BUTT BLASTER & MORE with Jeff Howard

Presented by Jeff Howard
The most common exercises for the butt, hips and thighs are the big three — squats, lunges, and deadlifts. But there are tons more! Join Jeff to discover how to take traditional lower body exercises and change them using the basic principles of stability and mobility. Adding on linearly sequencing to take your clients to the next level.

THE KINETIC CORE with Keli Roberts

Presented by Keli Roberts
From the ground up, the kinetic chain is linked through the core: A missing component for many. Form follows function: if you train to enhance function, you’ll not only look better but also improve posture and alignment. Learn multi-level strategies from the ground up and an integrative approach to core training.


Presented by Keli Roberts
Comprehensively examine stability/mobility relationships of the aging body to provide a foundation that enhances and respects this precise equilibrium. Learn effective methods to increase core stability while developing mobility in key areas to improve gait efficiency. Apply strategies for fall prevention through effectively training key areas for body balance.

Training by the Numbers

Presented by Andrew Gavigan
Attendees will participate in 4 different workouts based on routines for personal or semi-personal training. Using these fun, simple outlines based on unique rep or time patterns, we can keep our clients engaged and excited. Basic human behavioral concepts will be discussed between each workout along with practical ways to implement

Coaching Core Stability

Presented by Sheldon McBee, MS
The ability to coach core stability beyond expectation will bring you, as a fitness professional, one step closer to aligning concept to application. In this session, you will learn coaching concepts specific to stabilizing the spine in a scalable coaching model.

AAA – Abs At All Angles

With Abbie Appel
As fitness professionals, we are always looking for exciting ways to develop and deliver dynamic and effective core and abdominal workouts. In this workshop, briefly review the core musculature and core training. Then, learn 2 brand new workouts with unique movements and timing protocols. Utilize stability balls and loop bands to safely and effectively challenge the core from all positions, all planes of motion and at All Angles.

Weight At The Barre

With Billie Wartenberg
This all in one class utilizes a variety of strength training exercises, combinations and a little cardio fused within a traditional Barre class format. Your class will leave saying Barre is worth the weight!

Stages: Cycling, Party Through The Decades

With Pam Benchley
We know you can sweat on a bike, but can you party like it’s 1999??? This high-energy journey ride will have you pedaling the 60’s, climbing the 70’s and racing the 80’s… all the way up to present day!!! Party, sing, and RIDE your way through the decades with a video compilation that will take you back to the future!

Grace & Flow

With Keli Roberts
Graceful movement flows provide the foundation for this Barre-inspired total body, sculpting program. While respecting the body’s biomechanics and joint kinematics, instructors will experience an intense workout that focuses on flowing movement progressions. Utilizing bodyweight movements and simple equipment, learn a class format that leaves the body feeling lengthened and strengthened.

Stages: Power of Progression

With Pam Benchley
Crush plateaus, no more guesswork! Here are the specific protocols and tools you need to lead six weeks of systematic, progressive classes that peak with measurable change your clients will see and feel. You could even use this system for specialty programming or small group coaching to generate additional revenue!