I Wish I Knew Before…

With Yury Rockit
Any age can teach active aging clients with understanding of the aging mental process from the perspective of mindfulness. Current research reveals possible secrets and tips that Yury shares for adding to aging process mindfulness, meditation, and music. We will also address balance from a mental and physical perspective.

RunHabX: ChiRunning

With Joel Matalon
Help clients run (their lives!) and take charge of their health. Experience T’ai Chi principles to discover your dan t’ien (“center of energy”), postural alignment and muscular relaxation, and gradual skill progression. Combining these principles with running allows your students to improve efficiency, while preventing injury for ANY activity.

Consistent Resistance

With Carolyn Erickson
Join Carolyn Erickson as she leads you through a conditioning workshop using sleeved elastic (Slastix) bands of all sizes. Explore training possibilities and learn innovative ways to move through space without limitations. Be ready for the optimal combination of research-based data and in-the-trenches experiences to maximize the impact on your clients.

Balance for Boomers and Beyond

With Cammy Dennis
Seated exercises provide a great opportunity for improvements in strength and flexibility and provide a rehearsal effect for exercise progression.  Once these initial goals have been accomplished, add standing exercises to more effectively train for function and balance. It’s the perfect equation for success in older adult group fitness classes. In addition to demonstrating exercise progressions, various training tools will be introduced to heighten the opportunity for improving strength, function, and balance.

Time: 85 minutes

Lower Extremity Movement Mechanics

With Fabio Comana, MS, MA
Coaching proper form and technique begins with movement patterns, not exercises. Adapt your knowledge of stability and mobility throughout the kinetic chain to teach proper movement and exercises for the lower extremity. Join this session focused on movement research and learn how to properly coach the lower extremity exercises.

Time: 95 minutes

Waves on Fire for Active Agers

With Connie Martin, MA
Baby Boomers Unite! Heat up your water workouts and burn calories, sculpt and strengthen your entire body in a great movement environment – the pool. Stoke the fire of your internal furnace by using ability-based, low-impact and multi-joint movements. Learn to stabilize your core while benefiting from improved stability and mobility.

Time: 37 Minutes

Liquid Levels

With Jessica Pinkowski
This session focuses on three different “liquid levels” all derived from movements specific to the water. Explore the difference between these three levels – rebounding, neutral and suspended – and how to effectively add them to aqua classes. You will learn why each of these levels has a different exercise expenditure and outcome.

Time: 50 Minutes

Boomer Beat

With Jessica Pinkowski
This fitness jam session uses drum sticks to pound out the ‘BEAT’ and work up a sweat. ‘Boomer BEAT’ provides a significant challenge improving cardiovascular capability, strength and balance. Drum sticks encourage range of motion, support coordination and provide a host of opportunities for training balance. Get fit, have fun and ignite your inner rock star with Boomer BEAT!

Time: 80 Minutes

The Big Balance Theory

With Jessica Pinkowski
Falling is the leading cause of fatalities in older adults. The ‘Big Balance Theory’ helps active agers restore strength, improve balance and regain confidence and states: The fear of falling can be conquered, and the risk of falling can be reduced! Learn to create a fall-prevention program that fuses theory with practical application.

Time: 80 Minutes

Balance Strategies for Older Adults

With Dr. Evan Osar
Every day in the U.S., 10,000 individuals turn 65, and 1/3 over the age of 65 will fall costing the health care system nearly $80 billion every year. During this workshop, you will discover why your clients are falling and strategies that you can implement to have an immediate effect on your client’s balance. You will discover safe progressions to improve your client’s balance as well as what exercises you should avoid in their training.