Friday – February 25, 2022


Session 1


Smart strength training strategies to help your female clients age-less! Birthdays are just a number: it’s function that counts! Interactively review critical principles for functionally training the female client. Learn essential body alignment, precise cueing and movement strategies to provide smart strength training for the ageless female.

Every 60 seconds, someone turns 60 in the US. Mobility training is the new buzz! Add this missing link to your programming. Learn the best practices for mobility training and how to add to your group classes and PT . Plus, how to market these programs for increased ROI.

Wuji style qigong is the form that has no form. Tai Chi sequences are freestyled on the spot. The concept is to relinquish control of body and mind, allowing the movements to flow fluidly without the need to plan, inadvertently discovering a place of freedom and presence within the universe.

More than ever, clients are suffering from back pain, likely due to sedentary desk and office jobs and the constant care of small children. But what are the actual underlying issues of frequent lower back pain? Can this pain be alleviated or prevented altogether? In this session, learn unique steps and approaches to managing and handling this common, oftentimes distressing complaint.

Just another dance fitness program in the water? NO! LaBlast Splash® is Ballroom dancing in the water! This program highlights the aquatic principles put forth by the Aquatics Education Association. This session focuses on how to apply these principles to Ballroom dancing in a creative manner.

Fitness Professionals walk a fine line of “staying in your lane” when helping clients understand healthy eating habits. Nutrition is a large puzzle piece of wellness to achieve client goals. Learn how to properly coach the general population, creating lasting results and doing so within the scope of your practice.

Baby Boomers were the biggest population in US history until the Millennials came along. Baby Boomers will be 54-72 this year and are still the wealthiest generation in US history with more fitness needs than any demographic. Yet, they are virtually untapped and grossly underserved. Learn how to reach this market to explode your fitness clubs.

Profitability and financial fitness are paramount to your success as a fitness business owner. Learn how to interpret financial forecasts and implement financial plans from a certified public accountant. Leave with financial know-how and confidence you can take to the bank!


Session 2


Work every joint and muscle from the Ground Up! Learn functional self-myofascial-release and appropriate applications for maintaining and increasing range of motion, strength, balance, and proprioceptive skills allowing clients to lead an active lifestyle. Discuss the limitations faced by older adults and appropriate modifications. Improve functional mobility and dynamic flexibility without compromising safety and effectiveness.

Prepare to dive deep into the anatomy, function & aesthetics of the core. You’ll not only learn what muscles make up the core, but also the best exercises for stabilization, corrective exercise, sports & how to achieve the washboard abs look our clients want. Leave with ready-made programming tailored for the middle, but that will put you on top!

Learn the basic principles of Vinyasa Flow Yoga and gain an understanding of how to incorporate Yoga Flow into any class format. Seamlessly flow through asanas, (light weights optional) improve strength, balance, & flexibility. Create the perfect body-mind experience by incorporating breathing techniques and mindfulness. Perfect for ALL levels!

It doesn’t matter how much you stretch, you won’t get more flexible by stretching alone. Find out what you’ve been doing wrong, with this hands-on workshop to really increase range of motion. If you’ve never touched your toes, you’ll be amazed how quickly you can do it with this program.

This WATERinMOTION® inspired workshop will explore the benefits and challenges of working our core in an aquatic environment. We will discuss ways that you can use movement progressions and regressions to ensure greater participant success, regardless of exercise experience. A practical section that focuses on progressions and regressions in the water will be included in this session. We will also focus on many of the core routines from WATERinMOTION®.

Intermittent fasting and carb cycling are extremely popular in weight loss research. In this session, we will address these topics as well as three other types of fasting; prolonged, dry and wet fasting. We will explore the effects on weight loss, the immune system and the life of our cells.

“Brain training” and cognitive stimulation are becoming mainstream, bringing ripe opportunities for slowing cognitive decline, but also breeding snake-oil solutions. Luckily, emerging evidence is showing promise for cognitively-enhanced physical activity over cognitive stimulation using computerized brain games. Come learn the latest science on how you can “cognify” your exercise movements and programming while practicing fun, innovative strategies to stimulate the brain while you train the body.

Not many people get into the health and fitness industry because they want to sell things. Sales can be a real challenge for a fitness professional, but with a simple flip of your mindset sales can be easy. Leave with tangible tips and tools to make the process of sales an awesome experience for the customer and the salesperson.

Session 3


It’s time to take aging sitting down! Discover how incorporating a chair can increase access to your fitness offerings by catering to clients of all abilities. Perfect for deconditioned clients or those overcoming injuries, you’ll learn how to design seat-based programming that doesn’t lack intensity or fun, guaranteed to get a “seated” ovation from all of your students!

Getting more done in less time is pivotal in today’s busy world. Learn how “tri” & “quad” sets aka: CLUSTERS can give your clients what they want and need in as little as 30 minutes. Feel the difference between traditional circuit training and this ready-made model that you can start using immediately! You’ll walk away from this session with programming for three different types of client goals.

