Saturday – September 30, 2023


Session 1


Explore 10 unique and effective body exercises that work well for all clients no matter their age or fitness level. Examine regressions and progressions for each application. Leave the session with a greater appreciation for the magic of using body weight exercises.

This full body strength workout using resistance bands will strengthen your muscles as effectively as traditional weights. Target your entire body–upper, lower and core to enhance coordination, increase muscle endurance and rehab injured fibers. Experience a workout that creatively tones and builds strength without the use of heavy equipment.

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Debuting at MANIA®, this brand-new, all-inclusive workout combines everything you need – cardio, strength, and mobility – in less than one hour, so you can get back to being the CEO of your busy life. Start with WERQ cardio dance, followed by resistance training, core work, and stretching. Leave feeling accomplished, centered, and ready for anything!

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Move like a beauty while going full beast mode with Yoga Power Bar! Two worlds collide with creative yoga flows mixed with force and power! Elements in this session will include stretching, strengthening, core work, and more! 

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The peaks of training get all the attention – we continue to tweak the ‘work’ to be more challenging and effective, often overlooking the important part our ‘valleys’ play in ‘prescribing’ programs for our riders. Understanding how the fuel you choose, flexibility and strength training you do, and sub-anaerobic work you challenge yourself with can enhance performance will help you, and your students, be fitter, faster and healthier. Learn the secrets to dialing in effective recovery strategies both inside and outside the cycling studio. Review the research you need, resources you’ll reference, and rides you’ll relish to give your riders just what the doctor ordered.

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Enjoy this bootcamp program filled with power and energy to give your aqua program a boost. Stand at attention and watch your creativity soar. Try some fun, new obstacle courses in the pool, and leave with 6 new routines to keep your members coming back again and again.

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The FITT formula (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type) has transformed over the years yet continues to be the foundation of creating exercise programs. In this interactive session give your programming a refresh by working through new aspects of the FITT formula and how to put it into practice. (Lecture)

This lecture will teach fitness professionals a tangible framework for developing strong, trusting, and collaborative relationships with physicians. Through using a very specific model that operationalizes the know, like, and trust framework fitness pros can build lasting relationships with doctors & wellness professionals.

The core is vital for spinal stabilization and the transfer of movements from the limbs. Discover how the core is supposed to function, the methods of function, and how to train your body to have the strongest, most impressive core of your life.

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Light up every muscle with this core-forward Pilates class that sets traditional moves to today’s rhythms, adding energy and excitement. Through the use of continuous choreography, electrify your burn, strength, and flexibility. Join this total-body sculpting class that blends lightweight training, Pilates, and core strengthening exercise.

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Aqua Yoga is an accessible practice that supports your body and your soul. This session will review asanas (poses), breathwork (pranayama), and creative ways to bring this practice into the water. Whether you are adding aqua yoga to existing classes or creating a program to bring in new clients, consider rooting your Tree Pose in the pool.

Learn how to build a Personal Training Program that creates a culture of sales success in your facility. Set the right expectations. Provide the necessary training and tools. Create accountability with key metric tracking and daily conversations. Most importantly, build value with a word class experience.

Session 2 – Keynote Address


When it comes to repetitive stress and chronic pain, group fitness instructors and personal trainers aren’t positioned to be the first line of defense for those seeking help. This lecture will explain why the current ‘reactive’ healthcare system does not focus on preventative programs, and why the push for group exercise and personal trainer intervention is paramount to changing the system. 


Session 3


The Stability Ball Workout is multidimensional training that incorporates stability, improves balance & flexibility and strengthens the core to enhance total body training. This is a versatile, effective and FUN workout, exercising all the major and supportive muscle groups with a focus on proper form and execution. Let’s explore new exercises and drills that will keep you and your clients ahead of the rest in functional training.

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Indoor walking can be such a convenient and functional way to get fit at any age. Learn ways to coach your students through various walking patterns, tempos, brain engagement, and fun. Take home ways on how to implement a walking class for function and profitability. 

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LaBlast® is a partner-free program created by world-renowned dancer Louis van Amstel (from Dancing with the Stars). Leave your heart on the floor with a diverse mix of famous ballroom dances set to your favorite music. Jive, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Country, Lindy & even Hip Hop – integrate them into your current class or explore a whole new fitness format! 

