Friday, September 30: 7:30am-8:45am (Session 1)

Increasing functionality is just one of the benefits of offering small group options for aging clients. Discuss not only the science, but the need for socialization, camaraderie, and accountability when training the group. Study how introducing positive competition and even dance movement will enhance results, and address retention. Experience and practice specific joint actions to get you started creating your new branded option.

Training our bodies in all three planes of motion is critical for function and longevity. But are you utilizing all three planes in your planks? Discover how you can make 3D plank training effective and accessible for all fitness levels and leave with a boatload of plank programming ideas.


Review warm up elements beyond elevating core temperature to comprehend essential mobility and stability. Learn two different approaches to warming up your clients: Athletic and Dynamic. Finish by practicing two unique cool downs: Static passive stretching with PNF and self-myofascial release.

Focusing on mental and emotional health is needed now more than ever. In this LaBlast® session, you will experience the healing power of Ballroom Dancing: physically, mentally, and emotionally from the inside out. This session includes weight training, interval training, and stretching.

An extraordinary cycle class is artfully crafted with thoughtful and intentional moments of emotion and excitement delivered with great music and dynamic coaching. Lean into your strengths and the personality of your room to unleash the power of connection. YOU hold the key. Rule yourself and unlock the potential of your room.

Does your rearview need a makeover? Are you looking to create a strong, firm, & toned butt? Learn creative ways to target your lower body muscles and utilize incredibly effective exercises for your group fitness classes.

This workshop will review the basic considerations for using Aqua Dumbbells safely and effectively for a full-body workout. Participants will learn the benefits and challenges for using one vs. two dumbbells, along with various ways to position them allowing for breaks on the upper body (hands, wrists, shoulders). Participants will also have the opportunity to develop some simple combinations to teach to their classes.


Is there anything you can do to impact your metabolism? Can you prevent plateaus in progress? How can you increase your energy level? Learn which factors you can control (this may require a reality check) and which ones you can’t (this may require some acceptance of a new normal). (Lecture)

Learn how to build a Personal Training Program that creates a culture of sales success in your facility. Set the right expectations.  Provide the necessary training and tools. Create accountability with key metric tracking and daily conversations. Most importantly, build value with a word class experience.


Friday, 9:00am-10:15am (Session 2)

Latin rhythms and athletic movements perfectly combine in the most extraordinary, intense, dynamic, and fun group fitness class on the market. Each movement pattern is designed to develop mobility & endurance with emphasis on the CORE. Burn up to 39% more calories than other conventional cardio workouts. It is not dance, not choreography, it’s a LIFESTYLE!

Whether you go heavy or light, overloading the muscles of your upper body is key to experiencing improved strength, movement quality, and the aesthetics your classes and clients desire. Review techniques to challenge your upper body in all directions and all positions. Understand how training your upper body can help you reach total body goals faster.

This creative workshop focuses on yoga postures done with the support of a chair. Seated and Standing work poses are beautifully blended into asanas encompassing a creative strength building and flexibility promoting workout. A union of mind, body, and spirit are at the heart of this program with special attention focused on activities of daily living and the ability to rise, fall, and flow by oneself. Supported by a group of like-minded individuals, this program has far-reaching positive effects on aging exercisers of all shapes and sizes, building communities with a mindful attention to self-awareness.

It’s easy to focus our training on what we see in the mirror, but neglecting the back side of our bodies can lead to imbalance and injury.  Add suspension system and resistance band work to your glute training toolbox for a stronger posterior chain.

HIIT is still a hit! Fusion workouts are still on-trend. This workshop explores ways to give members everything they want in a 30-minute workout that works! Fast, fresh fitness. Are you ready to HIIT it & QUIT it!

Core muscles stabilize best when the hips are in full extension—something that many lack! Learn from the creators of a unique training system called The RAMP Method, on how to fix this through key restoration and body alignment programming—you will activate dormant muscles and reach greater strength!

Let drag, inertia, and resistance positively uncomplicate your world! Use minimal equipment with simple progressions to challenge your students! Power your workouts with what is around you to get clear results without the baggage.

Feasting and Fasting – and everything in between! What does the research show, as far as the various patterns of nutrient timing? How does the thermic effect of food raise our metabolism & for how long? What are the proven benefits of time-restricted feeding  & why do they occur? Get all your questions answered! (Lecture)

Learn different ways to attract top talent to your organization through marketing your positions properly, offering the right benefits, and creating a clear career path. Learn how to keep top talent through awards and recognition, incentives, a fun work environment and most importantly, create success.


Friday, 11:00am-12:15pm (Session 3)

Learn unique and effective exercises to train the core from the inside out. Integrate stability balls and a variety of bands along with weighted body movements, to experience challenging exercises that utilize the hips, abs, back, glutes, and chest. This is truly a workout for 2022!

