Wellness for Optimal Aging

With Cammy Dennis
Examine the multiple dimensions of wellness and their influence on aging optimally. Physical fitness is only one piece of the ‘wellness pie.’ There are many things to consider when it comes to influencing the quality of life as we age. Learn how the dimensions of wellness can positively impact the health of body, brain and spirit.

Time: 48 minutes

Management Gems For Studios and Boutiques

With Michael Scott Scudder
A studio or boutique is not a “smaller version of a large club.” This workshop familiarizes you with the differences between membership facilities and studios, alerts you to the inherent dangers in studio/boutique businesses and highlights the advantages of small facilities.
Time: 91 minutes

Business Trends and Benchmarks

With Michael Scott Scudder
Explore the 12 fitness-business benchmarks to successfully open your own business. Learn how industry publications can mislead us about fitness statistics, why understanding key trends is so important to your business success and how you can profit from “getting the guidelines.”

Time: 84 minutes

Weight Loss Aquatic Style

With Ann Gilbert
With the growth in the number of members challenged with our nation’s epidemic of obesity, it is time to implement a weight loss program that focuses on aquatic exercise as the catalyst to weight loss success. Learn proven strategies that allow you to launch your start-up program this season.

Elapsed Time: 77 minutes

Playful Aqua Patterns

With Ann Gilbert
Study innovative science-based patterns to incorporate into your aqua classes. Learn to balance movement patterns to ensure that you know how to incorporate a well-designed warm-up and cool-down section to your class while capturing the attention of the group and retain them for years to come.

Elapsed Time: 65 minutes

Yoga For Seniors

With Elian Haan
This session combines basic principles from Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow and Pilates core to emphasize flexibility, posture and strength. The session also focuses on breathing techniques and balance and ends with guided meditation and chakra relaxation techniques.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

With Sara Kooperman, JD, Irene Lewis-McCormick, Ann Gilbert, Jessica Pinkowski & Billie Wartenberg
Bring a tidal wave of energy and excitement to the pool! The fabulous Women of MANIA® will provide a flood of new ideas that will give new meaning to fluid fun. Plunge into a fantastic workout that covers all body parts and add a major splash of WOW! to your aqua classes.

Time: 82 Minutes

Making Money Using Business Trends

With Michael Scott Scudder
Most fitness facility operators think they know the trends that drive the markets – but they don’t! Come learn what the long-term, short-term, and emerging trends are and how to capitalize on them to build more success for you!

Time: 87 minutes

Management Stuff You Gotta Know

With Michael Scott Scudder
This is an interactive workshop on business management in clubs and studios. Content will be based on the questions you submit in the first ten minutes of the seminar. Please ensure you ask business questions only such as “How do I manage my group ex program?” or “How do I increase profitability with my small group personal training program?” versus “Which classes are the best?” or “What’s the best equipment to buy?”

Time: 87 minutes

Cashing In On 50+ Markets

With Michael Scott Scudder
Still trying to get your share of the dwindling-population of 30-49 year olds? There’s another way. Learn about the four sectors that make up the largest consumer market in the country and how to attract, program for, serve and keep them. An interactive workshop led by an expert who knows these markets first-hand.

Time: 89 minutes