EXCLUSIVE TO NYC MANIA®! DANCE AFTER DARK will exceed all expectations! Join us for this exhilarating event featuring master classes and inspiration from NYC’s most talented choreographers and influencers,as well as a community to engage with one another. Each attendee will feel motivated, educated, and empowered to find their artistic self, leaving them with an unforgettable experience and thirst for more.


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HIP HOP ReDefined with Allison Lilly

Allison brings her industry style hip hop class from North Carolina! “Hip Hop ReDefined” is a performance class, created by Allison, that includes choreography paired with hits from the hottest playlists. The emphasis of this class focuses on FUN! Bring your fierce attitude and get ready to work that dance floor like you own it… Because you do!

Allison is a lead choreographer for NC Dance District, a Master Fitness Instructor at the YMCA in Charlotte NC and a national presenter. She has recently been featured in several ShaunT IG videos, on Shaun T’s podcast, and assisted as a backup dancer for ShaunT. Allison presents and manages the stage for NC Fitness Expo, has presented at ECA Fitness conventions and choreographs/performs for NC Dance District Project Full Out Choreographer Showcase. Allison is also certified in cycle, pilates, CIZE, and deep water athletic conditioning.

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URBAN HIP-HOP with Anthony Rue II aka ‘ANTBOOGIE’

Personal style and expression is all you will need in this signature hip-hop class. Urban Hip-hop brings a combination of street-style dance with musicality that explores different rhythms and beats.  This is your chance to perfect your moves while having fun!

‘AntBoogie’ was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and graduated from Laguardia High School of the Performing Arts. While excelling in classically trained dance, his mom exposed him to funk, soul, and the rise of Hip-Hop music. His credits include: collaborations with Madonna, Jay-Z , P.Diddy, Omarion, Alicia Keys, Mario, 3LW , and Ryan Leslie. Movie credits include: Honey, Dream Girls, Walk Hard, and Notorious B.I.G. In 2012 he launched Urban Dance League (UDL), a professional sports league of organized street-dance competitions and showcases.

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DANCEHALL FIT with Jason Facey

A Revolutionary workout experience that connects participants to the sound of the latest Dancehall music. Dancehall is a high energy, up-tempo, groovy style of dance originating from the beautiful island of Jamaica.

Jason is a Jamaican born industry dancer, and social media influencer. He works with some of the music industry’s top acts including Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Pharell, Chris Brown and Major Lazer. He is the brand ambassador and founder of lifestyle brand I’m So FACEY (Faithfully Accomplishing Challenges Every Year) which offers hope and motivation through fitness from young millennial and beyond. Jason is managed by IBMG365 Talent, a division of Icons Brand Management Group LLC., and represented by Commercial Dance by BlocTalent.

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Calvin presents a “special edition”of his masterclass experience that will evoke renewed life for 2019!!! Not to be missed and promises to be EVERRRY THING!!!
A dance-fitness masterclass experience that activates your groove by engaging your mind, body and soul. Discover an excellent opportunity to increase your movement vocabulary while learning about the future of cardio dance!

Calvin is a consummate international fitness professional, an award-winning aerobic competitor and dance phenomenon with over fifteen years of experience and recognition. He is known for his unique and provocative style of teaching and motivating others. Calvin not only breaks new ground with his dynamic choreography, but he’s a pacesetter for the fitness and dance industries. Calvin is also the Founder and Artist Director of Calvin Wiley Dance Theater (CWDT), a concert and commercial performance group based out of NYC.

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DIVA DELIGHT with Frida Persson
Leave your inhibitions at the door! It’s time to strut your stuff and advance your prance. This sexy, sassy, and flirty class will be sure to get your heart pumping! High-energy combines with smooth moves that will no doubt bring out your inner DIVA! All Attitudes Welcome!

Frida is originally from Sweden and has been living in New York City for the past six years, working as a dancer and choreographer. Recent bookings include: dancer in Jennifer Hudson’s music video “Go All Night’’, Radio city music hall with Hip Hop Extravaganza show, choreographing for Jenn Bocian’s live show and music video “We Will Always Have New York”. She was also the Lead Choreographer for Gothia Youth World Cup Opening Ceremony. Her motto is, “if there is no way, I will make one”.

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KICKIN’ IT OLD SCHOOL with Jordan Washington
Throwing it way back to the 90’s, Jordan will take you through fresh styles and fly moves that will leave you wanting more! Combining classic grooves with high energy choreography, this master class will bring out your true pop-star status. Get ready to take your Running Man to whole new level!

Jordan is an international CHOREOGRAPHER and DANCER and has been a former core stepper for the legendary BLACK ICE step company, an entertainer and a soul movement enthusiast. Recent credits include: ARIANA GRANDE, LENNY KRAVITZ, JANELLE MONAE, SEAN PAUL, DIVINE BROWN, CANADIAN IDOL’S EVA AVILA & GARY BEALS, motion pictures “SISTERS”, and “HOW SHE MOVE”. Jordan’s knowledge and ear for music, complimented by his diligent practice and persona, has made way for him to provide vital service to the underserved dance community nationwide.

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$79 one night / $139 two nights
$59 one night / $99 two nights (MANIA® Attendees)


Questions? Email us at danceafterdarknyc@gmail.com