Saturday – April 15, 2023


Session 1


It’s time to take aging sitting down! Discover how incorporating a chair can increase access to your fitness offerings by catering to clients of all abilities. Perfect for deconditioned clients or those overcoming injuries, you’ll learn how to design seat-based programming that doesn’t lack intensity or fun, guaranteed to get a “seated” ovation from all of your students!

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What is missing from your clients programming is a solid power-based leg circuit. Explore the principles of using power to develop leg circuit programming. From body weight, to plyometrics and a few other modalities in between, we will give your clients the best leg workout ever!

Flexibility allows us to move freely in our daily life. What’s more, a balance of mobility and stability in each joint helps prevent injury. In this hands-on session, review the science of “contract-relax” stretching. Experience multiple one-on-one stretching exercises and leave with a proven technique and system to grow your business and help your clients move better and smarter.

Old school meets new school! Studios all over the world are creating brilliant programs that feature a combination of functional training, strength training, circuits, metabolic conditioning, yoga, and more. Experience a successful class that focuses on bodybuilding principles designed to develop and shape muscle. Leave this workout with inspiring and effective programming ideas.

Work that works. Riders want results and Schwinn knows how to get them. When you simplify your class designs, and program like a personal trainer, you work smarter, and your riders get stronger. K.I.S.S. the class design blues away and learn how to create ride profiles in a way that allows you to track, progress and program like a pro with turnkey programming software from Intelligent Cycling. Get more mileage out of your class designs and show your riders how much stronger they have become. WIN-WIN!

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Get on board with this phenomenal cross-training option, aqua run & conditioning. Take advantage of the Power of Water! With a little imagination, you can adapt land-loving patterns of movement and resistance to the water, reducing joint wear and tear and injuries. Walk away with countless ideas for empowering programming for your clients, from athletes to active agers!

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Food scientists are paid high dollars to create an elusive pursuit of food as a drug. We will explore the bliss point of food, the science behind food addictions, neurotransmitters, and regulation of receptors. Most importantly, how do we avoid “chasing the dragon” with our nutritional plans. (Lecture)

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Get a taste of “Career Path Reality” from one of the most successful fitness consultants in the industry. Learn how to approach the ups and downs of our profession while focusing on your passion and making money. Explore 2023 strategies for financial success and security. (Lecture)

Session 2 – Keynote Address


If there was a medicine that contained all of the physical and psychological benefits of exercise, it would be the most effective and best-selling medicine in history. This lecture delves in-depth into the voluminous evidence-based reasons why exercise is such a powerful, yet largely not prescribed, medicine. (Lecture)


Session 3


Fitness Pro Paul Christopher takes you through a circuit of core exercises you’ve NEVER tried before, leaving both an impact on you physically and thought provoking mentally. The intensity of his core move choices will only be matched by the challenge he provokes in your own programming. Bring it, don’t sing it!

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The Stability Ball Workout is multi dimensional training that incorporates stability, improves balance & flexibility and strengthens the core to enhance total body training.This is a versatile, effective and FUN workout, exercising all the major and supportive muscle groups with a focus on proper form and execution. Let’s explore new exercises and drills that will keep you and your clients ahead of the rest in functional training.

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Foam rollers have an illustrious history in the fitness industry for good reason. The research tells us that foam rollers help to loosen tight muscles and activate inhibited ones. It’s also known to be the perfect tool to add a balance challenge and improve alignment. By blending the advantages of foam rolling with your Pilates’ routine, you can create one amazing workout. Discover this three-step program and see how you can bring new life to your Pilates’ classes or your client’s training sessions.

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What if the whole world believed that your greatest wealth is your health? And not just your physical health, but also your mental and emotional health. In LaBlast® Fitness, we take simple and fun patterns from the ballroom dances seen on “Dancing with the Stars” and get involved from the inside out. Experience the mental and emotional benefits of dancing to change the world and be the best kind of rich there is!

