CEC Video Course: Dietary Diversity


Presented By Melissa Layne, MEd

In today’s fast-paced world, nutritional choices have become mundane and routine. We will explore how this affects our bodies and minds and our hormones, neurotransmitters and vitamin and mineral intakes. Learn about the latest research on superfoods and how we can utilize this research to optimize our health and increase longevity.

CEC Video Course Includes:

CEC Video: Dietary Diversity
Video Duration: 94 Minutes
Powerpoint (PDF)
Education Article
CEC Exam
CECs/CEUs: SCW (2.0)

Melissa Layne, MEd
Melissa is a Kinesiology Department faculty member at the University of North Georgia. She has 30 years of experience and a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. She taught elementary PE and coordinated fitness programs for Royal Caribbean, Home Depot and orthopedic surgeons. Melissa is the author of WATER EXERCISE (Human Kinetics 2015), a member of the educational faculty and a DVD presenter for SCW. She is well versed at taking complicated material and breaking it down into easily understood pieces.

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