Training Mom

With Elisabeth Parsons
Any woman who has ever delivered a baby is postpartum for the rest of her life. Train mothers in a way that is safe and effective and takes their specific considerations, goals and needs into account. Effectively address posture, alignment and even how to approach a diastasis recti using creative and usable techniques.

Female Training Model

With Elisabeth Parsons
Women are a unique population too often trained using programs designed for and by men. The successful personal trainer designs an individualized experience for their female clients. Learn special considerations and assessment tools along with how to target this specific audience depending on age and stage.

Pilates All Wet

With Megan Flatt
Pilates is sweeping the fitness world and now it has splash landed in the pool! Using moves borrowed from Pilates and ballet, this slow and controlled workout is designed to strengthen the muscles of the core while providing an excellent stretch for the over worked muscles in the back, legs and chest.

Moms in Motion: Toning Update

With Sara Kooperman, JD
For a cutting-edge pregnancy workout, enjoy this creative, challenging and safe toning program! Learn techniques to effectively prepare you for childbirth and the work of motherhood!

Moms in Motion: Strength

With Irene Lewis-McCormick, MS, CSCS
Exercise during pregnancy can be safe, effective and fun! Research has shown that there are numerous benefits associated with strength training that offer both short and long term benefits to both the fetus and the mother.