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Where did you get that song! Schwinn has the secrets to sourcing music for playlists that rock every ride. Learn where to find the tunes and uncover new apps and programs to remix and customize your own tracks. Become your own mixologist and discover the recipe for savvy playlists. 

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Aquatic strength training has many hidden advantages. In this session identify the differences between land and aquatic strength training; i.e gravity versus viscosity, mechanical versus drag resistance and other less obvious distinctions. Discover how the adjustable Aqua-Ohm utilizes all those properties.

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Utilize physics as it pertains to musculoskeletal compensations and pain planes of motion to get your clients proactive and compliant with corrective exercises. Employ postural analysis pre and post-workout to reinforce healthy daily habits, and ultimately increase athletic performance. (Lecture)

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If you want to create a name and following for yourself, you need to stand out on social media, and that can be difficult. In this course you will learn the 4 simple steps for standing out so you can enroll more clients, make more money, and have a larger impact! This session is perfect for both instructors, personal trainers, and studio owners and managers. (Lecture)

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Session 4: Lunchtime Session 1


Lunchtime Session: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 1:45-2:45PM.

Whether a personal quest or way to engage the fastest growing segment of the population, this incredibly creative tubing workout presents effective and manageable training techniques for the 40+ population. Led by an icon in the fitness industry, Sara takes you through this Group Strength Class using unique multi-joint, rhythmic exercises for a total body strength workout. Endurance, flexibility and balance are the lenses we use when analyzing our programming. It’s not about how long or hard you train; it’s about exercising smart for longevity and vitality.

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This yoga practice will emphasize joint health, muscle tension release, and a mindful approach to alignment through core stability offering movements that can be incorporated into your daily life. Maintain or improve mobility, stability, and flexibility for functional healthy aging.

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Utilizing the natural support and resistance of the water is key to relieving stiffness, inflammation and stress associated with chronic conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Experience innovative, gentle movement patterns to enrich and free the body of pain while promoting a feeling of total body wellness.

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Beyond an understanding of exercise science, to truly perfect your craft, dive deeper into the skills that separates true Fitness Professionals from Personal Trainers. What are the intangible talents that create results in your clients? What makes your training truly unique? What ultimately gains respect from your colleagues and clients? (Lecture)


Session 4: Lunchtime Session 2


Lunchtime Session: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 12:15-1:15PM.

Learn to extract your training, experience and exercises that have empowered you and use them to create a signature class. Be ready to learn combos that work for you, transitions, cues and strategies to take your instruction and tribe to a new level.

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Discover the secret thousands of instructors have known for over 30 years! Through guided meditation and sensory experience, The Fit Bodies, Inc. team will show you how you can find yourself teaching and vacationing at over 80 luxury all-inclusive resorts across the Caribbean, Central & South America, and Asia.

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HIIT may be here to stay but there are times to HIIT it and then QUIT it! Building your threshold without going breathless is a powerful way to train. Learn methods for creating more variety with your Aerobic intervals and steady aerobic work through thoughtful programming with science to back it up.

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In the last several decades the fitness and diet industries have exploded in size and revenue. Unfortunately the people these industries serve have grown in size with them and have gotten sicker. Something is not working. We need to reawaken our Primal genes. Eat and move like a human. (Lecture)

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Session 5


Balance and gait deficits increase with age and are associated with the increased incidence of falls. Gait is a pattern of limb movements. Balance is maintaining one’s center of gravity. Both gait and balance rely on a complex interplay between the brain, nervous system, sensory organs, and musculoskeletal system. Review protocols to assess and increase strength in the active but aging client.

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This full body strength workout using resistance bands will strengthen your muscles as effectively as traditional weights. Target your entire body–upper, lower and core to enhance coordination, increase muscle endurance and rehab injured fibers. Experience a workout that creatively tones and builds strength without the use of heavy equipment.

