Payment can be submitted by visiting www.scwfit.com/exhibiting. Full payment must accompany each MANIA® booth exhibition registration. Once payment is made, no refund will be granted.

Booth will be assigned after 100% of total booth fee is received and is subject to availability of space, special needs and compatibility of Exhibitors. SCW Fitness Education will attempt to honor all booth placement requests. Convention Sponsors shall receive first choice of booth placement before any assignments are confirmed.

Agreement for use of space provides an 8’ x 8’* space, one 6-ft skirted table and two chairs. *Some events may have reduced booth size due to space limitations in Expo Hall.

Contract for use of space provides an 8’ x 16’* space, two 6-ft skirted tables and four chairs. *Some events may have reduced booth size due to space limitations in Expo Hall.

Exhibition hours may vary at each convention. There will be a minimum of 10 exhibit hours at various times during the convention.

Upon registration, an Event Information Packet will be provided electronically. This may include information regarding Expo Hours, Shipping to Hotel, Event Layout, Attendee Welcome Bag Inserts, Airport Transportation and Saturday Evening Dinner Party.

Exhibitors will be allowed to have only two (2) staff members working the booth. If Exhibitor requires more than two staff members working the booth, Exhibitor will reach out to [email protected] for approval. Every Exhibitor Booth Staff individual, at the convention, needs to register themselves at www.scwfit.com/BOOTH. Each Booth Staff individual will register themselves supplying address, personal email and cell phone number. Each person must fill out the form individually thereby agreeing to the waiver/informed consent form. Two (2) Exhibitor Booth Staff individuals are invited to attend the SCW Dinner Party on Saturday evening. During all other days and times, suite is limited to Sponsors and Presenters only.

Two (2) Exhibitor Booth Staff individuals are invited to attend the 3-day MANIA® convention at a discounted rate of $99. Exhibitor Booth Staff individuals who do not enroll for the convention at the discounted, or full price rate, cannot attend or audit any sessions or view sessions from the halls and/or doorways. Please contact [email protected] for the specific discount code.

Exhibitor agrees to abide by and comply with the rules and regulations concerning the exposition facility, drayage companies (if applicable), unions, local and federal governments (taxation), and with authorized contractors employed by the exhibit management. Exhibitor further agrees to comply with any and all product selling and display requirements requested by SCW Fitness Education. Additionally, SCW Fitness Education reserves the right to restrict, limit or shut down any Exhibitor at any time for any reason.

All sales that involve the exchange of monies for goods or services received during the convention must be conducted within the confines of the booth space. Solicitations or demonstrations by Exhibitors must also be confined to within their booth space. Aisle space or any other public space shall not be used for exhibit purposes, including but not limited to: display signs and solicitation or distribution of promotional materials. Exhibits must be constructed so that they do not obstruct the general view of any other Exhibitor. SCW Fitness Education shall determine if a view is obstructed at its sole discretion. No Exhibitor shall sublet, assign or share any part of the space in the exhibit hall to display or demonstrate products, processes or services; distribute advertising materials in the halls or corridors; or in any other way occupy or use the facilities for a purpose inconsistent with these regulations without written consent of SCW Fitness Education. Operation of music or video devices is allowed only during times specified by SCW Fitness Education. Sound/music restrictions will be strictly enforced. Failure to remain within this space will result in a fee that is equal to the price of a single booth at the convention.

All companies making cash sales must comply with local licensing, tax and convention center/hotel regulations.

The Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance with all local regulations set by the official service contractor, local, state and federal governing bodies concerning fire, safety and health. No combustible materials shall be stored in or around the exhibition area. Wiring must comply with local fire department rules and regulations.

Failure to occupy booth space one hour prior to the Opening of Expo on the first day of convention will constitute forfeiture by the Exhibitor, and the booth space may be resold, reassigned or used by the exhibit management. There are no refunds for failure to occupy booths.

Exhibitor agrees not to schedule or conduct any outside activities including but not limited to receptions, hospitality suites, symposiums, workshops or seminars that are in conflict with the convention, whether such activities are held at or away from the convention center or show headquarters, except with written approval of SCW Fitness Education.

Exhibitor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold SCW harmless from any liabilities and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees and costs, arising from (a) any and all injuries associated with Exhibitor including but not limited to Exhibitor equipment, Exhibitor products, Exhibitor services, Exhibitor activities and/or Exhibitor demonstrations; (b) any and all injuries or illness associated with the products or equipment in the transportation, storage, ingestion of, usage or non-usage of Exhibitor products and equipment, however caused, in or out of the hotel, whether the individual did or did not adhere to Exhibitor instructions at the MANIA® events, including but not limited to Exhibitor activities and/or Exhibitor demonstrations;

Exhibitor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold SCW harmless from any liabilities and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees and costs, arising from (a) any claim of defective product, design or manufacture made by anyone including but not limited to SCW participant, employee, independent contractor, Exhibitor or anyone who alleges injury due to his/her use or ingestion of any equipment or product(s) manufactured, distributed or promoted by Exhibitor at the referenced SCW events; (b) any negligence or misconduct by Exhibitor or its employees or agents; and (c) any material breach of this Agreement by Exhibitor.

Exhibitor agrees to hold harmless SCW, their subsidiaries, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, conference presenters, conference sponsors, their respective agents, successors and assigns, from any and all liability whatsoever arising out of this event including, but not limited to: physical injuries, muscle strains, tears, pulls, broken bones, miscarriage, covid-19 or other virus exposure, death, and any and all illness, or loss of personal property and income. Exhibitor understands that their booth and/or sessions may be videotaped, audio-recorded and/or photographed during this event, and SCW, their affiliates, exhibitors and sponsors, may use any and all imagery before, during and after the event, both photos and videos, for any and all promotional and financial purposes without any compensation.
Exhibitor further agrees to all conditions of registration, including but not limited to, the No Refund Policy. Without any further consent I agree that  SCW and its affiliates may give or rent my email address, mailing address and/or phone number(s) to other health and/or fitness related organizations with whom  SCW and its affiliates have a trusted (financial or otherwise) relationship and share common goals. By providing my cell phone number on any all registration forms, Exhibitor agrees to receive text messages from SCW and any of its affiliates.

This agreement between SCW Fitness Education and Exhibitor is for the use of space as well as the appropriate number of tables (1 per single booth / 2 per double booth). Any additional booth requirements – including but not limited to additional furnishings, telephone, electrical service and lighting are the responsibility of the individual Exhibitor.

SCW Fitness Education does not guarantee the hiring of security for the event. The exhibit hall may be secured by SCW Fitness Education personnel at the end of each business day and re-opened 30 minutes before each business day begins. The furnishing of security shall not be construed to be any assumption of obligation or duty with respect to the protection of property of the Exhibitors, which shall at all times remain in the sole possession and custody of each Exhibitor and shall be the sole responsibility of each Exhibitor. SCW Fitness Education is not responsible or liable for any stolen products, goods, computers, televisions, etc. or any other personal property of the Exhibitor Staff.

In case SCW Fitness Education shall, for any reason, determine to cancel or terminate the exposition in total or the individual Exhibitor in particular, the Exhibitor waives all claims the Exhibitor might have against exhibit management for damages or expenses and agrees to accept in complete satisfaction and discharge of all claims against exhibit management, a refund of all amounts paid by the Exhibitor to SCW Fitness Education in accordance with the agreement.