SOULstrength™ is a creative blend of rhythmic resistance, cardio conditioning, manageable mobility, and core strength exercises set to crazy FUN music. This workshop will take you through a SOULstrength™ class and leave you with actionable tips to create an amazing class experience.
Enjoy an uplifting, dynamic yoga practice focused on freedom and acceptance. Get ready to move, strengthen, and stretch your body and mind without judgment; then finish feeling present and centered tapping into the ease within. Leave behind expectations and open your mind to an inspiring good time!
Do you want to learn how incorporating the fitness pole can bring some “spice” to your workouts while becoming stronger and more flexible? Polga (pole yoga) has over 100 poses that can be done using the vertical barre (fitness pole). This session will introduce you to the “sexier/dancer” side of Polga (pole yoga).

Gloves on. Hands up. Chin down. Time to work! Learn the numbers of each punch, the body position for best reach, and the combinations to make them count. It’s YOU vs. the bag!

Boats, Bands and Battle Ropes: The Rowing and Resistance Training Trilogy™ with SGT Ken® is an extraordinary exercise program that combines the WaterRower, Strength Bands, and Battle Ropes. Come experience rowing and resistance training in a super circuit that will test your strength and charge your spirit like never before! #WaterRowerFitness.

Just another dance fitness program in the water? NO! LaBlast Splash® is Ballroom dancing in the water! This program highlights the aquatic principles put forth by the Aquatic Exercise Association & focuses on creatively applying these principles to Ballroom dancing.

Your clients may have committed to the physical process, but have they committed in the kitchen? Learn how to shift their mindset and inspire behavior changes when it comes to fueling the body. Implement interactive workshops geared around grocery shopping, social influences, sugar, nutrition labels, food prep, and more! Give them the power outside of the gym! (Lecture)

Stretching is an integral part of any exercise program, yet there is immense inconsistency and uncertainty surrounding the practice. Join our panel of experts as they discuss both the art and the science of flexibility training and specific routines that will allow your clients to develop maximal strength gains safely and quickly.


Friday, 12:30pm-1:45pm (Session 4)

Lunchtime Session 1: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 1:45PM-2:45PM.

This class begins with simple but effective steady state cardio work to increase heart rate and movement in all three planes. We will continue the workout using resistance tubing to strengthen the core with functional movement patterns challenging balance and integrated body coordination for overall body training. Of course, no workout would be complete without a time of stretch and relaxation to reset the mind and body. Come join us and take away ideas to incorporate into your very next resistance band workout.

Discover the secret thousands of instructors have known for over 30 years! The Fit Bodies, Inc. team will immerse you in a guided meditation and sensory experience and show you how you can find yourself teaching and vacationing at over 80 luxury all-inclusive resorts across the Caribbean, Central & South America, and Asia.

Are you looking for stronger, toned & sculpted arms? Join Mac & discover creative ways to target upper body muscles and show your arms some love! Leave this session armed with everything you need for your group exercise classes or personal training clients.

Though most American seniors are active, vibrant, and live independently, many fitness professionals treat them as if they are frail. Learn from our active aging experts how to conduct fitness assessments for seniors, and design programming to increase strength, power, balance, agility, and speed.


Friday, 1:15pm-2:30pm (Session 4)

Lunchtime Session 2: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 12:15PM-1:15PM.

Many strength training classes use a variety of props and equipment. This total body conditioning class incorporates the bare minimum yet creates incredible results. New instructors will take home a strong coaching baseline complete with progressions for every fitness level.

Learn how to analyze gait and stance while reviewing the anatomy and joints of the feet.  Define a healthy foot – flexibility, articulation, strength, strong arches and creative movement. Address what equipment to incorporate and how to integrate various effective exercises into your Pilates programs, your personal training and your group exercise classes of all kinds.

Rhythm rides don’t need smoke and mirrors or unnecessary distractions. It is time to stop the madness. Discover how to capture and captivate your riders the RIGHT way. Learn how to program a Rhythm Ride to create a magical, memorable workout that gets REAL results.

Keeping Tabata simple with foundational moves that can become more challenging in the pool using the water’s properties! 8 rounds means 8 chances for progressions! No equipment other than one’s own body needed to get a booty-kicking workout! Come to play and teach it the next day!

Is a calorie truly a calorie? Not in the presence of hormones! What five hormones play a major role in the body’s metabolic pathways & how can we maximize (or minimize) these hormones? Get the low down on these lipolytic hormones to start dropping fat stores. (Lecture)


Friday, 2:45pm-4:00pm (Session 5)

This land-based session utilizes an evidence-based approach containing dynamic, static, and somatosensory exercises to address balance dysfunction in the older adult population. Learn how to incorporate functional movement patterns into your programming and improve the mobility, strength, and balance of your aging clients.

