Pilates On the Ball

With Abbie Appel
Break through plateaus with an updated twist on Pilates. Incorporate a stability ball to enhance standard Mat and Pilates Reformer exercises. Learn fun and effective modifications and progressions for all demographics. Challenge upper body, lower body and core with movements that will spice up your Pilates workout.

Pilates Strong!

With Leslee Bender
This progressive and modern Pilates session will leave your students wanting more. Discover the vertical approach to supine exercises to lengthen and strengthen your core muscles. You will also experience exercises that are performed on Pilates apparatus that create strength and flexibility in the entire body!

Muscle/Body Blast

With Manuel Velazquez
The plan is to effectively connect multi-joint basic movement patterns with multi-plannar movement action. Lower body movement sequences set the base for dynamic stability. Upper body movement sequences set the base for controlled mobility. Basic tools like weighted bars, hand weights and/or med balls will add and additional challenge for a blast of muscle engagement, inclusion and exertion. Meanwhile, core muscles connect both parts into a big BLAST multidirectional movement challenge.

Gliding Scales – Barre with Gliders

With Abbie Appel
Slide into plies, scales and tendus with this exciting Barre-based workout that incorporates one piece of equipment: gliders. With a variety of dynamic exercises for upper body, lower body and core, discover how gliders can enhance creativity and effectiveness of standard Barre movements. Experience Barre on a whole new level!