SCW Spotlite: Issue 42

January 14, 2022
Enjoy the monthly buzz about all things fitness. Fitness Pros are always on the go, so we’ll leave the “Lite” on!

The Evolution of Fit Pros: Fighting Chronic Disease

by Christine M. Conti, MEd

It’s time for the fitness industry to evolve! According to the Center for Disease Control, 6 in 10 adults suffer from at least one chronic disease while 1 in 4 adults suffer from multiple chronic diseases. In fact, chronic diseases such as: heart disease, cancer, chronic lung disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease are the leading causes of death and disability and the leading drivers of the nation’s $3.8 trillion in annual health care costs. Let that sink in!

According to the Mayo Clinic, if you have a chronic condition, regular exercise will not only reduce the chance of developing the disease, but also manage symptoms and improve overall health.

  • Aerobic exercise can help improve your heart health and endurance and aid in weight loss. High-intensity interval training is generally safe and effective for most people and can take less time. In high-intensity interval training, you alternate exercising at high levels of intensity and exercising at a less intense level for short periods of time. Even activities such as walking at higher intensities count.
  • Strength training can improve muscle strength and endurance, make it easier to do daily activities, slow disease-related declines in muscle strength, and provide stability to joints.
  • Flexibility exercises may help you to have optimal range of motion about your joints, so they can function best, and stability exercises may help reduce the risk of falls.

As fitness professionals, it is time to acknowledge and address the fact that many of our clients fall into these categories. Therefore, it is up to us to learn how to embrace this growing demographic rather than shying away from those suffering. As the number of comorbidities is on the rise, the demand for highly qualified fitness professionals to work with this type of client safely and effectively is skyrocketing. For this is the future of fitness.

However, to truly evolve, the fitness industry must revisit the requirements for fitness professionals to work with clients who suffer with comorbidities.  For example, a personal trainer who completes a basic certification course will not have an in-depth understanding of how to work with a client recovering from a stroke, fighting breast cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and more. This demographic is not concerned about the number on a scale, lowering their BMI, lifting heavier weights, or the size of their clothing.  Instead, they are looking for relief from chronic pain, seeking improved balance and flexibility, and trying to maintain muscle mass needed to function independently.

The time is now for the fitness industry to come together and up level their education and learn the tools needed to help reduce chronic disease, decrease symptoms, and improve the quality of our clients lives. While we don’t have the ability to add years to our client’s lives, we do have the ability to add quality to their years with the proper exercise guidance. Go ahead and take the steps needed to create a world where people with chronic diseases have the resources needed to live a more healthy, happy, and productive life while meeting the challenges faced with a chronic disease diagnosis. The world needs you!

  1. Identify your niche
  2. Research Medically Reviewed Chronic Disease Specialization Courses
  3. (SCW Chronic Disease & Fitness Specialist Certification offered live at DC MANIA®, February 25-27 or you can purchase the online version and learn from the comfort of your own home.)
  4. Enroll and Complete the Course
  5. Market your NEW Certification to your area/the world!
  6. Grow your business and increase clients within your niche!
  7. Never miss another opportunity to work with clients with chronic diseases!

Author, Christine M. Conti, MEd

Christine is a medical fitness and arthritis fitness specialist. She is the MedFit Network Director of Memberships and Community Outreach and serves on the Education Advisory Board. She was named Medical Fitness Trainer of the Year for Burn Along in 2021 and was the MedFit Network Professional of the Year Runner-up for 2021. Christine co-hosts the MFN Podcast and MFEF Webinar Series and is the author of various courses such as the SCW Chronic Disease Specialist Certification, the Arthritis Fitness Specialist, the Eating Disorders: What Fitness Professionals Need To Know, and the Orthopedic Fitness Specialist Course through MedFit. She is an internationally accredited fitness educator, speaker, author, consultant, and CEO of Conti Fitness & Wellness, LLC. She is a former investment banker, English teacher, coach, and 20-year veteran in the industry. She specializes in working with special populations and certifies instructors in her program, Let’s FACE It Together™ Facial Exercise and Rehabilitation. Christine is also the co-founder of FallPROOF™ Fall Prevention and the co-host of Two Fit Crazies & A Microphone Podcast as well as COO of TFC Productions, LLC. She is an autoimmune disease warrior, ultra-endurance athlete and IRONMAN and her signature book, SPLIT-SECOND COURAGE, will be released in January 2022.