Whether it’s a twinge from overexercising, a post-injury recovery, or arthritis wear and tear, troublesome knees & hips don’t have to stand between you and your yoga practice. In this session, learn practical modifications to implement into your yoga instruction to reduce discomfort. None of the risks, but all of the rewards!

Amp “it” Up. Barre Bang explodes with new ideas on how to add challenges to your barre classes. Understand the principles that drive intensity and simple strategies to push the limits of your participants. Want to add speed, power and greater range of motion? Discover the most effective places in your workout to add these elements, and how to progress the moves for all of your students.

The age-old adage “use it or lose it” definitely applies whenever we refer to balance, agility, and power. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), one adult over the age of 65 is treated in the emergency room for a fall every 18 seconds. Agility training improves flexibility, balance, and control, all of which can reduce the risk of falling for our aging population. This session uses water resistance and support to enhance this training without the fear of falling.

The types and quantities of food we eat are a huge piece of the nutrition puzzle, but calculating individual caloric and macro needs can be confusing. Learn how to determine the proper nutritional needs of your clients for greater results that can be maintained for life.

Learn to navigate opening, expanding or selling your own fitness business. Whether starting an in-home personal training business, opening a small studio or operating a fitness center, topics such as loan negotiations, insurance issues and partnership arrangements will be addressed in common sense terms. Come with plenty of questions and leave with valuable free legal advice.

Take a deep dive with Sal into industry trends for 2022 and learn how facilities can react and thrive in today’s competitive environment. Key topics discussed will be the state of competition (big box and boutique), consumer behavior, how to master club refresh with design elements, how retail trends are affecting our business, technology in fitness and how to think beyond your four walls. This is the perfect session for owners, managers and department heads.

Session 4: Lunchtime Session 1


Lunchtime Session: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 2:00-3:00PM.

Falls affect millions of the mature population, with more than one out of four experiencing falls annually. Results from falls can include acute to significant injury, exponential medical costs, and have a significantly negative impact on quality of life. Join Giovanni as he educates on fall prevention, increasing mobility, balance, strength, flexibility and leave with the knowledge to empower your clients to take steps to train their bodies and the confidence of not becoming another statistic.

Good flexibility and range of motion are essential for good posture and reducing the risks of injury. Discover this dynamic approach and learn how movement sequence patterns enhance mobility and range of motion. Explore the concept of working directly with myofascial meridians and anatomy training for self-care, flexibility and muscle tension release.

Let’s create some turbulence to spice up your water aerobics, boot camp, warm water, rehab, and personal training sessions. Explore how the Aqua-Ohm can add resistance to arms and legs and challenge the core. This piece of equipment effortlessly adjusts for size and resistance level. Come check it out!!

Small Group Training is growing rapidly and for good reason. From a client’s standpoint it is fun, interactive, results driven and cost-effective. From a personal trainer’s standpoint, it is a great way to leverage time, increase income and ultimately help more people. In this interactive session, learn how to create, market, sell and execute dynamic small group training that keeps clients coming back for more. Explore tangible tips and tools that can be easily implemented for massive impact on your small group training.

Session 4: Lunchtime Session 2


Lunchtime Session: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 12:30-1:30PM.

Who doesn’t want to hit a punching bag? Learn how to shadow box and train for the fight (and body) of your life. This heart-pumping, sweat-dripping workout will leave not only every muscle in your body aching, but give you the confidence you never knew you had! Let’s not forget the stress relief as well. It’s YOU vs. YOU!

Discover how the core is supposed to function, how it functions in a variety of ways, and how to train your body to have the strongest, most impressive core of your life.

Overwhelmed with the many diets and weight loss options out there from Keto to Intermittent Fasting? Are your clients frustrated and confused (and you too)? Do you know the fads from the facts? Learn from a registered dietitian who works on the fitness front lines just exactly what works and why.

With more individuals taking charge of their health and fitness, the need for personal trainers, health coaches, and nutritionists is greater than ever before. While exciting for successful business owners, this tremendous growth also means more competition for entrepreneurs. One of the best ways to stand out in this hyper-competitive industry is to niche down. Learn from industry experts the importance of paying extra attention to select groups and how to set yourself apart from other trainers in the field.

Session 5


LaBlast® Fitness is the perfect blend of dance & fitness for every age. In this session you will experience multiple variations within each interchangeable movement pattern and learn to teach in a way that every participant can choose their level of intensity and feel successful. This session includes weight training, interval training, and stretching.

Train your booty anywhere, anytime with zero equipment! Learn tricks to fire up the glutes, drive performance and function and shape the biggest muscle of your body. Utilize multiple positions, spicy and staple moves and perfectly designed sequences….with so many different intensity variables, you’ll have endless new ideas to challenge your glutes every time.

It’s a Tai Chi workout … with a GROOVE. Music and movement will guide you into a Moving Meditation where you experience both inner power and inner peace. Perfect for beginners, seniors, as well as those with Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, or obesity, Enjoy this tai chi practice of “continuity without interruption”.

