Body & Sole: Barefoot Training for Active Agers

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA
One of our biggest fears as we age is falling, yet rarely do we spend time with our active agers addressing our feet which carry us through life. Research and Review from the Barefoot Trend is hotter than ever, and this workshop fuses the latest peer reviewed, cutting-edge information with practical applications of shoeless movement for older adults. We will blend research with foot hygiene, muscular anatomy, and stability and mobility movements to train the foot and lower-leg complex to improve balance and foot function.

Time: 93 minutes

Running the Show: Customer Service

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA
Analyze and imitate the best in customer service from around the globe. Join Lawrence as he shares his two decades of experience on how to attract, train and maintain clients and members. Group Instructors, Personal Trainers and Owners will benefit from this creative and detailed presentation exploring customer acquisition, retention and management. Leave with tools to grow your client base and client satisfaction. (LECTURE)

Assume the Position

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA
A common thread among personal-training sessions and fitness classes is movement. The human body moves via a finite number of positions from chair fitness to circus acrobatics. This session explores positions of the body for cardiovascular, strength and flexibility conditioning. In addition to gaining new movement pattern ideas for what the body can do safely, you will gain a new mindset for conceptualizing how to train clients.

Take IT Lying Down

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA
Regardless of what kind of yoga or Pilates style you have for mat classes, this workshop spends time in supine and seated positions addressing different types of alignment and inspirational cues. After spending time in these two positions, we return to the standing position to apply our new discoveries.

Neuroplasticity 101 & Beyond

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA
Neuroplasticity and Happiness refers to our ability to train the brain in all five major functions, to build mental muscle. Two important aspects of age include functional and psychological age, and this lecture explores how to maximize our training of the same. Uncover practical applications related to brain research.

Stories of Color

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA
During a 12-month sabbatical, Lawrence wrote 12 short stories that are featured in his newest book, Stories of Color. His first work of fiction explores the human condition, seeing life colored with universal themes such as the search for happiness, the nature of spirituality, the celebration of dogs and the interconnectedness of all of us on the planet. Come explore what colors YOUR life. We’ll also discuss the topic of writing fitness articles. (LECTURE)

It’s Raining Men!

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA, Jeff Howard, Yury Rockit & Manuel Velazquez
Enjoy this fantastic workout with our Men of MANIA! The pool will never be the same when you experience this tidal wave of energy and enthusiasm. Each one of our fantastic presenters will focus on one body part – the heart, lungs, legs, arms and abs in this tempest of creativity. Leave with flood of new ideas to make a splash Monday morning!

Active Aging Standing Extended Warmup

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA, & Bernadette O’Brien, MA
Designed to accompany the SCW Active Aging Certification, this extended warmup gives Active Aging Movement Coaches (AAMCs) all the skills and drills they need to include into a complete, standing class WarmUp for active aging.

Active Aging Floor-Based Workout

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA, & Bernadette O’Brien, MA
Designed to accompany the SCW Active Aging Certification, this equipment-less optional floorwork section gives Active Aging Movement Coaches (AAMCs) practical movement progressions and regressions for putting this population on the floor.

Active Aging Fall Prevention & Balance Workout

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA, & Bernadette O’Brien, MA
Designed to accompany the SCW Active Aging Certification, this experience integrates cutting-edge research on fall-prevention and gait efficiency for Active Agers. Active Aging Movement Coaches (AAMCs) will learn dozens of skills and drills to incorporate with their participants to decrease future falls.