Quick & Dirty 30

With Irene Lewis-McCormick, MS, CSCS
Ideas for quick training, ready-made class routines using minimal to maximal equipment. Experience 3, 30-minute workouts designed to inspire intensity, effort and sweat. This session offers hard core, turn-key class designs to improve performance, incorporate partner training in a coach-based group training format.

Cueing Tune-Up

With Karli Taylor
Have you ever looked around the group fitness room after giving a movement cue and thought, “That is not at all what I meant?” Cueing a seamless class is a skill that takes years to develop. Learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of your peers as we work together to improve the experience that we create for our students. (LECTURE)

Cueing, Coaching and Communicating

With Irene Lewis-McCormick, MS, CSCS
Fitness professionals are drawn to group training because it’s time-saving, cost-effective and represents a decreased workload. However, a fantastic trainer will not necessarily translate to excellence when training groups. Juggle the demands of group training by learning skills to create inclusive environments, fun and a tribe mentality that leads to more profit and impact.

Magic in Dance Fitness

With Alana Sanders, MS
Make magic with this SCW Fitness Idol Champion! Alana, a 20-year dance fitness veteran shares techniques on how to effectively select, break down and choreograph to music. In this interactive session, practice choreography skills and then teach your routine to the class. You are the magician; so, let’s make some magic!

Time: 52 Minutes

Aqua Athlete

With Jeff Howard
This class simulates different sports ranging from tennis to volleyball in patterns unique to each athletic endeavor. Jeff uses a cognitive teaching method that is easy to simulate and very effective. It involves the ability to process information and learn a different way of cueing that achieves results with less words.