However, this doesn’t have to be the way. Learn how to identify triggers for stress eating and replace them with healthier, more beneficial behaviors.

A simple writing prompt changed Drew Myers’ life. He was encouraged to make a list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days. It turned into so much more. This engaging address captures the power of putting your goals, dreams, and aspirations in the spotlight and living for a purpose.

So many gyms and clients are packed in January but fall off the next month. Join this in-depth discussion about employee and client retention past the first month & how to keep them coming back the rest of the year. Learn how to build employee loyalty, retain happy clients, and financial prosperity.