Putting An End To Stress Eating

Presented by Dr. Candice Seti Stress Eating can affect us all- trainers, clients, even nutritionists. We naturally turn to food in moments of stress to self-soothe without realizing we are doing it. However, this doesn’t have to be the way. Learn how to identify triggers for stress eating and replace with healthier more beneficial behaviors. …

Overcoming Plateaus

With Melissa Layne
There comes a time when the changes of exercise cease and desist. We know it as the dreaded plateau. It appears that no matter what we do to see gains, whether weight loss or muscle gain, the scale or body composition just won’t budge. We will address the science behind plateaus and discuss various ways to overcome stalling without overtraining.

Nutrition & Sleep: Fascinating Connections

With Tricia Silverman, RD, MBA
Learn how sleeping well can help to control your cravings and weight. Discover foods, herbs, teas and minerals that can make you feel sleepier and others that may interfere with sleep. Get the eight great, sleep-tight tips.

Immunity Boosters & Busters

With Tricia Silverman, RD, MBA
Looking to boost your immunity? Learn which foods and lifestyle practices enhance immunity, and which ones decrease your body’s ability to fight infection and illness. Gain practical tips, and enjoy eye-catching nutrition demonstrations to help inspire you to eat for better health and immunity.

Cravings and Sugars Unsweetened

With Tricia Silverman, RD, MBA
Are cravings undermining your workouts? Learn strategies that nip cravings in the bud. See why sugar is so addictive, and how it affects your body from head to toe. Learn the differences between various types of sweeteners. Discover ways of reducing sugar without sacrificing the taste and enjoyment of food.

Nutrition for Fitness Professionals

With Melissa Layne
This session will incorporate the basics on the latest nutrition research, trends and fads such as carb cycling, intermittent fasting, ketosis, and other diets. What can a fitness professional provide in nutritional guidance and stay within the scope of practice? We will also debunk nutrition myths and review the basics of weight loss and metabolism.

Run An 8-Week Challenge

With Sohailla Digsby
Imagine the synergy and success that would come from a well-run 8-week Challenge: your best-ever results, retention & reputation! In this session, learn how to launch an 8-week challenge, and experience synergy at its best, while your clients reach their personal best!

Pros & Cons of Fasting

With Melissa Layne
Intermittent fasting and carb cycling are extremely popular in the weight loss research. In this session, we will address these topics as well as three other types of fasting; prolonged, dry and wet fasting. We will explore the effects on weight loss, the immune system and the life of our cells.

Nutrition & Chronic Pain

With Kim Garcia
100 million Americans currently suffer with chronic pain per the American Academy of Pain Medication. This number includes many seemingly healthy and fit individuals. Join Kimberly Garcia to learn how diet adds to this growing concern and what you can do to be part of reducing this negative statistic.

Meatless Mondays: De-Mystifying Plant Protein

With Jenn Hall
Are you considering adding vegetarian or vegan days to your lifestyle? Concerned about where you will get protein? Come find out how to replace all the protein your athlete body requires with plant-based nutrition and how it can add better performance and longevity to your fitness career. This is not a conversion lecture, meat eaters welcome!!