Stages: Cycling, Party Through The Decades


Presented by Pam Benchley
Crush plateaus, no more guesswork! Here are the specific protocols and tools you need to lead six weeks of systematic, progressive classes that peak with measurable change your clients will see and feel. You could even use this system for specialty programming or small group coaching to generate additional revenue!

Elapsed Time: 57 Minutes


Presented by Pam Benchley
We know you can sweat on a bike, but can you party like it’s 1999??? This high-energy journey ride will have you pedaling the 60’s, climbing the 70’s and racing the 80’s… all the way up to present day!!! Party, sing, and RIDE your way through the decades with a video compilation that will take you back to the future!

About the Presenter:
Pam has had the opportunity to work in the fitness profession for over 20 years, as both a group exercise instructor and personal trainer. Her specialties include Indoor Cycling, Balance training and Functional Fitness. She has been a BOSU® Master Trainer since 2008 and a Master Educator with Stages indoor cycling since 2010. She has been on the faculty of the State University of New York for 21 years, serving in the department of Exercise Science.