Presented by Helen Vanderburg
Bring fascial line science to practical experience in this full-body mobility session. Take yourself through static, active, and dynamic mobility sequences targeting the fascial lines of the body. Gain understanding and practice fascial line movement patterns to enhance performance, decrease tension, and increase flexibility.


Presented by Helen Vanderburg
Functional Training continues to be a top trend. Discover how Pilates techniques enhance functional training methods. Built on a foundation of science and movement mechanics, acquire strategies and techniques to develop functional movement programs and explore the principles in order to access movements that create conscious habits for effective results.

Pilates Infused Abs

With Helen Vanderburg
This creative new workshop combines the movement from Pilates with traditional core strengthening exercises. Learn in depth cueing techniques; increase body awareness, breathing techniques and functional abdominal training. Come away with new and innovative ways to train and cue exercises for the core.