Balance for Boomers and Beyond

With Cammy Dennis
Seated exercises provide a great opportunity for improvements in strength and flexibility and provide a rehearsal effect for exercise progression.  Once these initial goals have been accomplished, add standing exercises to more effectively train for function and balance. It’s the perfect equation for success in older adult group fitness classes. In addition to demonstrating exercise progressions, various training tools will be introduced to heighten the opportunity for improving strength, function, and balance.

Time: 85 minutes

Wellness for Optimal Aging

With Cammy Dennis
Examine the multiple dimensions of wellness and their influence on aging optimally. Physical fitness is only one piece of the ‘wellness pie.’ There are many things to consider when it comes to influencing the quality of life as we age. Learn how the dimensions of wellness can positively impact the health of body, brain and spirit.

Time: 48 minutes

Desperate Hotwives: Season 1

With Cammy Dennis, Sara Kooperman, JD, & Deborah Puskarich
The ladies of SCW are creating quite a stir in the ‘neighborhood!’ This workout brought to you by three of SCW’s finest femmes fatale, offers a creative combination of effective cardio and strengthening elements.