The ability to coach core stability beyond expectation will bring you, as a fitness professional, one step closer to aligning concepts and applications. In this session, learn coaching concepts specifically designed to stabilize the spine in a scalable coaching mode.

Ever wish you loved yoga? WARRIOR Rhythm™ is the bridge between classic group exercise and traditional yoga. With its rebel vibe, edgy playlists, and unconventional flows, this format will rock your world! Intertwine mindfulness, yoga, weightlifting, and HIIT training into an extraordinary experience. We are where woo-woo meets WAAHOOOOO!

Amp “it” Up. Barre Bang explodes with new ideas on how to add challenges to your barre classes. Understand the principles that drive intensity and simple strategies to push the limits of your participants.  Want to add  speed, power and greater range of motion?  Discover the most effective places in your workout to add these elements, and how to progress the moves for all of your students.

Time to bring out the inner warrior in your students. Create a hybrid format of boxing & kickboxing moves to sculpt, build confidence, and increase their mental focus to unleash the Champion within them!

Dynamic flexibility is a great add-on to strength training to sculpt a lean, toned physique with improved range of motion. Learn the science of dynamic stretching, experience a flexible strength workout, and walk away prepared to leave all your classes strengthened, lengthened, better aligned, and breathing more optimally.

WATERinMOTION® Strength takes advantage of the aqua environment to build muscular endurance, power, and overall tone in a 45-minute workout using aqua dumbbells. Combine the unique properties of water to build lean muscle through the creative use of drag, resistance, and buoyancy. Water minimizes the strain of gravity on the joints and ligaments to prevent overuse of the muscles while enhancing recovery time and improving flexibility and power. Experience WATERinMOTION®’s unique choreographed formula to keep your training fresh, new, and challenging.

What’s more important, calories, macros, or the nutrient profile of foods? Can you make any impact on where fat tissue loss occurs? Is weight maintenance really a numbers game, or is there more to it? Are some people just unable to manage their weight? Find out in this session! (Lecture)

The most profitable clients are the ones that can afford to pay, stay for years and refer their friends who can pay even more! You need more Boomers and Seniors training in your clubs in small groups and 1-1. They have a huge need for training and a huge ability to pay, the time to commit regularly & really are the best clients in every way!


Friday, 4:30pm-5:45pm (Session 6)

Grown-up Resistance/Intensity Training is the center focus! Learn programming secrets for periodization and modifications to improve muscular tone and body composition. Discover the true “GRIT” of active agers in this must-attend session for those who train, coach or instruct seniors.

Engaging the core correctly is essential in every workout, but getting people to “get it” is hard. Drawing on the latest science and best practices from fitness, Pilates, and yoga, this workshop equips you with strategies, exercises, and cues to coach your students to discover their core for maximum impact.

Fill your soul in this Vinyasa Yoga class that flows gracefully and rhythmically from posture to pose with the greatest hits of Motown as our guide. Focus on pose exploration while we blissfully drift through a journey of transformation and development. Leave with 15 seamless yoga sequences and music inspiration to rejuvenate and invigorate your classic vinyasa sessions.
Strike! is a fierce, full-body interval workout that blends traditional kickboxing combinations with controlled weight-bearing strikes and blocks using a weighted bar & inspired by martial arts stick fighting. This class is strategically delivered in “rounds”, creating a non-stop flow of energy and sweat. This is NOT your typical kickboxing class!

When you are with your tribe, you will ride ANY stage, drill with them, or die trying. Learn techniques to get into your riders’ heads, pushing them further than they thought possible. Understand the importance of creating that connection, not only to the work, but to each other, to harness the power of a team. You can be strong alone, but you will be stronger together.


This class will guide participants as they learn how to improve strength, endurance, and enhance overall fitness in an exciting and dynamic training environment.

This session focuses on three aquatic training modalities for total body conditioning, utilizing the physical properties of the water, as well as the intensity and directional variations to achieve optimal client outcomes. Learn each move, progression, and method, to safely increase intensity to strengthen the entire body.

Come together to explore controversial research, ask questions, and discover cutting edge options in food and nutrition. Hear from these nutrition experts on how and why they choose to eat the way they do. Leave “feeling full” of ways to make smarter choices when it comes to fueling your body. (Lecture)

Many fitness assessments are simply not designed with the 75-year-old person in mind, or someone with a joint replacement, or even a young person with a functional limitation. Learn a variety of evaluation tools  perfect for your facility, club, studio, or client. Take away multiple ways to appraise, gauge and design programs for all levels of functional abilities.


Friday, 6:00pm-7:00pm (Session 7)

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Using foam rollers, balls, and massage sticks explore the various ways to experience the best in myofascial release.  Recovery for you and your clients is available using simple, inexpensive and portable equipment.  Leave with new ideas and techniques to implement with your clients and classes.