Roll, Restore and Recharge!

With Jonathan Ross
Roll away restrictions, rehydrate your muscles and enhance recovery. Reactivate and recharge less active muscles using the “soften, lengthen and strengthen” method for regaining joint mobility and muscle flexibility. Use self-massage combined with unique and creative exercises to enhance your warm-ups and workouts. Remove the brakes, reactivate muscles and perform better and then do the same for your clients!

Time: 83 minutes

Move Free: Foam Roller & Bar

With Jonathan Ross
Free your body to move as it was meant to! Improve stability, mobility and coordination to enhance your efficiency of movement. Use the SPRI Training Bar to identify movement challenges and the foam roller to unlock them. Come Assess, Engage, and Improve human performance through our unique system of exercises.

Time: 86 minutes

TriggerPoint™ – Injury Prevention & Better Movement

With Brandon Wagner
Injuries occur due to the muscles’ inability to tolerate demands placed upon them. See how you can make an impact on your clients’ biomechanical function and injury profile with Myofascial Compression™ Techniques (MCT). Developed by Cassidy Phillips, this method was created to provide an advanced approach to myofascial release. MCT improves the body’s ability to move efficiently as an integrated unit preventing injury and preparing the body to perform at its best. Unlock your body and release with MCT’s step-by-step program.