An Open Window into the New Year

by Sara Kooperman, JD

With 2021 now in the history books, now is the time to reflect and embrace the full potential of the new year. While the past 12 months presented some of the most difficult challenges the fitness industry has ever faced; more gym closures, fiercer cleanliness demands, and the rise of hybrid fitness platforms- it’s also created unique opportunities for growth and innovation.

Ongoing COVID waves forced us to take a deep look at not only how we exercise but why; creating an overall shift in the approach of health and wellness. While home gyms and digital workout platforms are here to stay, consumer behaviors will continue to shape the industry’s landscape. Let’s look forward to 2022 and break down some of the top fitness trends gracing our fitness world.

Functional / Strength Training

The pandemic has permanently altered the consumer approach to health and exactly how it is defined. More people plan to focus on functional daily movement, low impact exercise, and effective workouts, causing strength and functional training to continue as a fitness trend. As most individuals are focusing on building immunities and training for activities of daily living, strength training will be the new barre training of 2019.

Mind-Body/Mental Health

New year wellness tendencies will likely continue to emphasize holistic fitness programs. Countless mandates, financial stresses, and general effects from living through a pandemic have caused a surge in the focus on mental health. As more people search for ways to ease stress and anxiety, practices such as meditation, tai chi and yoga will continue to be popular.

Active Aging Programming

Gyms, Boutique Studios, and Wellness Facilities all have one 2022 focus: how to financially stay in business.  Catering to the members and clients, especially the 50+ population, is a guaranteed winner.  Active Agers have the time, money, and desire to stay healthy and mobile.  They want to enjoy retirement and spend time with the grandkids.  Programs and classes geared to daily activity and movement, along with strengthening muscles to improve quality of life draws in the crowds.  Chair fitness and active aging programming are HOT in the new year.  New exercise programs, like S.E.A.T. Fitness (Seated Exercise for Ageless Training) offers the opportunity to have fun and get stronger (both physically & mentally.)

Aquatic Exercise

Exercising in an aquatic environment offers a comfortable, social atmosphere along with the advantages of the water’s resistance and buoyancy.  The pool can be an expensive piece of equipment to maintain and having new specialized programming, like WATERinMOTION® Strength, not only draws in the excitement factor, but utilizes prime real estate in your facility. Think about the benefits of strength training in your pool with Aqua Dumbbells and Aqua Noodles. Since the CDC finds that chlorinated pools have six times (6x) the potency needed to kill the coronavirus (along with other viruses and bacteria,) it is pulling in people to exercise in this safe environment, perfect for active agers and younger participants alike.


Immune system support has created a lot of buzz regarding the COVID fight and will continue as an added regimen to stay healthy into the new year. Not only are consumers focusing on building stronger bones and muscles, but on the internal body system for life longevity and nutritious eating habits.  Popular, “get skinny quick” diets will be left in the past while consumers make food choices that protect their bodies and the environment; selecting produce grown through sustainable agricultural practices, as well as vitamins and supplements to boost motivation and mood, support energy, and decrease fatigue.

Personal/Small Group Training

Months of lockdowns and isolation left many feeling that their rigorous exercise routines were falling by the wayside and socialization was at an all-time low. It is not surprising that personal and small group training programs increased in popularity during this time. These smaller and more personable sessions allow clients the opportunity to still feel connected and pursue their health goals while not feeling “lost” and left to their own devices as they would in large, traditional fitness classes. Statistics from recent 2021 MANIA® Fit Pro Conventions support that this training modality will continue to grow in the new year.

It is clear that technology along with trends pointing towards consumers embracing health and wellness will continue to drive fitness in 2022. As the shift toward more sustainable movement, rather than “popular” quick alternatives dominate, new opportunities will be presented to meet consumer demands. Looking to elevate your current programs and prepare for the future? Join SCW at a live, in-person MANIA® Fitness Convention or from the comfort of your own home. May this new year bring about a positive, comprehensive, holistic approach to elevate your body, mind, and soul for a prosperous and healthy 2022!