The shoulder is one of the most complex, and most injured, joint systems in the body. In this live session, dive into the function of the shoulder, common mistakes when training it, and best practices to maintain optimal shoulder function and health.

In this workshop, experience a cascade of fresh aqua ideas. Leave with six (6), 64-count choreography.

Join us for this informative session on the knee, where we will discuss its basic components and common issues we hear from our class participants. How can we utilize the pool environment to recover, cross train, and work effectively while being kind to this hinge joint?

Is there anything you can do to impact your metabolism? Can you prevent plateaus in progress? How can you increase your energy level? Learn which factors can you control (this may require a reality check), and which ones you can’t (this may require some acceptance of a new normal).

In this session, attendees will: know how mission & values translate into service delivery; that service is a team game; share client engagement best practice; be a witness to faithful service & being accountable to promises, while adopting & unlocking the simple truths of service and simple truths of appreciation.

It’s not just you and your fitness business that has transformed to survive the pandemic – your members have too. Join Bill McBride as he examines ways consumer habits have shifted, how they will influence the fitness industry, and methods in which your business can embrace these changes to meet new expectations and be successful post-coronavirus. Learn easily implementable adaptations to traditional business approaches for optimal outcomes that ensure happy clients and owners alike.

Session 6


We are breaking down boundaries & making fun fitness options available to anyone no matter their age or ability! Check out our session filled with dance moves, smiles, and the opportunity to add something fabulous to your fitness resume – all you need is a chair! This is not only for seniors but also plus size, wheelchair users, those with dementia, recovering from injury, and more!

Experience this dynamic core workshop with two, 30-minute comprehensive workouts. Review new research on core training and learn how the core musculature works. Discover how easy it is to create a complete, five foundational-movement core program that is effective, challenging and keeps clients and classes coming back for more core!

Develop interoception and find a state of moving meditation through a somatic yoga practice. Mind, body, and breath come together for a restorative session designed to release tension in the body on a subconscious level.

Is your current programming working your butt or working your butt off, literally? In this session, learn the science, proper lifts, and progressive overloading techniques to get your rear in gear! Leave confident in your ability to have and give the best backside.

This workshop will review the basic considerations for using Aqua Dumbbells safely and effectively for a full-body workout. Participants will learn the benefits and challenges for using one vs. two dumbbells, along with various ways to position them allowing for breaks on the upper body (hands, wrists, shoulders). Participants will also have the opportunity to develop some simple combinations to teach to their classes.

If the liver could talk, it would plead for a decrease in alcohol consumption, just like we plead with our clients. Formaldehyde, AKA embalming fluid, and acetone, just like nail polish remover, are byproducts of the most popular forms of recreation in the US. This session explores the body’s response to ingestion of small and large amounts, as well as what other bodily functions suffer from our favorite pastime.

With the unprecedented challenges and adjustments to the fitness industry during the last year and a half, creatively defining your differentiators is the key strategy for positioning your virtual and/or in-person fitness brand ahead of the exponential variety of competition now within your market. In this workshop style lecture, using a combination of partner exercises and research activities, you will work through the exact steps necessary for well defining your product offering, researching your competitive market, strategically positioning your brand and adjusting your marketing plan to better reach your target audience and improve your new client acquisition.

Finally, the world is becoming aware of the value and desperate need for fitness & wellness. Discover how to build partnerships and coalitions to nurture and grow public awareness embracing exercise as an essential service and a physical and social necessity. Learn how to approach advocacy and communication to influence lawmakers and local communities to embrace health as a lifestyle.

Session 7


Do you have what it takes to become the next SCW Fitness Idol? As the winner of this prestigious title, not only will you receive coverage in 2023 SCW press releases, but you’ll get a chance to show off your skills as a featured presenter at the 2023 SCW MANIA® Convention of your choice!

Each 2022 SCW Fitness Idol Winner receives:

  • A slot as a presenter at a future SCW MANIA®
  • FREE SCW Online Certification of your choice
  • Coverage in all SCW press releases
  • 1-year FREE SCW OnDemand Membership

Working the core does not have to be a bore! Integrate unique core blocks like Barre Core, Cardio Core, Flirty Core, Hard Core, and Balance Core into your existing classes OR use them as a stand-alone format for a brand-new experience. Endless options, endless creativity, & never boring!

Experience a Vinyasa-Flow full-body warm-up that seamlessly transitions into segments of FUNctional low-impact interval training. Hone in on your breath, strength, flexibility, and balance while having fun! Explore the magic of guided imagery at the end of class that will leave you feeling strong and empowered.

This all-in-one class utilizes a variety of strength training exercises, combinations and a little cardio fused within a traditional Barre class format. Your class will leave saying, Barre is worth the weight!

Enjoy this aquatic session that focuses on core, gluteals, and lower extremity training. Build power and strength, along with flexibility and fluidity of movement, in the comfortable environment of the pool. Explore standing, anchoring, moving and floating options to train the booty to be your best ASSet!

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