May 3-5, 2024 • Caribe Royale Orlando

May 3-5, 2024 • Caribe Royale Orlando


Saturday, May 4th is when MANIA® hits it’s full stride. With an action packed lineup of workshops, seminars, and workouts, attendees will be screaming for more from our industry-leading experts.

Session 1: 7:30am-8:45am

This full body strength workout using resistance bands will strengthen your muscles as effectively as traditional weights. Target your entire body–upper, lower and core to enhance coordination, increase muscle endurance and rehab injured fibers. Experience a workout that creatively tones and builds strength without the use of heavy equipment.
Step up your fitness game by mastering exercises that alleviate shoulder pain and prevent injuries. This course empowers fitness professionals to enhance client satisfaction and results, increasing retention and profit. Learn to optimize performance through pain-reducing strategies, and watch your business thrive. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your expertise!
Test your strength, cardio, and balancing skills by performing exercises that will motivate and challenge you. From using your body weight to incorporating fitness props, you will perform intervals of cardio and strength movements creating an intense workout. So come through with no fear, refusing to lose…here’s your ticket…. hear the drummer get wicked!
Is your client’s mental health helping or hindering their fitness goals? Join psychology trainee and fitness trainer Maya Evans in this interactive workshop sponsored by Vibram FiveFingers. Explore the connection between mental health and exercise while learning practical ways to support your client’s mental health journey alongside their fitness journey.
Make a splash and experience the refreshing, invigorating Zumba® pool party featuring multiple Latin and International dance rhythms! This unique workout in the water complements all the muscles and allows students of all fitness levels, as well as those with disabilities or physical limitations, to join the Zumba experience!

Uncover the hidden secrets of how sleep profoundly influences your gut microbiome and how your gut biome affects your slumber in this enlightening workshop. Delve into the intricate relationship between quality sleep and a thriving gut ecosystem. Gain practical insights into optimizing your sleep habits to promote gut health and vice versa for overall vitality. 

Learn simple, effective, and necessary techniques to build your financial freedom both personally and professionally in language you will understand and can apply. Analyze websites that focus on growth, discover industry-driven 3rd-party platforms fueled by automation and understand federal and state legal compliance and how it affects your financial health. Grow (or start) your fitness business worry-free!

Session 2: 9:15am-10:30am


When it comes to repetitive stress and chronic pain, group fitness instructors and personal trainers aren’t positioned to be the first line of defense for those seeking help. This lecture will explain why the current ‘reactive’ healthcare system does not focus on preventative programs, and why the push for group exercise and personal trainer intervention is paramount to changing the system.

Session 3: 11:00am-12:15pm

Experience the unique Ball, Band, and Bar workout, a fusion of strength training, balance, and flexibility. Utilizing a stability ball, resistance bands, and a weighted bar, you’ll enhance core stability, target muscle groups, and elevate your fitness game. Join us for a dynamic, full-body workout that delivers results.
Explore dynamic game-based training methods designed specifically for active agers. Discover how to infuse playfulness into fitness routines, promoting social engagement, mobility, and health. Learn the art of adapting traditional games and creating new ones to make exercise enjoyable and effective for older adults.
LaBlast® is a dance fitness program created by “Dancing with the Stars” pro, Louis van Amstel. Experience a diverse mix of famous ballroom dances set to your favorite music. No partner needed! You will learn to Jive, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Lindy Hop, Salsa & more!
Ever wish you loved yoga? WARRIOR Rhythm™ is the bridge between classic group exercise and traditional yoga. With its rebel vibe, edgy playlists, and unconventionally sweaty flows this format will rock your world! We intertwine mindfulness, yoga, weightlifting and even HIIT training into an extraordinary experience. We are where woo-woo meets WAAHOOOOO!
Take advantage of aqua dumbbells to build muscular endurance, power, and overall tone. Build lean muscle through the creative use of drag, resistance, and buoyancy by using just one aqua dumbbell or both dumbbells enmeshed, or as under-arm flotation devices. Recharge, refresh and revive your water workouts using hand buoys like never before.
The vagus nerve is the main nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system which calms the body after stress. Discover its untapped potential in this session that focuses on the science and connection of fascia and the vagus nerve. Experience the vagus nerve’s impact on performance and well-being. Learn myofascial release techniques and strategies for stimulating and reducing stress to unlock client success. (Lecture)

Safeguard your well-being, family, and business from potential lawsuits. Gain valuable insights on fitness insurance gaps, high defense cost claims, and effective client communication. Join Miriam Ball and Brandi Clark for a crucial discussion on pitfalls for Group Instructors, Personal Trainers, and Business Owners. Leave with a liability waiver sample and essential risk awareness.

Session 4 - LUNCHTIME SESSION 1: 12:30PM-1:45PM

If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 1:45-2:45PM

Zumba® is perfect for everybody and every body! We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.
Moving Meditations™ are short patterns of movement, connected to an emotion and driven by music. They are designed for daily use to realign or amplify energy. You will clearly identify the emotion you are experiencing and shift to a better feeling place, finding more joy.

