Presented by Billie Wartenberg
“Pre-Hab so you don’t need to Re-Hab”. This class will help members improve mobility, sit, stand, reach & practice daily activities to enhance their quality of daily life. Pre-Hab will focus on key moments to improve strength, stability, balance, and more! Pre-Hab IS “Pre-Fab”!


Presented by Billie Wartenberg
Nourish your soul with this Ballet-inspired Aqua Yoga/Barre workout. The session will provide you with many ideas for a functional flow in the water. Attendees will learn choreography and how to apply the sequences to design a seamless, fluid Yoga/Barre class.

Weight At The Barre

With Billie Wartenberg
This all in one class utilizes a variety of strength training exercises, combinations and a little cardio fused within a traditional Barre class format. Your class will leave saying Barre is worth the weight!

Power Body Barre

With Billie Wartenberg
Barre Classes can ROCK using the Power Systems Body Bar. Learn creative patterns, dynamic choreography and a seamless flow combining the Body Bar with your own body. Help your members improve balance, muscular endurance and muscle strength with combined cardio blocks to improve overall fitness.

Multi-Generational Fitness

With Billie Wartenberg
Is it possible to blend the ages of Millennials through Baby Boomers in your classes? YES, it can be done! Bridge the generational gap with effective and functional ways you can successfully have classes for ALL Fitness Ages and Levels.

Barre Tab

With Billie Wartenberg
Barre Tab is a unique blend of Tabata training drills and ballet-barre elements. This all-in-one workout utilizes the cardio and strength 20/10 timing ratio allowing participants to experience endurance and strength breakthroughs. Your fitness “bill” will be paid in Barre Tab!

Barre H2O

With Billie Wartenberg
Make a splash in the water with Barre H2O! By combining the formats of aqua exercise with traditional barre movements, you will learn creative barre choreography while experiencing the amazing benefits of the water. Barre H2O always guarantees a great time.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

With Sara Kooperman, JD, Irene Lewis-McCormick, Ann Gilbert, Jessica Pinkowski & Billie Wartenberg
Bring a tidal wave of energy and excitement to the pool! The fabulous Women of MANIA® will provide a flood of new ideas that will give new meaning to fluid fun. Plunge into a fantastic workout that covers all body parts and add a major splash of WOW! to your aqua classes.

Time: 82 Minutes

H2O Mixx

With Billie Wartenberg
Make waves in your aqua class with H2O Mixx! This invigorating water class combines multiple fitness styles that will keep your participants wanting more. You will learn various shallow and deep-water exercises along with some fun new ideas to keep your water workouts on the edge.

Barre Fight

With Billie Wartenberg
Unleash your inner beauty and beast! This new spin on cardio kickboxing is a high-energy knockout of a workout both on and off the barre. This 60-minute workout will certainly have you feeling stronger, leaner and more energetic. Please note that there is no actual fighting or physical contact.