Presented by Rose Zahnn

FOGA is the recovery and rejuvenation your body needs! Experience a feel-good class that includes foot rolling, yoga, stretching and foam rolling. You’ll walk away feeling like you just had a great massage, and you’ll have the tools to take care of your body whenever needed.

Interactive Yoga for Large Groups

Presented by Sara Kooperman, JD Yoga is becoming more and more mainstream. It is part of festivals, corporate wellness initiatives, leadership retreats and just about everyone wants to be a part of this phenomenon! So what happens when you are asked to teach yoga to a large group? Get your game plan (and have a lot …


Presented by Billie Wartenberg
Nourish your soul with this Ballet-inspired Aqua Yoga/Barre workout. The session will provide you with many ideas for a functional flow in the water. Attendees will learn choreography and how to apply the sequences to design a seamless, fluid Yoga/Barre class.

Soul Yoga – Rhythm & Blues

Presented by Sara Kooperman, JD This vinyasa yoga class flows gracefully from pose to pose using the rhythm and inspiration of beautiful soul music. Enjoy Aretha Franklin as we drift on this journey through her greatest hits using each song as our focus of pose exploration and reorganization. Leave with 15 new flowing yoga sequences and …

Functional Fluid Fitness for Longevity

With Christine Conti
Experience a Vinyasa-Flow full-body warm-up that seamlessly transitions into segments of FUNctional low impact interval training. Hone in on your breath, strength, flexibility, and balance while having fun! Explore the magic of guided imagery at the end of class that will leave you feeling strong and empowered.

Y3: Yin Yang Yoga

With Yury Rockit
Renovate your yoga formats with a variety of transformational practices that benefit body, breath, and mind. Learn to complement dynamic asana flow (yang yoga) with a slower-paced practice (yin yoga) to create a balanced movement experience enhancing your relaxation response.

Resistance Yoga

With Jeff Howard
Take Yoga to the next level with STROOPS Loops. Loops provide a perfect balance of additional tension during your yoga poses bringing an alternative perspective on your standard practice without resistance. Do something different in your Yoga classes by introducing the Loops and add measurable gains to your practice!

Active Aging Chair Yoga

With Sara Kooperman, JD
This creative workshop focuses on yoga postures done with the support of a chair. Standing, seated and floor work poses are beautifully blended into asanas that encompass a creative strength building and flexibility promoting workout. A union of mind, body and spirit are at the heart of this program with special attention focused on activities of daily living and the ability to rise, fall and flow by oneself. Supported by a group of like-minded individuals, this program has far-reaching positive effects on aging exercisers of all shapes and sizes, building communities with a mindful attention to self-awareness.

Time: 93 Minutes

Yin Yoga: Less Is More

With Whitney Chapman
Yin Yoga takes you deeper into your experience by slowing down the mind while creating deep openings and awareness in the body. Simultaneously intense and gentle, learn how to surrender into restrictions to awaken what is hidden in our bodies to create space, relaxation and give quiet to the mind.

Take IT Lying Down

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA
Regardless of what kind of yoga or Pilates style you have for mat classes, this workshop spends time in supine and seated positions addressing different types of alignment and inspirational cues. After spending time in these two positions, we return to the standing position to apply our new discoveries.