Presented by Manuel Velazquez

Work every joint and muscle from the Ground Up! Learn functional self-myofascial-release techniques and appropriate applications for maintaining and regaining range of motion, strength, balance, and proprioceptive skills allowing clients to lead an active lifestyle. Discuss the limitations faced by older adults and appropriate modifications. Improve functional mobility and dynamic flexibility without compromising safety and effectiveness.


Presented by Manuel Velazquez

The active aging population grapples with an array of dysfunctions, affecting their capacity to remain steady. Improve balance and coordination and walk out of this session with at least ten movement patterns and a few extra games that are going to positively impact your clients gate stability, “action-reaction’ engagement, physical balance, and mental coordination.


Presented by Manuel Velazquez
Aqua Fluid Core Fusion is the ultimate workout, combining cardio and strengthening segments. Learn specific movements that target the core muscles and dynamic cardio sequences to design your own non-stop cardio-core-strength programming. This session focuses on combining specific core muscle toning moves with functional and dynamic cardio segments to create a complete non-stop cardio-core-strength experience.


Presented by Manuel Velazquez
Experience and learn how to design and effectively perform a one dumbbell workout allowing you and your clients to get familiar with unilateral movements, preventing your body from compensating with the stronger side. This helps isolate and correct muscle imbalances as it requires you to utilize your core muscles more than you would with bilateral exercises.

Yoga for Chakra Balancing (Yoga II)

With Manuel Velazquez
Take a deeper look into the fundamentals of Yoga instruction from an authentic, fitness-appropriate perspective. This condensed course serves as the next level of the Hatha Yoga postures discussed in Yoga Fundamentals I addressing the eight limbs of yoga, detailed pranayama study, partner yoga, inversions, chanting and chakras. SCW Yoga Fundamentals I is recommended but not required.

HPO: HIIT Progressive Overload!

With Manuel Velazquez
In order for a muscle to grow, strength to be gained, performance to increase, or for any similar improvement to occur, the human body must be forced to adapt to a tension that is above and beyond what is has previously experienced. HPO explore and delivers three different basic and effectively proved HIIT protocols to help your participants to push their strength and power boundaries to the next level. You’ll be able to deliver an effective road map to you clients helping them to get to achieve their best and optimal physical and overall self.

Muscle/Body Blast

With Manuel Velazquez
The plan is to effectively connect multi-joint basic movement patterns with multi-plannar movement action. Lower body movement sequences set the base for dynamic stability. Upper body movement sequences set the base for controlled mobility. Basic tools like weighted bars, hand weights and/or med balls will add and additional challenge for a blast of muscle engagement, inclusion and exertion. Meanwhile, core muscles connect both parts into a big BLAST multidirectional movement challenge.

Relax & Restore: Release and Mobilize

With Manuel Velazquez
Using simple foam rollers, balls and your body weight, explore techniques to elongate and facilitate muscle tension release, improved circulation and enhanced relaxation. Perfect for fitness professionals, this session requires no music and simple equipment – rollers, small balls and your body weight. Leave with easy-to-follow exercises for a variety of demographics.

Dynamic Flexibility for a 3D Life

With Manuel Velazquez
Dynamic flexibility increases range of motion, core temperature and nervous system activity, which all prepare your body for enhanced movement and activities of daily living. Learn to apply a variety of flexibility/stretching techniques as a warm-up, recovery and workout. Explore muscle movement in 3D planes of motion to enhance your clients’ mobility and abilities.

It’s Raining Men!

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA, Jeff Howard, Yury Rockit & Manuel Velazquez
Enjoy this fantastic workout with our Men of MANIA! The pool will never be the same when you experience this tidal wave of energy and enthusiasm. Each one of our fantastic presenters will focus on one body part – the heart, lungs, legs, arms and abs in this tempest of creativity. Leave with flood of new ideas to make a splash Monday morning!