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Discover great myofascial active recovery techniques in this Happy Muscles! 365 workshop. Learn guided muscle care and stretching techniques for all ages using best-in-class Tiger Tail massage sticks and balls. Improve flexibility, mobility, and ROM, as well as reduce muscle knots, aches, and pains while using these affordable, portable and FUN stretch-recovery tools.

Where did you get that song! Schwinn has the secrets to sourcing music for playlists that rock every ride. Learn where to find the tunes and uncover new apps and programs to remix and customize your own tracks. Become your own mixologist and discover the recipe for savvy playlists. 

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Take advantage of aqua dumbbells to build muscular endurance, power, and overall tone. Build lean muscle through the creative use of drag, resistance, and buoyancy by using just one aqua dumbbell or both dumbbells enmeshed, or as under-arm flotation devices. Recharge, refresh and revive your water workouts using hand buoys like never before.

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Do we eat too much protein in the US, or too little? How much is needed? What happens if you don’t get enough, or get too much? What are the best food sources? What if you’re vegetarian? Get your questions answered about this essential macronutrient by our Registered Dietitian. (Lecture)

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If you want to create a name and following for yourself, you need to stand out on social media, and that can be difficult. In this course you will learn the 4 simple steps for standing out so you can enroll more clients, make more money, and have a larger impact! This session is perfect for both instructors, personal trainers, and studio owners and managers. 

This workshop will give group fitness instructors specific exercises to strengthen the hips and thighs using bands. Learn how to add variety and FUNction to target the large, as well as small, intrinsic muscles. Learn the science behind concentric and eccentric loading, and why the band contributes to eccentric loading.

Immerse yourself in the seamless integration of Tai Chi and another captivating movement practice in our fusion classes. Experience the harmonious flow where the boundaries between modalities become indistinguishable within the choreography. Discover the empowering synergy of Tai Chi and weights in our invigorating Iron Fusion class. Join us for a transformative journey that transcends traditional boundaries and unlocks new dimensions of fitness. 

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This workshop focuses on the benefits of EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) and its role in high intensity interval training (HIIT). In this creative, fun and challenging session, explore the value of HIIT for all populations, even seniors!

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Stretching is an integral part of any exercise program, yet there is immense inconsistency and uncertainty surrounding the practice. Join our panel of experts as they discuss both the art and the science of flexibility training and specific routines that will allow your clients to develop maximal strength gains safely and quickly.

Session 4: Lunchtime Session 1


Lunchtime Session: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 1:45-2:45PM.

What is missing from your client’s programming is a solid power-based leg circuit. Explore the principles of using power to develop leg circuit programming. From body weight, to plyometrics and a few other modalities in between, we will give your clients the best leg workout ever!

Experience the best techniques used to train for power and performance for the ever-growing sport of Pickleball. This incredibly creative strength-focused tubing workout uses effective and manageable resistance techniques. Enhance speed, increase endurance, and decrease the risk of injury. Hit the ball harder. Chase the ball faster. Enjoy the sport longer. This pickleball press program ensures your clients will compete at the highest level.

One of the most effective ways to hydrate fascia is to move the body in unconventional ways. Learn new programming from the creator of The MESO Method™: she’ll share various multiple-joint-action exercises that will not only get the body heated, but will make your BrainSweat with all the coordination training!


Utilize physics as it pertains to musculoskeletal compensations and pain planes of motion to get your clients proactive and compliant with corrective exercises. Employ postural analysis pre and post-workout to reinforce healthy daily habits, and ultimately increase athletic performance. (Lecture) 

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Unleash the warrior spirit within your clients as they embark on a transformative journey. Fuse the power of boxing and kickboxing in a dynamic hybrid format that ignites their inner strength. Seamlessly transition to sculpting exercises that build confidence and enhance mental focus. Empower your clients to embrace their inner champion and unleash their full potential!

