The One Weight Workout: Kettlebell

With Pete McCall, MS
Do you have a limited budget for only a few pieces of equipment? This session will teach you strategies for creating a fun and challenging workout that addresses mobility, strength, power and metabolic conditioning using only the Kettlebell.

Time: 90 minutes

Kettlebell Express

With Keli Roberts
Quick, efficient workouts are key to busting excuses and there’s no better tool than the kettlebell! Thirty minutes of effective functional whole-body training designed to enhance integrated strength and conditioning. Starting heavy with traditional movements and finishing with light complexes that improve coordination, this workshop leaves instructors with a simple, effective training plan.

The Kettle Weight Workout

With Sara Kooperman, JD
In a group exercise format, discover new planes of movement, exercise patterns and strength techniques using the diversity of the kettle weight.

FIT Athletic Conditioning

With Keli Roberts
Functional Integrated Training and Athletic Conditioning combines explosive movement with strength, agility, balance and quickness drills.

The Ultimate Light Kettle Bell Workout

With Irene Lewis-McCormick, MS, CSCS
This ageless training tool allows for a wide range of planes of motion, emphasizing power and control.

New Definitions

With Keli Roberts
Define your body with this highly effective, super intense workout! Using dumbbells and a step you will do mini-circuits that work on strength, endurance, core control and power.

Kettlebell H.I.I.T. Supreme

With Keli Roberts
This high intensity interval training workout combines plyometirc movement with ballistic kettlebell exercises.

Kettlebell and Medballs Go Ballistic

With Keli Roberts
The perfect combination of equipment to enhance your balance, endurance and heart training.