About the Author, Sara Kooperman, JD

Sara, CEO of SCW Fitness Education and WATERinMOTION®, is a visionary leader that has transformed the fitness education community. A successful business owner and advisor, she is a keynote speaker, published author, podcast presenter and sought-after industry trailblazer. Sara has a unique ability to share her passion and devotion towards fitness education through her humor, enthusiasm, and her effervescent no-nonsense personality. She serves on the Gold’s Gym Think Tank, was on the Women in Fitness Association Board of Directors and is a proud inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. Sara currently serves on IHRSA’s Headlight Committees for Facility Standards and has left an indelible mark on the fitness industry.

2022: The Year to be YOU!

by Gail Bannister-Munn

I am humbled to be a guest columnist for SCW Spotlite. After tossing various ideas around, I reached out to a colleague who suggested I write about my experiences being a woman of color in the fitness industry. I immediately knew this was the perfect topic.

When I started in this business, “certifications” didn’t exist. Back then, we were all “aerobic instructors.” Our profession was never considered a job. We were a bunch of part-timers bopping around from class to class. Female instructors were Jane Fonda look-alikes in tights, legwarmers, and headbands. You may be laughing remembering those moments, but the truth is, women of color had a difficult time finding success in this era. Many of us had curves and believed we had to fit the mold in order to be hired.

The first facility I was hired at was LivingWell Lady, but my career truly kicked off at Jack LaLanne, which later became Bally Total Fitness. I was fortunate enough to find a director who could look past my curves and the way I dressed in my baggy pants and loose-fitting T-shirts, and recognize the talent I brought to the table. Though getting hired was a feat in and of itself, I knew that the true hard work lay ahead. My national director, Suzette Samaroo-Fennell, was also a catalyst in pushing me forward into this career. Suzette hired me as her group exercise regional director for the Long Island, Bronx, and Westchester regions. In this position, I made hiring a diverse group of individuals of all nationalities, orientations, abilities, shapes, and sizes a priority. Though this resulted in a great deal of pushback from many people at the time, I took to the task with passion, commitment, and dedication. In doing so, I created some of the most loyal and faithful instructors to this day and encouraged members who expected those Jane Fonda look-alikes to be open-minded and inclusive.

Every year since, I’ve set goals for myself. My heart was set on becoming a presenter and an educator. Then, the opportunity came. Carol Scott of ECA World Fitness hired me to be an aerobic instructor for her fitness facility in Long Beach, New York. She was the first person who trusted me enough to give me a chance in presenting. Carol coached, mentored, and guided me. She gave me loads of encouragement and feedback – all of which has resonated with me to this day.

When I first began presenting, I was one of the few women of color at the time. There were many presenters I was inspired by and aspired to be (Calvin Wiley, Clay Grant, Patrick Goudea, Pepper Bon, Monique Dash, and Madonna Grimes). Working my way to the top was challenging and fulfilling.

The next opportunity that arose was with DCAC Fitness Conventions, when founders Shannon Elkins and Jamie Nicholls invited me to present. At the time, there was still not much diversity within the presenting community, so it was an enormous achievement to be represented at any fitness forum. Perhaps one of the biggest eye-openers for me was when two women of color thanked me for portraying them in an amazing, positive light. That was the moment I realized that I was no longer checking the “diversity” box, but bringing awareness to inclusion, giving hope to aspiring presenters of color, and breaking glass ceilings for future generations. Each and every time I hit the stage, I feel a sense of great responsibility. I am now presenting with SCW Fitness Education, thanks to CEO Sara Kooperman, and look forward to what the future holds.

In later years, I became the flexibility and soft tissue specialist for the New York Jets. Additionally, I became the regional director for multiple locations of Bally Total Fitness, New York Sports Clubs, and XSport Fitness. I am currently a group exercise manager at three of Crunch Fitness’ New York facilities. Most importantly, in 2009, I opened a private practice of my own, and have been one of the fortunate ones to expand that practice during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. I would not have accomplished all of this without the support, guidance, and mentorship of the abovementioned.

I remain passionate about upholding diversity, equity, inclusion, and education in each of my roles. I pride myself on paying it forward with any opportunity I receive to ensure others can receive the same opportunities. It’s simple: happy employees make for happy members. Inclusion helps all. I’m proud of the progress we have made in creating a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable fitness community and look forward to the strides we will make in the future.

I’ll leave you with this: one of the keys to success is to be a forward thinker. Learn from mistakes of the past and be open to change. Change will always make you look at everything in awe.


