Presented by Fabio Comana, MA, MS
The thoracic spine and scapulohumeral region represent most movement in the upper extremity, but they are prone to postural misalignment, and injury. This session discusses kinesiological patterns of these regions to understand functional movement. Identify proper-dysfunctional movements and implement corrective exercise techniques to prevent injury and improve movement efficiency.

Corrective Exercise Roundup: Lower Extremity

Presented by Fabio Comana MA, MS As overuse and dysfunction exercise continue to become more commonplace, corrective exercise is emerging as a key responsibility for fitness professionals. In this session, you will learn the basics of implementing key corrective exercise techniques for lower-cross syndrome and key secrets and sequences for implementing these programs. Time: 81 …

Group Exercise or Group Injury?

With Kim Garcia
Musculoskeletal injuries have accounted for 57 million + healthcare visits. As group fitness programs and high-intensity exercise routines grow, it’s critical to learn how to offer clients a little of what they want and a lot of what they need. Learn how to design programs that deliver results without injury.