CEC Video Course: Stress & Chronic Disease


Presented By Kimberly Garcia

Is stubborn fat clinging to your clients’ waistlines, and are they experiencing life-disrupting health symptoms? Kimberly shares how to identify the top stressors wreaking havoc on the body and how you can help clients control their well-being. This will accelerate results and ensure you are leading others to good health!

CEC Video Course Includes:

CEC Video: Stress & Chronic Disease
Video Duration: 1 Hour 20 Minutes
Powerpoint (PDF)
CEC Exam
CECs/CEUs: SCW (2.0), ACSM (2.0), NASM (0.2), AFAA (2.0)

Kimberly Garcia
Kim is the CEO of the Garcia Institute of Modern Excellence and the Wholota Wellness Company. With 20+ years of experience in the health and fitness industry, she is a specialist in motivating individuals to become their best self. She holds nine national certifications and is a level 3 NeuroKinetic Practitioner, Egoscue Posture Specialist and holistic health coach. Her educational programs have helped thousands improve their health across the world. Her goal is to inspire individuals to ValueSelf™.

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