About the Author, Gail Bannister-Munn

Gail Bannister-Munn is the Flexibility Specialist, Core, Yoga, Pilates Coach with the New York Jets football team. Gail is the owner of The Bannister Method Studio out of Long Island, West Babylon, New York. She is also the Regional Group Ex Manager, Crunch Fitness Locations (Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn) Gail teaches several different class formats at national conferences and is a Fitness Consultant for professional athletes, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB. She holds numerous certifications in several disciplines, including NASM, AFAA, FST L3, Thai Massage Specialist, Yoga Fit 500+ hrs., and is an NASM & AFAA Continuing Education Provider.

5 Ways to Help Clients with Weight Loss

by Reed Davis

Do you have clients that are frustrated with pounds that just won’t pudge? The majority of Health Coaches have clients with weight loss goals. And if it’s not their main goal, it can often be a secondary one. To lose weight and keep it off, your clients should really be focusing on overall health and there are numerous things they should be considering while trying to achieve their goals.

When it comes to weight loss, is it simply about calories in vs. calories out?

Tracking calories has been a long-time trend when it comes to weight loss, but as you’ve probably seen many times this method doesn’t always provide long-lasting results. The truth is you don’t lose weight to get healthy… you get healthy and then the weight will come off. It’s natural for your clients to want a quick fix but allowing them to simply focus on weight loss without addressing root causes of why they’ve gained the weight and can’t lose it will not be successful long-term. 

Another thing your clients should recognize regarding the calories in vs. calories out philosophy is that all calories are not created equal. Your client should know that 500 calories of organic veggies and high-quality protein are going to nourish their body, give them energy, help them build muscle, support blood sugar, hormones, and a balanced mood. On the other hand, 500 calories of fast food are going to do the opposite and lead to things like inflammation, leaky gut, poor mood and actually make their food cravings worse.

What about calories out? 

More often than not people trying to lose weight will pair restrictive calorie diets with intense exercise. For most people, they correlate the number of calories going up on the treadmill with the number of pounds on the scale going down. However, if your client is following this common approach to weight loss, it could actually be one of the reasons they are struggling with weight issues in the first place. Intensive exercise can actually be a contributing factor in adrenal issues which in turn can cause weight gain or inability to lose weight.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioners use adrenal testing as one of the many functional lab tests in their toolbox to understand what’s happening biochemically in their clients’ body so they can put them on a path to healing and long-term health. 

How does insulin resistance effect weight loss?

To understand how insulin resistance may affect your client’s weight loss, they first need to understand what it is…To put it simply: When you eat food, it is broken down into blood sugar (glucose) when it enters the bloodstream which signals your pancreas to release insulin. Insulin helps that blood sugar enter the body’s cells so you can use it for energy. Insulin also signals the liver to store sugar for later use. But when a lot of blood sugar enters the bloodstream, the pancreas can’t pump out more insulin to get blood sugar into cells and over time, cells can stop responding.

If your client constantly has high blood sugar by eating things such sugar, pasta bread or even too many healthy carbohydrates for what their body can tolerate, the pancreas will keep making more insulin to try to get cells to respond, but eventually it can’t keep up. When there’s an overproduction of insulin telling the liver to store blood sugar it sends that excess blood sugar to fat cells to be stored as body fat.

This sugar roller coaster ride can also negative impact cortisol and adrenal balance, which leads to weight gain as previously mentioned.

Sugar is highly addictive and toxic. It can actually spike blood sugar levels in minutes and the overconsumption simply decreases the ability of insulin to perform its job. As an example, when large amounts of fructose are consumed at once, at least ⅓ of that is converted to glucose by the liver and is directly converted to fat.

How does gut health play into weight and overall health in general?

If your client doesn’t have good gut health, it’s impossible for them to have good overall health. When it comes to gut health and weight loss, you may want to consider the following questions for your client…

… Are you actually digesting and absorbing your food? 

…Are the foods you’re eating contributing to leaky gut?

…Are they triggering an immune response? 

…And as a result, are they triggering inflammation in the body? 

They may be eating a picture-perfect diet, but if they have absorption issues because of gut dysfunction, it can impact their ability to lose weight. If they’re having issues absorbing protein, it can lead to blood sugar dysregulation, which again leads to an ability to lose weight.