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Almost all workouts require good posture and alignment to maximize results while minimizing injury. However, it is difficult to assess our clients and ensure all participants are moving properly. Join our resident expert on posture, alignment and evaluation, Patrick Mummy, as he discusses the best coaching and cueing strategies for alignment and posture and how to do it effectively in personal training and a small group environment.

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One of the most effective ways to hydrate fascia is to move the body in unconventional ways. Learn new programming from the creator of The MESO Method™: she’ll share various multiple-joint-action exercises that will not only get the body heated but will make your BrainSweat with all the coordination training!

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Tap into the unique ways your team wants to ride – ONLY with the Z-power console from Schwinn. Whether it’s RPM, Max HR or FTP – we’ve got a ride for everyone. Build it and they will come. Real results, every time, with your ride or die tribe. Let’s go.

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Let’s create some turbulence to spice up your water aerobics, boot camp, warm water, rehab, and personal training sessions. Explore how the Aqua-Ohm can add resistance to arms and legs and challenge the core. This piece of equipment effortlessly adjusts for size and resistance level. Come check it out!

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Examine why the science behind bioenergetics is the future of health and wellness. In this illuminating and research-based lecture, address how energy and communication flow through the body and why this is crucial to maintaining good health. The BioEnergetIX WellNES System includes a bioenergetic scan for wellness assessments, plus a handheld bioelectric technology and liquid remedies for supporting a rapid return to better health. (Lecture)

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Where exactly do I begin with a brand-new client? How do I train this person with pain? In what order should I place these core exercises? You have questions and doubts. Fitness situations everyday call for common sense. This lecture focuses and strategizes on how-to allow rational thinking to take over. (Lecture)


Session 6


Foam Rolling is not just for flexibility anymore. Integrate exercises perfect to promote mobility, proper posture, integrated strength, and core stability. Learn simple strategies to effectively assess your clients promoting total body conditioning. Utilize traditional foam rollers as well as the new smaller rollers perfect for all demographics.

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Today’s woman needs strength training to be and look lean and healthy. What’s more important, she needs Volume Training, which is a combination of load, tension, frequency, intensity and type to reap the multitude of health benefits from strength training. Learn BEST PRACTICES for strength training women with limited equipment options that can be replicated in home or gym.

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Chronic back pain caused by “tight” hips will undoubtedly stand in the way of your clients achieving their fitness goals. Unhealthy fascia and overactive muscles in this region can affect the quality of movement. Discover the most effective ways to combine foam rollers, therapy balls, and active isolated stretching to minimize pain and improve mobility in the lumbopelvic hip complex.

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Experience a class that intelligently alternates between high-energy cardio kickboxing and muscle strengthening with free weights. Learn the fundamentals first, then, discover how to fuse these two modalities into one KILLER workout!

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Schwinn Indoor Cycling meets Barre in a fusion program that has been taking the country by storm. Amazing cardio combos on the bike flow into elongating, strength-based barre training on the floor using the bikes as barres. Finally, barre students work in the cardio and die-hard cyclists get the flexibility and elongation training their bodies crave.

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Enjoy a tsunami of creativity with these senior-inspired routines. Leave with six (6) 64-count choreography blocks of captivating aqua sequences. Manual dexterity, ankle mobility, balance options, and neuroplasticity games are all integrated to improve your aqua aging programming. Comprehensive choreography handouts enhance your movement mastery. Stay current with purpose!

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Today, more than ever, it is essential to learn how to navigate through the ever growing crisis of youth and adolescent obesity. As fitness professionals we are called to make a positive and life-long impact on the future of our nation. Learn nutrition guidelines and tips to appropriately, gently, yet effectively target this population. (Lecture)

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You’ve heard the statement that keeping a client is less expensive than trying to market and attract a new one. In this session, learn tips and tricks for making your services so valuable, your clients won’t have any desire to leave. In this engaging and enlightening session, explore ideas you can implement immediately to raise the loyalty of your clients and keep your business profitable. (Lecture)