Flexibility + Performance = Wellness

With Jeff Howard
Partner-assisted stretching releases muscle tension and increases range-of-motion at the soft tissue level, which is part of recovery and performance enhancement. Using Yoga straps and stretches, we will address loosening tight hips, improving your range-of-motion and circulation, alleviating back pain and more. Add this programming to your curriculum quickly and easily.

Dynamic Flexibility for a 3D Life

With Manuel Velazquez
Dynamic flexibility increases range of motion, core temperature and nervous system activity, which all prepare your body for enhanced movement and activities of daily living. Learn to apply a variety of flexibility/stretching techniques as a warm-up, recovery and workout. Explore muscle movement in 3D planes of motion to enhance your clients’ mobility and abilities.

Athletes & Asanas

With Yury Rockit
If you have clients training for an endurance race, to improve sport performance, or looking to creatively cross-train from their regular routines, Yury will show both group ex instructors and personal trainers how to dimentionalize yoga to attract more athlete types.

Animals & Asanas

With Yury Rockit
Join Yury for a look at different approaches to yoga for group fitness emphasizing animal patterns. We learn some animal quadruped and biped gait patterns as a warm-up and then focus on strength and flexibility using some of our favorite – and new – animal-based asana.

Introduction To Meditation

With Yury Rockit
Learn with Yury the background to traditional tenets of Buddhist meditation: from principles to practices. Instead of just learning the theory, we will practice this together as we discuss it so gain some new pranayama skills and meditation drills you can implement into your own life.

Spirited Surf

With Yury Rockit
The aquatic version of Yury’s land-based phenomenon, “Spirited®” offers you an aquatic cardiovascular-based movement experience featuring a mix of non-traditional music with movement inspired by African dance, yoga, Pilates, and martial arts to nurture your kinesthetic awareness and entertain your esthetic inner call for harmony.

coreXyoga® with SCW OnDemand

With Michelle Rae Sobi
The cornerstone of coreXyoga® training is to make yoga available to all through approachable, inclusive classes. The format is arranged in snippets for ease of learning. Many teachers find transitioning from one pose to the next to be the most challenging component of instruction. By providing training in interchangeable snippets, much of the work is done for them. This approach offers versatile instruction that can respond to the group class population with ease.

For more information visit corexyoga.com