They may also have gut infections or issues such as H. Pylori, parasites, pathogens, bacteria, and yeast overgrowth. All these bugs can contribute to internal inflammation and stress, negative impact absorption and clog up their liver with toxins. If their liver is congested it can lead to estrogen dominance, because the liver is supposed to clear out excess hormones and toxins. Estrogen dominance is another common reason why someone might have trouble losing weight. It is all connected!

If your client is constantly eating things that are inflammatory to them, they won’t be able to take care of their gut or any sort of infection. An inflamed body simply isn’t going to lose weight. More importantly, inflammation is a major stressor, which can in turn lead to a stress response.

Therefore, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioners also do a food sensitivity and pathogen screening test with their clients along with an adrenal test, to look at all the clues to help them solve their client cases.

How do food sensitives relate to weight loss? 

You can have external stressors and internal stressors. Eating foods you are sensitive to is a massive internal stressor. It creates an immune response, triggers inflammation and can also exacerbate gut dysfunction which prevents the gut from healing. For example, if your client was able to get rid of a parasite, but they continue to eat foods they are sensitive to, their gut will not be able to heal.

Food sensitivities can cause so many symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, and joint pain. The stressors of that inflammatory response, the immune response from eating those foods leads back to chronic stress – which is one of the biggest root causes of weight gain and the ability to lose weight.

Often Health Coaches will suggest elimination diets to determine what foods a client is sensitive to. As Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioners, we can utilize food sensitivity testing to provide data driven protocols based on bio individuality for each client. 

Does stress play a role in weight loss?

When your client is stressed out with external stressors (like a job or relationship) or internal stressors (such as gut bugs or inflammatory response) their body is going to release cortisol as a stress response. One of cortisol’s primary jobs is to raise blood sugar. Chronic stressors, both internal and external can lead to blood sugar dysregulation which leads your client right back to the issue of the body storing excess sugars as fat. Without gut health, they are not going to have good overall health and you’re not going to struggle to lose weight.

All of these issues can be summed up as Metabolic Chaos®. A term coined by Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® to explain the state of health that exists because of complexities in one’s metabolism and underestimated influences from the environment. Hidden stress and imbalances, if not soon resolved, cascade into other areas and Metabolic Chaos® ensues.

With FDN®, we “test, don’t guess” and it is a huge key to helping clients overcome issues such as weight gain and get them to their ideal health. The ability to integrate lab testing with lifestyle changes for your clients will truly help them achieve their goals.

If you are interested learning more about functional lab testing and helping your clients get real results, give us a call 1-877-767-1558 Ext. 1 or visit You are also able to meet with us at the upcoming SCW California MANIA®, April 1-3, at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport.


About the Author, Reed Davis

Reed Davis, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and Certified Nutritional Therapist (CNT), is an expert in functional lab testing and holistic lifestyle medicine.  He is the Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) and the FDN Certification Course with over 3,000 graduates in 50 countries. Reed served as the Health Director at a Wellness Center in Southern California for over 10 years and with over 10,000 clients is known as one of the most experienced clinicians in the world. Reed serves on the Advisory Board of the American Natural Wellness Coaches Board and the American Association of Natural Wellness Coaches.  He lives in the US and when not teaching the FDN Certification Course and helping his graduates build their private practices, he is usually found gardening or riding motorcycles.

How to Become an Online Personal Trainer

by Talent Hack

There has never been a better time than now to become an online personal trainer. With the ever-changing landscape of in-person training, more and more people have flocked to the internet to get fit. With companies changing to a remote work environment, employees have also changed up their routines to follow workouts from the comfort of their own home. There is a huge demand for at-home fitness classes and, thanks in part to fitness business software like SPACES by Talent Hack, you can now successfully run a remote personal trainer business. In this article, we will cover what it takes to get into the fitness industry, and how to have a successful online personal trainer business.

What do you need to become an online personal trainer?

Getting into the fitness industry is not necessarily challenging, however excelling takes dedication, knowledge, and the right tools. The best part is, becoming a trainer and owning your own business has a very low start-up cost. Here are what you need to start:

  1. Personal Training Certification

Being passionate about fitness and working out a lot is great, but to be credible and give your clients peace of mind you will want to obtain a nationally accredited personal training certification. There are many affordable programs that offer in person, virtual, and self-study curriculums. Having a personal training certification will reassure your clients that you are knowledgeable, but also that you took the time to make sure they will be safe and in good hands while working out with you. A certification will also be required when you apply for business insurance. 