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Fill your soul in this Vinyasa Yoga class, perfect for beginners and active agers. Flow gracefully and rhythmically from pose to pose, with the greatest hits of Motown and other popular music as our guide. Focus on posture exploration while we blissfully drift through a journey of transformation and development. Leave feeling restored and rejuvenated while integrating strength and flexibility.

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Session 4: Lunchtime Session 2


Lunchtime Session: If you choose this session, your lunch & expo break will be 12:15-1:15PM. 

Flexibility allows us to move freely in our daily life. What’s more, a balance of mobility and stability in each joint helps prevent injury. In this hands-on session, review the science of “contract-relax” stretching. Experience multiple one-on-one stretching exercises and leave with a proven technique and system to grow your business and help your clients move better and smarter.

HIIT may be here to stay but there are times to HIIT it and then QUIT it! Building your threshold without going breathless is a powerful way to train. Learn methods for creating more variety with your Aerobic intervals and steady aerobic work through thoughtful programming with science to back it up.

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Whether it’s a twinge from over-exercising, a post-injury recovery, or arthritis wear and tear, troublesome knees and hips don’t have to stand between you and your aqua exercise. In this session, learn practical modifications to implement into your aqua instruction to reduce pain. Then enjoy a powerful WATERinMOTION-inspired workout focused exclusively on you lower extremities and particularly your beautiful buoyant bootie!

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Join Bob, “The Green Thumb” at making money, as he reviews 15 of the 22 DNA components that will help you establish, strengthen, and grow your fitness business. By using “Real Life” Case Studies, review cost-effective and results-driven strategies that will increase your income and reinforce the value of your business.

Consider the aquatic environment for finding new and challenging ways to mix up your 1:1 training sessions. Adding water to a strength or HIIT workout can provide different challenges by dialing down the impact of moves without decreasing the intensity. The H2O serves as resistance training and cardio challenges without the DOMS or the impact.

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Maximize your business’s profitability by attracting clients who possess the ideal combination of financial stability, long-term commitment, and strong referral potential. Targeting Boomers and Seniors for small group and one-on-one training in your clubs is the key. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with the best clients who bring value to your fitness community.

Session 5


Your core muscles are an amazing team of skeletal muscle tissue that prevents injury and amplifies performance. In this unique workout, experience blocks of fun, energetic, and dynamic exercises that heavily utilize core conditioning. Enhance speed, power, and agility while minimizing risk to the spine. Designed for the general population, this workout is the ideal opportunity to practice programming that can set you apart.

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Staying functional is a key component of living a full life. Learn techniques and programming for your 50+ clients that will provide a challenging workout that makes them strong, stable, and able to perform daily tasks with ease. Explore a variety of equipment that provide options for unique exercises perfect for PT and GX.

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WARRIOR Combat is boxing inspired, powerful, and fierce. It is for everybody and every BODY. WARRIOR Combat has two 30-minute sections. These sections are distinguished by timed intervals and moves synchronized to music. Both include boxing combinations, HIIT training, total body conditioning, and strength. Have a set of dumbbells handy and get ready to feel like a confident badass.

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Almost all workouts require good posture and alignment to maximize results while minimizing injury. However, it is difficult to assess our clients and ensure all participants are moving properly. Join our resident expert on posture, alignment and evaluation, Patrick Mummy, as he discusses the best coaching and cueing strategies for alignment and posture and how to do it effectively in personal training and a small group environment. Want more? Check out the Online Symmetry Cert HERE.

Schwinn® believes in authentic cycling & coaching. When instructors combine that with an unapologetic sense of self, a powerful purpose steps into the light. Your personal truth, combined with moments of elevation, create magical workouts that get results. Are you ready to ROAR into your next ride?

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Utilizing the natural support and resistance of the water is key to relieving stiffness, inflammation and stress associated with chronic conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Experience innovative, gentle movement patterns to enrich and free the body of pain while promoting a feeling of total body wellness. 

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So much of the weight loss world is focused on avoidance and restriction. Instead of focusing on what not to eat, learn about the top foods to help with overall weight management and how to flavor and spice your
food to aid fat burning and stimulate weight loss. (Lecture)

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Learn the secrets to creating a personal training business that truly stands out! Join this empowering presentation where personal trainers uncover their authentic selves, conquer fears and self-doubt, and confidently attract ideal clients for six-figure success. Become THE go-to expert to bring the business to you!  

