Recorded from SCW Certification Smash 2023

Falling, at any age, can cause serious problems such as fractures, bruises, joint damage, concussions, and more. As fitness professionals, we often focus on improving muscle strength, flexibility, and balance, but fail to teach our clients how to identify potential fall risks around the house and beyond or how to react and recover from a fall? This course provides fitness professionals with the knowledge to help clients reduce the risk for falls through various fall prevention best-practices, techniques, exercises and more. Learn to identify and implement assessments to test balance. Understand how to develop a clear baseline to serve as the foundation of a safe and effective fall prevention exercise program. This course is the first step to helping your clients reduce falls and live independently! Certification includes practical training, comprehensive manual, and online examination.

CEC/CEUS: SCW (4.0), ACE (0.4), NASM (0.4), AFAA (4.0)