  1. Equipment for personal training

Many online personal trainers make the mistake of thinking they need a ton of elaborate equipment, perfect backdrops, and high-tech camera/lighting equipment. The reality is your clients don’t care about any of that. As long as you have a cell phone with a camera, you can run your entire business. 

If you don’t have weights or equipment, no worries. You can run body weight, yoga, or animal flow workouts. There are even online trainers that use household items to introduce resistance. Improvising is something you will get used to as a trainer.

  1. Online personal trainer software 

When it comes to starting your online personal training business, deciding on the thousands of different email, payment, marketing, and hosting software can really impede you from growing your business or even starting. Therefore, it’s important to choose a package that is a home for everything, so you don’t have to learn a ton of complex new platforms. Talent Hack was built by trainers, for trainers. The easy-to-use software handles all your online fitness business needs under one roof. Thousands of personal trainers have grown their business using this platform and the best part is that it is free! Set up a fitness software demo call today with one of our Talent Strategists.

How to start an online personal training business?

Becoming an online personal trainer can be extremely lucrative. In a traditional gym or studio, you will gain invaluable knowledge, connections, and confidence. You can earn an income from teaching classes or training clients one-on-one. This is a great avenue for anyone starting out in the personal training industry.

But now, your possibilities to earn a living as an online trainer are infinite because the internet is in fact endless. As a virtual personal trainer, you have the ability to make an impression on billions of people throughout the world. There is no limit! First things first, you will need a software system to house your programs, run your payments, and become your community for your clients. Most online personal trainers will use SPACES by Talent Hack which is an amazing platform that allows you to run your entire business virtually. The days of creating a website and spending countless hours figuring out “computer stuff” are over. Talent Hack takes care of everything for you so you can focus on creating and interacting with your clients.

Most personal trainers will do a hybrid between online and in-person training to maximize their earning potential.

How much do online personal trainers make?

Becoming a personal trainer can be very financially rewarding. Especially if you have an online training business. The top personal trainers using Spaces by Talent Hack are earning well over 6 figures per year. 

There are many factors that equate to how much you can earn online. Here are some questions to ask yourself to set the right expectation:

— Is this a full-time business or a side hustle?

— Are you getting your content translated into other languages?

— How much marketing/social media presence do you have/are you willing to put out?

— Do you have a referral program to keep your current customers recommending you to their friends and family?

Regardless of your answers, two things remain true with all aspiring online personal trainers:

— Everyone starts with zero clients and

— No one is successful without remaining consistent. 

Achieving a 6 figure income is something that will take time and hard work, but there has never been a time better than right now to start an online personal training business. 

Online personal trainer jobs

If you’re not ready to run your own online personal training business and are instead looking for a job as an online personal trainer, there are a few great resources out there to land you a position that will help you gain valuable experience. 

Searching all the big job boards positions in your area is usually where most people start. Although this is a popular method, you can oftentimes be one of very many applicants applying to the same positions. As an employer, it’s sometimes hard to get back to everyone and qualified applicants can get missed. 

Another method that is common would-be searching Google for popular job postings like:

— “Personal trainer Hollywood”

— “Personal trainer NYC”

— “Personal trainer West Hollywood”

Companies will often target these phrases to advertise their positions and it will ultimately land you on their website which can be a great and unique place to apply. You will also gain insight into their company depending on how well their careers page is done.

Find personal trainer jobs online

Also consider using fitness specific job boards like Talent Hack. Industry exclusive job boards target employers who are actively looking and involved in their hiring process. Applying on a job board like this will give you a leg up on getting hired because there will be less non-industry people applying to the same positions and flooding the prospective employer’s inbox. Talent Hack also allows you to create a unique profile that really highlights you as a fitness professional rather than just uploading your resume.

Whether you are thinking of starting your own personal training business online or looking for personal training jobs online, sign up and join the Talent Hack community. Apply to a personal training job with the best brands in the industry, or schedule a business software demo and start being your own boss.



Got Passion? Get Published!

by Robin Taylor

Working in the fitness industry, we share similar goals and passions.  Whether you’re a certified specialized trainer, group fitness instructor, nutritionist, or a personal coach, the bottom line is, we are all educators and want to help others grow, connect, and succeed. 

As someone influential in the health and fitness industry, your knowledge and expertise are priceless.  One way to share your skills and talents is to get published.  SCW is looking for YOU!  Do you like to write? Do you want to circulate your fitness and nutrition tips, teaching and training skills, web blogs, and general wellness education? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we can help.

