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Aug. 23-25, 2024 • Westin Galleria Dallas

Aug. 23-25, 2024 • Westin Galleria Dallas


Sunday is the last day of in-person MANIA where everything just seems to click. Conclude the event on a high note with sessions making you feel inspired, informed, and equipped with the tools to take back home with you.

Session 1: 7:30am-8:45am

Want to increase real life rotational power for clients and athletes? Every program out there should be utilizing fundamental rotational power. This presentation examines the science of and real-life and unique application and hands-on session with many practical and useful movements to employ to enhance rotational power.

Transform Your Classes: Revolutionize your stretch, yoga, and Pilates sessions with dynamic mobility stick training. Explore progressions, regressions, and mobility principles for enhanced strength, flexibility, and core stability. Embrace the versatility and simplicity of stick training—your key to unlocking class excellence!

Experience the newest LaBlast® Fitness format, Kids Fitness…a perfect balance of dance, fitness and FUN, designed for children ages 5 and up. This ‘workout in disguise’ gets kids moving to dances like the Jive, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Salsa & more! Change lives and share the gift of movement with the youth of the world!

The relationship between flexibility, mobility and stability includes components that are largely misunderstood. Mobility is about the joint, flexibility is about soft tissue, and stability is a major influencer. This session explores the science of flexibility and mobility, how to care for your fascia for greater mobility, and spinal stability.

Newsworthy! Adding weights on an indoor cycle bike does not need to be controversial any longer. Join team BeatBoss™ to learn the in’s and out’s of why adding small weights to an indoor cycle class is now safe, fun and purposeful. Experience a BeatBossSCULPT™ Master Class post lecture time.

Exploding with choreo options, this workout led by our team of experts, takes you on a water experience like no other.  Fresh combinations, expert cuing, new music and moves combine to leave you inspired and riding the wave of new combos. Leave with choreo notes perfect for your class revival Monday morning.  

Uncover the hidden secrets of how sleep profoundly influences your gut microbiome and how your gut biome affects your slumber in this enlightening workshop. Delve into the intricate relationship between quality sleep and a thriving gut ecosystem. Gain practical insights into optimizing your sleep habits to promote gut health and vice versa for overall vitality

Step into the world of high-octane fitness sales and marketing with Kerry, the Owner Operator of Tate’s Total Training. Uncover the exclusive secrets that will supercharge your membership and personal training sales, including expert tips for maximizing your small group sessions. This session is a must for anyone looking to take their fitness facility business to the next level! Don’t miss out!

Session 2: 9:00am-10:15am

WARRIOR Combat is boxing inspired, powerful, and fierce. It has two 30-minute sections distinguished by timed intervals and moves synchronized to music including boxing, HIIT training, total body strength, and aerobic conditioning. Have a set of dumbbells handy and get ready to feel like a confident badass.

100% Dance, 100% Fitness and 100% Seated. A perfect balance of dance and fitness with little impact on the joints. Experience a diverse mix of famous ballroom dances set to your favorite music AND the ultimate core workout. No partner needed! You will learn to Jive, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Lindy Hop, Salsa & more…all from the comfort of your chair!

This combination of scientific lecture and hands-on movements will address and identify the biomechanics and technical intricacies of the box squat. Practical information on progressions and variations combines with practical cues to help trainers and coaches better understand the squat & its execution.

Restoration is an essential part of any fitness regimen, but it can be hard to get clients to buy into it. This is why we’ve created a simple integrated 3-part restoration group class that combines foam rolling, stretching, and moving and leaves clients feeling so good and rejuvenated.

Experience the awesome resistance exercises with Liquid Gym Acqua Toner Bands and Bar to take your aqua workout into a new realm. Take the power of strength resistance training and the resistance/hydrostatic properties of water to give your workout a whole new release. Increase flexibility, muscle tone and range of motion; improve proprioception and blood circulation. Finish with a stretch routine using the Liquid Stars.

