Pilates Strong!

With Leslee Bender
This progressive and modern Pilates session will leave your students wanting more. Discover the vertical approach to supine exercises to lengthen and strengthen your core muscles. You will also experience exercises that are performed on Pilates apparatus that create strength and flexibility in the entire body!

Pilates for Injury Prevention

With Leslee Bender
Many students who have experienced classical Mat Pilates leave with back pain due to the amount of supine flexion and overuse of the hip flexors. In this session, you leave with functional exercises that promote flexibility and core strength in a safe and effective manner.

Advanced Functional Pilates

With Leslee Bender
In this certification, you experience a functional approach to Pilates mat utilizing props that simulate apparatus. Whether a seasoned Pilates trainer or new to teaching, you leave with essential tools and concepts that give you many ways to change a Pilates mat class for variety and implement progressions and regressions effectively. You also learn how to combine classical repertoire with a modern approach that challenges your students both vertically and horizontally to improve everyday activities, posture and reduce overuse injuries. Discover how to train your clients through various planes of motion and recognize postural concerns so you utilize exercises that lead to a better quality of life and improved functional strength.

3D Functional Flexibility & Fascia Fitness

With Leslee Bender
This hands-on course is for personal trainers and small group fitness professionals looking to bring fascia to functional training and exercise programming. Learn how gravity, ground reaction and the kinetic chain influence every movement of the human body. Experience how planes of motion and exercise selection affect the integrity of connective tissue, and see why it’s crucial to evaluate each client’s movement discrepancies. Develop techniques that will improve your client’s ability to move efficiently and decrease pain and injuries. The combination of fascia manipulation and movement will dramatically change the way you train your clients forever.

About the Presenter:
Leslee has been in the fitness industry for 25+ years and is a Graduate of the Applied Functional Science Institute. She is the creator of the Bender Ball method of core training, which won the 2007 Fitness infomercial of the year. Leslee has starred in more than 30 videos and created Functional Flexibility and Fascia Fitness and Barre Above, which brings science and purpose to all movements and exercises. Leslee is currently the program director for TrueBar® Fitness concepts.