Power Up!

With Pete McCall, MS
Isolation exercises use only one muscle at a time and can lead to bulky muscles while explosive moves like swings, throws or jumps involve many muscles working together. Learn the difference between muscle and fascia, how they create movement and the benefits of power exercises for developing a lean, sculpted physique.

Recovery: The Forgotten Training Variable

With Pete McCall, MS
Do your clients love to exercise but can’t seem to reach their goals? The typical mentality is that if a little exercise is good for us, then more must be better, however; overtraining is a serious issue with detrimental consequences. Learn to identify whether your clients suffer from being under-recovered.

Time: 75 minutes

Dynamic Anatomy: Core/Upper Body

With Pete McCall, MS
How does the position of the shoulders affect the hips? What is the most effective way to strengthen the rectus abdominus? You must understand anatomy to develop and teach exercise programs that meet your clients’ needs. This session will help you appreciate how muscles function during upright movement patterns.

Time: 92 minutes

Total Body Core Training

With Pete McCall, MS
Effective core training should integrate all muscles to work effectively around the center of gravity. Traditional core exercises have clients lying on the ground moving in a single plane, which does not prepare the muscles for the forces they will experience during upright, ground-based movement. Disruptive Training with various equipment, including the ActivMotion Bar, will help you design a core training program that prepares the body for the way it is designed to work in a three-dimensional environment.

Time: 71 minutes

The One Weight Workout: Kettlebell

With Pete McCall, MS
Do you have a limited budget for only a few pieces of equipment? This session will teach you strategies for creating a fun and challenging workout that addresses mobility, strength, power and metabolic conditioning using only the Kettlebell.

Time: 90 minutes