Is your kitchen your happy place, or does it work against your goals? Join our fit-pro dietitian to learn what to stock in your fridge and pantry, which gadgets are must-haves, go-to recipes for active people, perfect snack-stashes, meal-prep tips, and practical kitchen rules to live by.

How many weekly PT Sessions can we deliver before nearing burn-out? How much can we keep increasing our prices before we hit that “price-ceiling”? Join Bob as he reviews the new skills that Personal Trainers will need to grow our businesses beyond 1-on-1 Training Sessions.

Session 3: 10:45am-12:00pm

Legs may get all the glory in a barre class but do you know what part of your body is the real winner? YOUR CORE! Barre focus on balance, core stability, and maintaining a neutral pelvis, make it a killer core workout from start to finish without requiring a single crunch.

This workshop will empower those with limitations to find creative ways to move through TaiChi. Explore ways of moving through an adaptive approach using the ancient discipline of Yang style TaiChi. Learn how to implement this process and provide programming to progress and regress through assisted movement.

With so many equipment solutions available, it can be easy to forget how simple and effective bodyweight and bands can be! Add balance options and additional support for challenge, this can help fitpros try new ways to use old favorites. This session will highlight top 10 band exercises with options.

Athletic mind-body movement set to crazy fun music! Experience a SOULfusion masterclass and dive deeper into the importance of music and how it connects to movement. Walk away with easy-to-learn, easy-to-teach, fun-to-take choreography to use in your classes right away. SOULfusion is a blend of yoga-inspired moves, flexibility, mobility training, and cardio bursts designed for EVERYbody. It’s more than a class, it’s an EXPERIENCE! 

Whether it’s a twinge from over-exercising, a post-injury recovery, or arthritis wear and tear, troublesome knees and hips don’t have to stand between you and your aqua exercise. In this session, learn practical modifications to implement into your aqua instruction to reduce pain. Then enjoy a powerful WATERinMOTION-inspired workout focused exclusively on you lower extremities and particularly your beautiful buoyant bootie!

This session will discuss common fitness and sports injuries seen in a sports medicine practice.  Evidence based strategies for recognizing and preventing these injuries in your training population will also be discussed.

Dive into content marketing strategies and create a month’s worth of content during the session. Learn content creation, SEO, social media, and email marketing tactics. Walk away with actionable content ready to drive sales. This session empowers you to thrive and skyrocket your fitness business!

Session 4: 12:15pm-1:30pm

This hands-on session discusses and identifies the mechanics, technical intricacies, and execution of the overhead press addressing variations for personal trainers and coaches. Review the importance of optimal technique from an implementation, training, and application perspective.

PT Programming for active aging clients does not have to be boring! Incorporating a variety of exercise types blended with functional training offers a chance to wow your clients. Walk away with fun, challenging workout sequences that will increase the quality of life for our 50+, 60+, and 90+ clients. Leave with a perfect program for all levels of active agers.

Step is dead? We are bringing it back with this workout! This class combines step choreography with intervals of strength training. Whether you are an athletic or dance stepper, this class is the perfect in between. Break out your leg warmers because we are about to step it up!

Take a transformative journey through the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi, where yin and yang harmonize to invigorate your mind and body. Discover how this practice can benefit everyone and every (body), blending movement and meditation to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Join us to experience the rejuvenating power of Tai Chi!

This innovative workshop leaves you with 6 inspired core routines filled with uniquely creative strength training workouts focused on the abs, backs, and hips.  Enjoy powerful music adapted specifically to the water in a 64-count format. Walk away with flashcards ready to use Monday morning!

Are the bold claims of health headlines and the skimpy evidence of pseudoscience keeping you and your clients confused? In a world full of conflicting dietary advice, join our dietitian expert to explore current nutrition myths. Empower yourself with evidence-based knowledge for informed choices in an increasingly complex nutritional landscape.

Learning to monetize your fitness programs is very important for any fitness professional who wants to grow their business and income. Many factors affect the profitability of fitness programs, including positioning, marketing, packaging, delivery, target market, etc. And all this must be consistent, despite changes in talent and management. Creating and delivering amazing fitness programs is both art and science, but making money is the bottom line