Presented by Karla Medina

Establishing a practice of breathing exercises is as important as the air itself! During this session you’ll complete a self-assessment to discover your personal breath-blocks and needs. Then you’ll learn specific breathing techniques to calm, boost and regulate yourself physically and emotionally… whenever you need to.


Presented by Ann Gilbert
Help your students resist and splash their way through the water with this science-based HIIT program. Study the benefits of high intensity interval training, practice new cueing and coaching techniques, and study with an aquatic master trainer who is determined to make teaching innovative, tumultuous and safe for all types of aqua participants. Get ready to HIIT the ground running and create your own aquatic programming sure to be a HIIT with your clients!


Presented by Jeff Howard
Most of us experience some kind of burnout after teaching multiple aqua classes every week. Building pyramid intervals is a great way to combat boredom and burnout! Incorporate muscle conditioning into timed patterns of HIIT and leave with a workout to propel you UPWARD! Just six (6) simple rules applied to your existing workout will give you more ideas, moves, and choreography to push your class to the next level!


Presented by Ann Gilbert
Chairs are not just for sitting, we can use them in a fitness class for so much! Experts agree that there are numerous benefits to performing a HIIT routine with those considered to be active agers. Launch a new format shown to efficiently and effectively increase strength, endurance and aerobic capacity while decreasing joint impact in a shorter period – from a chair!


Presented by Abbie Appel
AMRAP, EMOM, Tabata….another language? No, all killer HIIT timing protocols commonly used to add dimension to our training routine and our conditioning classes. In this session, identify and breakdown traditional work to rest ratios, to effectively train all of our clients. Discover the true qualities of HIIT and why recovery, passive and active, are equally as important as the work. Walk away with 4 different HIIT timing challenges that can be taught alone or mixed-and-matched to maximize workouts.


Presented by Abbie Appel
Bring your stopwatch because this impactful workshop is timed-to-perfection!! If you’re looking for more ways to challenge your clients and classes to improve their metabolism, then experience this workshop that reviews staple HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) timing protocols and dives into new ones. Discuss the science of metabolic conditioning and how each timed workout uniquely trains the metabolism. Walk away with 4 fresh, exciting ideas on how to expand HIIT programs.


Presented by Giovanni Roselli
High Intensity Interval Training is all the rage in various training circles. Excessive high-intensity training comes at a cost to long term health & repetitive stimulus becomes less effective. That’s where Metabolic Flexibility comes in, a training approach that promotes Variable Metabolic Conditioning to enhance our ability to switch efficiently between different energy systems to meet the demands of tasks in life and sport.

Trending Now: HIIT with Active Recovery

Presented by Barbie Brown
Active recovery is a trending exercise modality that plays important role in our overall fitness by balancing out High-intensity interval workouts. It promotes muscle recovery and maintains a healthy habit of working out. Learn how MASHUP® programming incorporates this component effectively into a group fitness experience for all fitness levels!

Time: 63 Minutes

Coaching Camp: Group Training Growth

With Elisabeth Fouts
The language of fitness is changing. People don’t just workout, they “train.” Personal trainers don’t just train, they “coach.” Learn how to apply coaching techniques that’ll transform and grow your group-training sessions. Discover the “coach” within you and cultivate a group of fitness athletes through large-scale warm-ups, movement blocks and cues and focused programming.

Short Circuit: Group Training Edition

With Elisabeth Fouts
Energize your group training sessions with mix-and-match micro circuits! Experience plug-and-play, short circuit workouts with targeted training goals such as muscular strength, metabolic conditioning, and mobility. Decrease your program planning time by learning how to mix and match these quick circuits to create a unique group training experience that will keep them coming back for more!