Tukong Cardio Combat Kickboxing

With Janell Smith
Add Black Belt Level training with this High energy martial athletics class. For all fitness levels, we will incorporate a variety of equipment and you will feel empowered as you learn how to kick and punch your way into fitness whether it’s your first time or you want to get in “Fighter shape”.

Barre Fight

With Billie Wartenberg
Unleash your inner beauty and beast! This new spin on cardio kickboxing is a high-energy knockout of a workout both on and off the barre. This 60-minute workout will certainly have you feeling stronger, leaner and more energetic. Please note that there is no actual fighting or physical contact.

Barre Hop

With Billie Wartenberg
Get a “night club” feeling at the health club! Barre Hop is a high-energy fitness class that combines hip-hop dance with ballet-barre inspired elements that will tone and condition your entire body.

3:1 Punchout

With Tonya Dugger
Have you ever trained at a Boxing Gym? That “old school” feeling and the respect that embodies the coaches and the workout is priceless. Join SCW as we delve into the sweet science of boxing and experience a high-intensity combat-sport workout. Work your body and mind and experience the training of a discipline that still is considered one of the toughest sports in the world.

Boxing: The Method

With Tonya Dugger
This cardio boxing class uses the best asset in your studio: YOU! Experience a high-intensity level of training that incorporates the technique work of punches, method training and core work in one class. If you like to move to the beat of the music, you will LOVE this workout, which not only burns up calories and works your body but also trains your mind.

Boxing BootCamp

With Tonya Dugger
Looking for ideas for a new station in your Circuit class or Tabata Bootcamp? This session explores the basics of boxing through the use of bags, gloves, ropes, medicine balls and more. It has been proven that hitting a bag and focusing on combinations can provide relief from the aggression-filled issues that enter our lives. Experience a high-intensity level of training and enjoy one of the world’s most disciplined sports: Boxing.

Aquatic Kickboxing: Out of The Box

With Melissa Layne
Aqua kickboxing doesn’t have to mean standing in one place and throwing repetitive jabs and stationary kicks. How about some combinations to move you through the water and up the calorie burn? Front, side, back, diagonal and even in a circle. It’s past time to take your kickboxing out of the box and into the entire pool!

Spirited Surf

With Yury Rockit
The aquatic version of Yury’s land-based phenomenon, “Spirited®” offers you an aquatic cardiovascular-based movement experience featuring a mix of non-traditional music with movement inspired by African dance, yoga, Pilates, and martial arts to nurture your kinesthetic awareness and entertain your esthetic inner call for harmony.

Mens Club

With Jill Casey
Drawing on seven years of providing physical training to the U.S. military, Jill Casey presents, “Mens Club!” If your students are more comfortable with athletic movements than dance, this is the video for you!