While HIIT workouts are loved by many, it’s crucial to prioritize recovery alongside intense effort. Slow down and let your body recharge and restore. Embrace the power of the L.I.S.S. (LOW INTENSITY STEADY STATE) protocol to enhance the advantages of HIIT. SL@T, an easily instructible class, blends various muscle conditioning and cardio exercises to support participants in achieving the transformative results they desire.

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In this workshop, address the best way to protect the shoulder which is one of the most frequently injured and complex joint systems in the body. Delve into why and how to train the shoulders for maximum strength and flexibility avoiding injury and accelerating performance.

Rev up your Aqua Fitness with Aqua Booty Camp! This athletic, dance inspired session focuses on all areas of the glutes. We will combine toning, cardio and lengthening exercises in distinct sequences to sculpt and shape the booty. Athletes, dancers, and everyone looking for a good time will love this class!

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Unlock the secrets to building a thriving hybrid fitness business. Discover how to harness the power of technology, marketing strategies, and community engagement to propel your gym, studio, or fitness venture to new heights. By offering both in-person and online classes, you’ll create a winning formula for business success.

Session 6


Coaches, are you ready to challenge your clients with advanced but effective core training dynamics? In this workshop, learn how to target the core without doing a single crunch and take your client’s core training into a higher gear!

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Plyometric and power exercises are not just for athletes, but for all clientele. Learn how to modify traditional plyometric and power exercises for safety and effectiveness in all clientele. The presentation will include variations for all ability levels and provide guidance on implementation and application.

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All hail the king of athletic performance! The glutes are finally getting their well-deserved place in the gym, despite our quad-driven fitness world. From glute activation, isolation and enhancement to correction, strength, power, and hypertrophy, you will learn the best exercises for all clients and goals.

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The ankle joint is one of the most injured parts of the body. Most people who sprain their ankle never give it the attention it needs to recover. Explore simple (and quick) assessments, along with corrective exercises and integrated programming to ensure our clients recover from ankle issues.

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Tap into the unique ways your team wants to ride – ONLY with the Z-power console from Schwinn. Whether it’s RPM, Max HR or FTP – we’ve got a ride for everyone. Build it and they will come. Real results, every time, with your ride or die tribe. Let’s go.

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Work one-on-one with athletes of any level in the pool. Using both vertical and horizontal aqua fitness, create appropriate progressions in intensity, complexity, and movement suitable for every conditioning level. From moms to marathoners, create sports-specific workouts using buoyancy, sequencing, and the physical aspects of training and conditioning. Get your feet wet in pool personal training.

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Power, the ability to produce strength with speed, is the most important muscular attribute for functional capacity. Power is also the muscular ability that declines most quickly with age and poses the greatest threat to longevity and independence. Learn a science-based framework to develop power safely and effectively in aging adults. (Lecture)  Want more? Check out the Online Active Aging Cert HERE.

Stop selling to create today’s culture, community, and camaraderie. Learn from a seasoned club owner how to endure business challenges and survive as a business with aggressive retention numbers and a unique community of loyal clients.


Training our bodies in all three planes of motion is critical for function and longevity. But, are you utilizing all three planes in your planks? Discover how to make 3D plank training effective and accessible for all fitness levels, and leave with a boatload of plank programming ideas.

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Real-life happens from all angles & we move to and from every angle possible as we overcome activities of daily living. Regain awareness, re-ignite your Pilates practice, & learn how to apply the six basic Pilates principles for core stability/mobility that will move you from the mat to anywhere you need to go. Feel more dynamic, powerful, and strong.

Focus on glute-specific training in the aquatic environment to build muscular endurance and strength. Using all three planes of motion in innovative and unique routines, leave this novel session with new choreography and exciting options. Discuss progressions and regressions for all students and build the backside of the body. Discover how you can train cheeks for weeks n’ weeks!

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There’s never been a more direct path than now to leverage and merge fitness knowledge with social media avenues, in hopes of attracting customer lead generation. During this informative lecture, we’ll demonstrate how to maximize digital highways to client conversion.