Barre Necessities

Presented by Abbie Appel
Barre is still the hottest format around! Learn the basics of Barre…plus a whole lot more. Understand the movement principles and
intensity variables that make Barre, Barre. Discover a proven system that will take your Barre class from great to exceptional. Experience an authentic Barre class with movements that will challenge and enhance any conditioning class.

Time: 76 Minutes

Pilates Power Tower

Presented by Abbie Appel
Experience Pilates like never before using the new Barre Tower by Stroops. This portable tower effortlessly replicates reformer and mat Pilates exercises with elastic resistance allowing you to bring your Pilates studio to the masses. Reexamine Pilates progressions and essential alignment. Uncover the simplicity of designing the perfect class.

Time: 93 Minutes

AAA – Abs At All Angles

With Abbie Appel
As fitness professionals, we are always looking for exciting ways to develop and deliver dynamic and effective core and abdominal workouts. In this workshop, briefly review the core musculature and core training. Then, learn 2 brand new workouts with unique movements and timing protocols. Utilize stability balls and loop bands to safely and effectively challenge the core from all positions, all planes of motion and at All Angles.

Mat to the Max

With Abbie Appel
Max out your Pilates Mat class with 10 authentic advanced exercises from the original repertoire. Revisit Pilates principles and optimal alignment to understand what it means to be “advanced”! Dissect each exercise and discover how to modify and progress movements for your intermediate to expert students. Take your Pilates practice up a notch by safely and successfully adding challenge.

Gliding Scales – Barre with Gliders

With Abbie Appel
Slide into plies, scales and tendus with this exciting Barre-based workout that incorporates one piece of equipment: gliders. With a variety of dynamic exercises for upper body, lower body and core, discover how gliders can enhance creativity and effectiveness of standard Barre movements. Experience Barre on a whole new level!

Barre Classic

With Abbie Appel
Blend Barre concepts of dance and functional strength training with a classical Pilates repertorie for this perfectly balanced, total body workout.