As the SCW editor for Spotlite (general fitness & nutrition education), Tidal Waves (aquatic education), Weekly Work-UP (weekly current fitness industry news), and Health & Fitness Business News (monthly fitness industry business news) I am always seeking out interesting, educational, and exciting articles.  As a guest writer you have the opportunity to scatter your passion to over 65K readers.

Articles for Spotlite are generally between 700-1000 words, but the length is flexible.   The focus is to provide education on specific fitness or nutrition topics. They can also be personal stories with a lesson, previously published (with permission to republish), or newly written.  Specific product advertising is not permissible.  In leu of compensation, a bio and headshot are included at the end and can contain a website, social media, and other contact information.  We do reserve the right to edit for grammar and formatting, with your approval. 

Tidal Waves, Weekly Work-UP and Health & Fitness Business News are web-based newsletters.  Our goal is to share pertinent information and knowledge from websites and blogs.  A short “teaser” sentence is written, and the article or blog is linked directly in the newsletter. We request sources and sites be reputable and possibly research based.  Any links that contain forms requesting personal information will be denied.  All articles, weblinks, and blogs will be reviewed before publishing.

As a fitness industry professional, having a published article provides recognition and respect.  It offers the opportunity to gain more members and clients, both in-person and virtual.  Being published opens doors, gains social media followers, and makes new connections. 

If you have interest in sharing an accomplishment that others can learn from, writing an educational health & fitness article, or suggesting a weblink or blog exposé for any of our newsletters, please reply to [email protected].   We are currently taking submissions.

As a Fitness Professional, don’t let your talent be lost in the crowd.  Get your name recognized, share your expertise, and let SCW help you get published. Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with any questions and I look forward to reading your inspiration. 


About the Author, Robin Taylor

Robin is the SCW Editor for Spotlite, Tidal Waves and Weekly Work-UP, as well as Assistant Product Manager for MANIA® Fitness Conventions and Team Manager for WATERinMOTION®. Having taught Aquatic Fitness for over 15 years, Robin is AEA and AFAA certified and a WATERinMOTION® Champion. She has participated in several WIM educational videos, as both a pool participant and on-deck presenter. Robin has been an employee of SCW for almost five years. She is married and has two adult daughters and has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Florida.

Green and Quick to Start the New Year

Unfortunately, the title is not referencing money, but actually a type of green that can help you live a healthier life.  Spinach, kale, avocado, kiwi, and other green fruits and vegetables are beneficial for protecting the heart and eyes along with strengthening bones and teeth.  Not to mention, they are full of potassium, vitamin K, antioxidants, and fiber. The Centers for Disease Control reports only 1 in 10 adults get enough fruits and vegetables while the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans advises consuming 1.5-2 cups of fruit and 2-3 cups of vegetables daily.

Incorporating greens and other nutritious fruits and vegetables into a daily diet isn’t difficult, actually it can be quite simple and quick.  All it requires is a way to blend foods, like a blender or handheld immersion stick. Just make it and take it.  Here are a few examples of tasty, nutrient filled smoothies/milkshakes the whole family will love (even the kids.)

Good Luck Milkshake

INGREDIENTS: (2 servings)

  • 75 cups milk (of choice- dairy, nut, oat, etc.- vanilla flavor optional)
  • 1 cup spinach (baby or full leaf)
  • 15 mint leaves (to taste)
  • 5 frozen bananas (sliced or small chunk)
  • .75 cup ice


  1. Place all ingredients in blender per unit directions (usually liquid first, ice last)
  2. Turn on machine, starting low and ramping up speed slowly.
  3. Let blend for about one minute (less if iciness is preferred)
  4. Serve immediately, ingredients will separate is held in refrigerator
Pear-a-licious Smoothie

INGREDIENTS: (2 servings)

.5 cup water (or milk for thickness)

.5 cup green grapes

1 small pear (remove seeds/core)

1 small banana

.25 teaspoon powdered ginger

1 cup kale

1 cup ice


  1. Place all ingredients in blender per unit directions (usually liquid first, ice last)
  2. Turn on machine, starting low and ramping up speed slowly.
  3. Let blend for about one minute (less if icy-ness is preferred)
  4. Serve immediately, ingredients will separate is held in refrigerator
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