Dive In

Presented by Yury Rockit
Join Yury to experience the most effective and innovative ways to enhance your cardiovascular capacity while submerging your head in the water. Challenge both strength and endurance while using land-based pieces of fitness equipment in the water and become a better athlete on land.

Time: 76 Minutes

Aquatic Beauties & the Beasts

Presented by Evelyn & Greg Keyes
An amazing workshop awarded the ‘Aqua Emma’ at the European Aquatic Fitness Convention in Germany. It was voted by 100’s of aquatic instructor/presenter participants as the best presentation of the convention. It covers in an entertaining way Recognition of Contra-Indicated Exercises when formatting routines and a host of teaching improvement domains.

Time: 80 mins

Creative Methodologies For Innovative Aqua Sessions

Presented by Evelyn & Greg Keyes
This workshop shares multiple tools, that extend beyond spoon fed choreographic ideas. It will enable instructors to create a magnitude of aquatic classes with unlimited possibilities to keep all aquatic sessions fresh and innovative, at the same time enticing the instructors potential to a fore.

Time: 68 mins

Hard Core Peace Core

With Yury Rockit
Get Yury’s ideas and moves that create a flowing, balanced muscle conditioning experience using barefoot bodyweight. We will incorporate a variety of planes, body positions, transitions, progressions & regressions to transform our traditional movement patterns with a mindful component.

Water Running

With Yury Rockit
Two of the most authentic and natural forms of human movement are walking and running. Exploring running techniques in the water not only mimics and creates an adaptation for better land movement, but also challenges us to become more efficient and mindful of our form, muscle activation, and breathing without excessive wear on our joints!

Liquid Levels

With Jessica Pinkowski
This session focuses on three different “liquid levels” all derived from movements specific to the water. Explore the difference between these three levels – rebounding, neutral and suspended – and how to effectively add them to aqua classes. You will learn why each of these levels has a different exercise expenditure and outcome.

Time: 50 Minutes

Aqua Soft Fitness Fusion

With Melissa Layne
As high-intensity aqua workouts continue to gain in popularity, we need to offer workouts for the recovery days. This class format allows for active recovery focusing on stability and mobility, flexibility and muscular endurance while incorporating moves from barre classes as well as yoga and core based aqua formats.

Aqua Bits & Pieces

With Melissa Layne
HIIT is popular, and clients are comfortable maintaining their anaerobic threshold. However, what happens if you intersperse anaerobic bits and pieces into aquatic choreography? Veteran participants enjoy instant progress and rookies experience an instant regression. Experience 32 block choreography with interspersed anaerobic bits and pieces that works for everyone!

Tab-Aqua Quickies

With Jeff Howard
Tab-Aqua Quickies is the exciting new component of Tab-Aqua Bootcamp. Work HARD for 30 seconds, HARDER for 20 seconds, and HARDEST for 10 seconds for six cycles and then rest 10 seconds. Let the music guide you without worrying about watching the clock. Get motivated with aquatic moves that produce results fast.

Aqua Athlete

With Jeff Howard
This class simulates different sports ranging from tennis to volleyball in patterns unique to each athletic endeavor. Jeff uses a cognitive teaching method that is easy to simulate and very effective. It involves the ability to process information and learn a different way of cueing that achieves results with less words.