Utilize physics as it pertains to musculoskeletal compensations and pain planes of motion to get your clients proactive and compliant with corrective exercises. Employ postural analysis pre- and post-workout to reinforce healthy daily habits, and ultimately increase athletic performance. 

Session 4 - LUNCHTIME SESSION 2: 1:15PM-2:30PM

If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 12:15-1:15PM

You need strength, stamina, flexibility and power for the tasks of everyday life. Functional fitness improves your ability to run a marathon and walk your dog, to lift a barbell and lift your laundry. For whatever life brings you, train like the well-rounded female athlete that you are!
It’s time to take aging sitting down! Discover how incorporating a chair can increase access to your fitness offerings by catering to clients of all abilities. Perfect for deconditioned clients or those overcoming injuries, you’ll learn how to design seat-based programming that doesn’t lack intensity or fun, guaranteed to get a “seated” ovation from all of your students!
The ability to sell is a key skill that all fitness professionals need, whether you have years of experience or just starting out in your career. Join our interactive panel as they delve into common misconceptions around sales in our industry, effective strategies that can be adapted to different demographics, and how you can build long term value based on world class experience.

Enjoy a tsunami of creativity with these senior-inspired routines. Leave with six (6) 64-count choreography blocks of captivating aqua sequences. Manual dexterity, ankle mobility, balance options, and neuroplasticity games are all integrated to improve your aqua aging programming. Comprehensive choreography handouts enhance your movement mastery. Stay current with purpose!

Session 5: 2:45pm-4:00pm

Almost all workouts require good posture and alignment to maximize results while minimizing injury. However, it is difficult to assess our clients and ensure all participants are stretched and moving properly before and during a workout. Join our resident experts on posture, alignment, evaluation and stretching, Patrick Mummy and Gail Bannister-Munn, as they discuss the best coaching and cueing strategies for alignment and posture and how to do it effectively in personal training and a small group environment.
Unlock the secrets to mitigating knee pain and preventing injuries through targeted exercises. As a fitness professional, you’ll learn to optimize performance for your clients, enhancing satisfaction and profitability. Elevate your training approach to foster remarkable results, greater retention, and a thriving business. Join us to revolutionize your fitness strategy!
We will articulate our joints producing synovial fluid making movement easier for those with arthritis and other ailments. The cardio in the class is gentle enough for those with chronic conditions, but vigorous enough to elevate your heart rate and warm your body. Motion is the lotion!
Discover great myofascial active recovery techniques in this Happy Muscles! 365 workshop. Learn guided muscle care and stretching techniques for all ages using best-in-class Tiger Tail massage sticks and balls. Improve flexibility, mobility, and ROM, as well as reduce muscle knots, aches, and pains while using these affordable, portable and FUN stretch-recovery tools.
Play the drums in the water! Combine unique rhythms and moves using the innovative SAF Aqua Drums Vibes® equipment & enjoy a challenging new way to get yourself fit and have fun in the water.

Many gym-goers are focused on eating clean foods and staying in a specific calorie range to support weight control goals. However, our fitness clients are often under-eating, triggering their metabolism to backfire and causing the body to compromise important functions – without even meaning to! Could you or your clients be under-eating? 

If you want to create a name and following for yourself, you need to stand out on social media, and that can be difficult. In this course you will learn the 4 simple steps for standing out so you can enroll more clients, make more money, and have a larger impact! This session is perfect for both instructors, personal trainers, and studio owners and managers.

Session 6: 4:30pm-5:45pm

Learn unique and effective exercises to train the core from the inside out. Integrate stability balls and a variety of bands along with weighted body movements, to experience challenging exercises that utilize the hips, abs, back, glutes, and chest. This is truly a modern workout for 2024!
This presentation outlines unique exercises focusing on flexibility, strength, balance, and cardiovascular health. Emphasizing safety and gradual progression, in this illuminating session, we integrate adaptable routines to defy age-related decline, fostering vitality and overall well-being.
Pickleball is more popular than ever with new clients getting into the game more frequently. And with these new athletes come more injuries. Learn from NASM-PES coach Dane Robinson the “why’s” and “how’s” of a complete training program for your new Pickleball clientele.

Flexibility allows us to move freely in our daily life. What’s more, a balance of mobility and stability in each joint helps prevent injury. In this hands-on session, review the science of “contract-relax” stretching.  Experience multiple one-on-one stretching exercises and leave with a proven technique and system to grow your business and help your clients move better and smarter.

Enjoy this bootcamp program filled with power and energy to give your aqua program a boost. Stand at attention and watch your creativity soar. Try some fun, new obstacle courses in the pool, and leave with 6 new routines to keep your members coming back again and again.

Come together to explore controversial research. Join the discussion, ask questions, and discover cutting edge options in food and nutrition. Hear from these nutrition experts on how and why they choose to eat the way they do. Leave “feeling full” of ways to make smarter choices when it comes to fueling your body. 

This course is perfect for anyone looking to begin or grow an existing fitness business. Come learn how to analyze the fitness industry, identify market opportunities, and implement a business plan. Attendee’s will also learn market segmentation for promotion, how to manage financial resources, and measure the success of their new or existing business. Get started today!