Bodyweight Barre

With Keli Roberts
Pure and simple, Bodyweight Barre offers an effective total body workout with no equipment. Graceful, flowing Barre inspired movements create a core-centric muscular endurance program that trains the body from the inside-out, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Discover the grace within and sculpt a dancer’s body!

Power Body Barre

With Billie Wartenberg
Barre Classes can ROCK using the Power Systems Body Bar. Learn creative patterns, dynamic choreography and a seamless flow combining the Body Bar with your own body. Help your members improve balance, muscular endurance and muscle strength with combined cardio blocks to improve overall fitness.

Body & Sole: Barefoot Training for Active Agers

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA
One of our biggest fears as we age is falling, yet rarely do we spend time with our active agers addressing our feet which carry us through life. Research and Review from the Barefoot Trend is hotter than ever, and this workshop fuses the latest peer reviewed, cutting-edge information with practical applications of shoeless movement for older adults. We will blend research with foot hygiene, muscular anatomy, and stability and mobility movements to train the foot and lower-leg complex to improve balance and foot function.

Time: 93 minutes

Obesity From a Different Perspective

With Daniel Galanto
Weight loss is one of the most popular specialties among personal trainers, who are taught that exercise is the universal cure-all for obesity. This lecture shows trainers that there are other aspects of someone’s life that could make them obese. Personal trainers are one of the few professionals that can help these people, sometimes without exercise. (LECTURE)

Time: 93 minutes

Elite Coaching of Exercise Mechanics

With Chan Gannaway
This workshop is intended for fitness professionals who work with any population looking for a stimulating workout while improving stability, strength, and body alignment.

Multi-Generational Fitness

With Billie Wartenberg
Is it possible to blend the ages of Millennials through Baby Boomers in your classes? YES, it can be done! Bridge the generational gap with effective and functional ways you can successfully have classes for ALL Fitness Ages and Levels.

Thinkfit: Smart Multi-Level Circuits

With Nico Gonzalez
ThinkFit is a circuit-class formula you can use to develop classes for any population while using any equipment. Learn how to design and teach circuits for multilevel classes in this dynamic workshop.

Time: 81 minutes

Funtensity: Emotion in Motion

With Jonathan Ross
Time flies when you’re having fun – that’s why workouts feel so long to most people. Transform the exercise experience forever to help them stick with it. Lose yourself in play to find yourself in fitness. Intensity changes the body – fun changes the mind. Become a professional of fun!

Time: 52 minutes

Lower Extremity Movement Mechanics

With Fabio Comana, MS, MA
Coaching proper form and technique begins with movement patterns, not exercises. Adapt your knowledge of stability and mobility throughout the kinetic chain to teach proper movement and exercises for the lower extremity. Join this session focused on movement research and learn how to properly coach the lower extremity exercises.

Time: 95 minutes

Assume the Position

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA
A common thread among personal-training sessions and fitness classes is movement. The human body moves via a finite number of positions from chair fitness to circus acrobatics. This session explores positions of the body for cardiovascular, strength and flexibility conditioning. In addition to gaining new movement pattern ideas for what the body can do safely, you will gain a new mindset for conceptualizing how to train clients.