We are excited to be back in NYC!

As I write this letter, preparing for NYC MANIA®, I appreciate our SCW staff, our new home office and our fitness community more than ever.

This past summer, our office was completely burned down in an electrical fire. Our “home base” that we have inhabited for over a decade was destroyed overnight. While our SCW team has faced many challenges over these past 34 years in business, nothing that has compared with the devastation and ongoing repercussions of this fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt and my amazing team inspired me with how they rose to the challenge to keep this SCW MANIA® Machine running!

Our summer was supposed to be a reflective time of the year where we gear up for our fall shows. We should have been reviewing systems, re-organizing our warehouse and setting targets for our upcoming year. This summer instead of this calm business review, our months of June and July were spent sifting through over three decades of memorabilia and boxes of paper while scrubbing, sanitizing and replacing equipment. We continued to reorganize, review and repackage crates of documents, while spending the better half of July, August and September decorating and arranging a new office and warehouse and starting over with better systems and strategies. The task of compiling and replacing items lost in the fire remains never-ending.

It takes losing so much to realize what is important in life.

I am eternally grateful to my incredible, hard-working staff. We are the oddest bunch of individuals that call each other family (thank goodness with no genetic relations!)
And all of us are sincerely grateful for YOU, our clients, our members and our team. I appreciate how YOU have grown with SCW, and with me. Thank you for banding together to embrace change in building a stronger and healthier nation. Whether you have been with us thirty years or simply plan on joining us for three days, we wouldn’t be here without YOU and your tremendous support!

Thank you!

In Health and Wellness,


Sara Kooperman, JD
CEO, SCW Fitness Education