CEC Video Course: Bedroom Secrets: Fitness & Sleep


With Mike Bracko, Ed.D.

When clients get enough sleep, it improves reaction time, mood and performance. Sleep decreases fatigue and ensures a great workout. Lack of sleep signals the brain to eat and also increases cortisol and makes us crave fatty foods. Learn how we can sleep our way to fat loss, improved fitness and epic sports performance.

CEC Video Course Includes:

CEC Video: Bedroom Secrets: Fitness & Sleep
Video Duration: 1 Hour 36 Minutes
Powerpoint (PDF)
CEC Exam
CECs/CEUs: SCW (2.0)

Mike Bracko, Ed.D.
Mike is a fitness educator, hockey skating coach, strength and conditioning coach and Trigger Point® Master Trainer. He has a Doctorate in Exercise Science and is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Mike works with hockey players, industrial workers and fitness professionals while also holding the title of Strength and Conditioning Coach for the USA Men’s Deaflympic hockey team. He is the author of 32 videos pertaining to fitness, hockey skating and sports.

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